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Originally posted by oldrusheenowmom
As FSU Zeta said, the one thing I knew was a legacy doesn't guarantee-- I am soooo proud of my daughter-- She said she had a great time at her one party last night and spent the time of the other parties outside the houses with the Rho Gams-- They have been sooo sweet and nice to her-- she said some -- not just her's- stopped by her dorm room last night just to visit-- As a mom is it appropriate once "they unveil" to send them a note thanking them for being so kind-- I told my daughter whatever happens, happens-- keeping my fingers crossed that she gets an invite tonight--

Crossing my fingers w/you! I really hope she gets a bid tonight and that she is happy. From what you tell us, she's handled herself really well. You've also done a great job encouraging her.
If and when she receives her bid, can you tell us what house she ends up in?
By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she is wrong.
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