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Recruitment is always such a mystery to me..... the difference between campuses and orgs is so vast, it can be hard to figure out.

I was a Recruitment Counselor, and I remember that the year I did it, Panhellenic GUARANTEED a bid to every girl who went through pref night and they maximized their options (meaning they didn't suicide or intentionally single preference). The good news was, that meant that the girls who went to one house on pref night, and filled out a pref card, were GUARANTEED a bid by that house. And it worked! I had several girls in my group who only went to one house on pref night, and they all got bids!

Now I'm not sure that guarantee still holds true today at KU, but I wonder if Iowa State has a similar system. I remember it was the first year KU did it like that, and many chapters wound up with quota plus because of it.

ISUKappa -- do you have any idea what ISU's panhellenic policy is for pref night?

PS - I probably would have framed a thank you note from a parent! That would be so touching, and the Recruitment Counselors would probably talk about how classy that is!

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