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No no no are reading too much and getting too defensive. I have no problem wit trying to get the Quills and them not go non'members. I just think it's crazy to keep overbidding aech other and inflating the prices. There'ss no reason to raise until the last day of the auction. When the prices go so high, all it does is encourage more to end up on eBay.

A long time ago when I bid on them, I asked someone to let me have the one from my chapter-----didm't work. I can understand the much older and/or unusual ones, but it's silly to spend so much on the newer ones. I have seen lots of Quills not bid on by amp1094 or alphaxi4me or axidwisc. They, you, and EVERYONE else have just as much right to bid. And in the end, it's none of our business of they want to keep from getting crazy e-mails just because they bid and don't want to give out their name---that's why they have usernames.

I didn't write this to cause controversy, just to ask people to think---about others that might want a Quill, not jack up the prices so much, and be nicer to our sisters
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