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Some recruitment processes allow houses to do lots of cuts the first day, vs later in the week. If she were at a different school, she just might feel the disappointment later on, which can actually be worse because you get your hopes and almost feel "lead on".

When I was a Rho Chi, there was a woman in my rush group who was cut from 12 of 14 houses on the first day of recruitment. Theta was one of the two sororities she had left, and it was a top 3 choice for most rushees that year with 90% return rates. She ended up being a Theta, much to the jealousy of many other people in our rush group. And she didn't care that she was cut early on, because she still ended up where she was supposed to be. It just made her decision on pref night a whole lot easier. I know it hurts to watch her get cut, but trust and be supportive that it will all work out in the end.
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