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Amp1094 has and does overbid other sisters on quills. She's outbid me before and that's fine. Maybe not always, but since I've been on Ebay she has. I have also received emails in the past from Amp1094 when she was okcatsmeow. She was pleasant enough, but she wouldn't tell you her name or chapter affiliation so at first I wasn't sure if I believed her. I later did find out who what her name is and was able to verify she was a sister. I know more of the story as well, but it's not really important. If you notice on some of the latest quills up that many sisters are bidding against each other ... I know some of the screennames that don't look affiliated to A Xi. A collector just won one of our quills for $167 if you take a look. Would you rather have a collector have our quill or a sister? Again you can email me anytime on a quill you really like/want and I won't bid. That's all I can really say. Sometimes I don't bid at all and sometimes I do when I have the funds available. Right now I have the funds. If someone is bidding on a quill I don't know or they are bidding against me, many times I will contact them and let them know I am a sister so the price doesn't get so high. And if a sister tells me she's really wanting the quill then I back down. If you don't like that I am a pin collector- a novice at it actually- then that's your choice. I'm working on a project for my alma mater's greek system that involves pins. That's all I'm going to really say about it.
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