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I personally collect quills so if you angry about that well... all I can say is I'm sorry. If you every send me an email about a quill you really want then I don't bid. The two quills from beta eta chapter that are up and just finished are being purchased for axialumbh since they are from her chapter. I had originally bid and now I'm mailing it to her once I receive it. axialumbh and I chat often. Please feel free to email me anytime about a quill you really want if I'm bidding. Amp1094 will bid against you no matter what and most likely won't respond to any emails you send her. A pin collector won one of the quills that was up for under $30 as well. I usually bid high since the collectors snipe at the last minute. Other sisters have also been bidding against me lately and probably don't know I'm a sister. If you have an issue with a bidder... or me... contact them/me... don't pout about it.
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