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Originally posted by oldrusheenowmom
weird question-- or did I goof: What exactly is a legacy? My sister (also an AxiD, but from Iowa) and I were discussing everything- Our grandmother was a Chi O-- but on the Recruitment registration form, it said only one generation- My sister said that when she talked to some of her friends, they indicated that even a niece is a legacy?? Since my house and my mom's house (phi mu) aren't at Iowa State, I didn't list any-- My sister and I are curious-- She finds this all interesting because she was both a rho chi and a rush chairman--
Each GLO has its own definition of legacy...

According to the Chi Omega national web site only daughters and sisters of initiated members are considered by Chi Omega as legacies.

On the other hand, Alpha Xi Delta's legacy policy was recently amended to include nieces, as well as daughters, sisters, and granddaughters.

Here's hoping that it all works out for your daughter.

BTW ... drop over to the Alpha Xi Delta forum and introduce yourself ... its always good to have another sister on the board!!
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