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As an alumna of an Iowa State sorority, I definitely agree that there is a house for everyone there. Unfortunately, sugar and spice is correct, because so many girls do make the minimum GPA requirement for the majority of the houses, the chapters have to cut for other reasons, and lack of really remembering the PNM is one of them. I was cut extremely hard the third day of recruitment, and it is a difficult blow to take (I called my sister crying).

I'm very glad that your daughter returned to those three houses and had a good time at them. I really believe that all the chapters are Iowa State are good chapters, regardless of size. They all have wonderful sisterhood; they all have great things of which to be proud. All that matters is that your daughter finds the chapter in which she feels most comfortable. If she doesn't feel that maybe she's found it by the end of recruitment, I do believe that quite a few chapters (half or more) participate in informal recruitment, either right after formal recruitment ends, in the beginning of the spring semester or continually throughout the year. Informal is much more relaxed and, well, informal, and many of the more shy women find it much easier to really get to know the different houses and reveal more of their personalities through informal recruitment.

Yes, Alpha Xi Delta closed in 2003. I don't know whether the chapter had begun to "slide," but they had had issues with low numbers for a while. Only AXiD Headquarters really knows why the chapter closed.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the chapters your daughter is still interested in, feel free to PM me.
It's gonna be a hootenanny.
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