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This thread makes me so sad! I never even thought about what a rushee's mom might be going through if she'd been Greek mom supported me during rush and wanted me to end up happy, but she didn't go to college so I don't think she was as emotionally invested. Those of you who've mentioned not standing out as a reason an otherwise great girl might be cut are right on the money...I've only been an alum for a couple years, but I remember how difficult it was to remember each girl I talked to when there were up to 12 parties each day and I might've talked to three each time. That's 36 girls! It gets easier as the week goes on because the number of girls you meet is less, but I think that's one reason why a lot of rushees might be cut early on. There's just too many out there, and if you don't make an impression, you won't be remembered as well. I really hope things work out for all the daughters whose moms are posting here!
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