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So sorry for the daughter going thru rush at UGA. It can be truly brutal. I am also a Phi Mu. My daugher went thru rush there and is now on the other side. She was also cut from Phi Mu after the second round. However, luckily, she went into rush with an open mind since she had heard lots of stories about rush at UGA. Her heart was broken after second round when she was cut by a few of the sororities at the top of her list. However, she hung in and found a sorority she just loves. They were also on the top of her list so she was truly blessed to find this sorority.

As to recuitment rules at UGA, the girls in the sororities were told lots of rules on the don'ts. They were not supposed to complement anyone (may give false hope), not supposed to hug anyone - even if a friend until prefs(may give false hope). They were not supposed to say "It's great to see you!" but could say it's nice to see you back in our house. Obviously some sororities play by the rules and some don't.

I also think it was rude of someone to comment on curly hair and dress size. I don't care if she's a size 4 or 16. It's rude.

I'm so sorry for the experience. I was there last year when my daughter was crying her way through the six parties before prefs.
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