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Originally posted by FSUZeta
i find those questions really bizarre-whether she is a size 0 or an 18 what should it matter? and i must be out of the loop- i didn't know that only jewish people had curly hair. were these questions asked by the same person or people in the same house? all i can say is WOW!
The thing that I find so bizarre about the "What size is that?" question is that it's not like you can't make an educated guess. I mean, a girl who's a size 12 is not going to be able to disguise herself as a size 0 for the duration of rush. If it really matters that you don't have any fat girls in your house, that's something you can SEE -- you don't need to ask.

The "Are you Jewish?" question makes a little more sense, although it obviously is still inappropriate -- but at least it's not something that's readily apparent.

Edited so I can be the first to say "Congratulations!" to oldrusheenewmom and her daughter.
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