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>>Iowa State??
Sorry to crash..

I love looking at greek history (not just SK) and I was wondering if anyone had info on why the Iowa State chapter closed? I grew up in MN and had two friends who were DDD and DZs there, and when she would mention "struggling" chapters, she never mention AXD. Just curious....<<

Hi there - I'm an alum of Epsilon Phi at Iowa State and was helping out the chapter during the time that it closed. While I was an active member of Epsilon Phi (1997-2001) the chapter continued to get smaller every year instead of bigger. From Spring 2002 to Fall 2002, the chapter decreased dramatically in size from 32 members to only 15. So, for Fall 2002 Formal Recruitment, we only had 15 members to recruit compared to other chapters who had 60 or 70 members. Basically we weren't able to compete with the larger chapters and ended up withdrawing from Recruitment. The chapter members voted a couple of days later to close the chapter at the end of the school year. It was very very sad and unfortunate, especially for those sophomore members who only had a short time to enjoy their active Alpha Xi Delta membership. It's also very sad for the hundreds of alumnae who are not able to get to know their newest chapter sisters or visit the house that holds so many memories for them.
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