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Top Newbie Questions

This started out just for fun... What are some of the most frequently asked questions asked by new posters to GC/and what are the best and/or most humorous responses?

But it seems like we should keep a tally so....

New users, please use the SEARCH function before you post. I swear on all things holy that your question has probably been answered 100 times on this site. And if you have questions about Greece or the Greek language, we're not that kind of Greek Chat.

Can you tell me about the reputations of the sororities at ______University? NO. Reputations are personal opinions, and you're much better off going though recruitment and seeing for yourself which the best sorority is--- it is the one where you can most be yourself. We don't like to discuss individual sorority chapter reputations on Greek Chat or "name names."

Do the sororities have national reputations? NO.

I have horrible grades. Can I get into a sorority? NO.

I'm 35 and I have 2 kids. Am I eligible to join a sorority. YES. But you'll probably have fewer options because you may not find much in common with the more traditional students.

Are sororities like what I have seen on TV? Or the book Pledged? NO. We are social and service organizations and the sterotypes you see on TV or read about are not an accurate portrayal for 99% of Greek Life Organizations.

I am an initiated member. Can I drop out and join another national sorority? NO.

Can I join a sorority if there isn't a chapter of it at my school? NO.

Is it true that all sororities haze? NO. All sororities have strict anti-hazing policies. If you know of an organization on your campus violating these policies, contact the campus Greek Adviser.

What kind of a time committment is a sorority? VARIES. Weekly mandatory meetings, semesterly community service hours and study hours, as well as membership retreats. If you have a packed schedule and are pursuing multiple degrees, you may not have the time you would like to have for the bare minimums of membership, let along the "fun stuff" like the social events and date parties. Go through sorority recruitment and learn more about what is expected of the members at your school.

How do I join an NPC sorority? Register for Sorority Recruitment at your university.

How do I join an NIC fraternity? Go through Rush.

How do I join a D-9? Ask an NPHC member in real life. Research the hell out of the organizations in the D-9 before you do.

How do I learn more about sororities and fraternities in general? All of the groups have national Web sites. It is a good place to start.

How do Greeks choose their members? VARIES. But it's private information and we're not going to tell you.

Is it true that X number of women living together constitutes a brothel, and that's why they don't have sorority houses at my university? NO. There is no such thing as a brothel law.

Can I join a collegiate sorority after college? DEPENDS on the organization and it's generally a lengthy process that can literally take years, if it happens at all.

Are there non-collegiate sororities? YES.

Why does it seem like everyone on Greek Chat jumps down my throat whenever I ask a question? We've head it 1000 times before. Use the SEARCH function. You don't need to bump a 6 year old thread. You can start a new one. But you may get your questions answered by searching first and then clarifying.
Click here for some helpful information about sorority recruitment and recommendations.

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