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MSKKG 05-01-2018 08:02 PM

General Convention 2018
Is anyone going? I will be there as my association's delegate. I hope to be able to have a booth in the Blue Owl Boutique as well. I have written a children's book (my publisher is a Kappa!), and we wanted to have some copies to sell and have a centralized place for me to be able to sign any copies. Even if we can't have a booth in BOB, I will still be out and about to sign any copies. My book, which is entitled "The Way to Sleep," is available on Amazon. I wrote about a dozen children's books about 25 years ago when my boys were small, so this is the first of many to be published!

MSKKG 09-13-2018 05:04 PM

I'm hoping that my next book will be out in November! It will probably be a chunky book. It is really three books that will be published together. My publisher and I have had only one meeting to discuss this, so I'm not sure if we will keep the individual titles or come up with another one. We will meet again in a couple of weeks. Right now, the titles are "I Know Buttons," "I Know Zippers," and "I Know Bows." "The Way to Sleep" is still available on Amazon, and I have had some very good feedback about it. This has been my face for over a year: :D!

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