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Chi Omega considers mothers and sisters as direct legacies only. And as stated before, many GLO's vary on the extent they go down the leg line. Pi Beta Phi was considering, I'm not sure of the outcome, of adding step-moms, etc. to their legacies. We must remember that what NPC recruitment was "like" 30, 10 or even 5 years ago, it's not the same NPC recruitment today. And it continues to change yearly. So, how do you keep up? You make that call. Pick up the phone and dial your national GLO and ask to speak with someone who can answer your question(s). That way YOU are up-to-date and you won't be second guessing yourself. This is not directed at oldrusheewoman, but all of us. That's the one thing I hear "after" the fact--"but they didn't do it that way when I went thru."
oldrusheewoman what everyone here has said, we have our fingers and toes crossed for you and your daughter.
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