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afredrickson 07-07-2017 02:31 PM

Kappa song archive
Would alumnae or actives be interested in an archive of Kappa songs? They would be both from past official songbooks and any current songs that chapters sing, with lyrics and (hopefully) sheet music. There would also (hopefully) be an option for people to add audio files of songs being sung.

I work at HQ right now, and this is a special project I'm working on. I'd just like to hear if this is something members would be interested in having, I know a lot of the time chapters want new songs and don't really have the resources to find them.

This would also be a way of preserving existing songs from chapters and making sure they're not lost.

oldnorthstate 07-08-2017 11:07 PM

Hi again! I think this is an awesome idea. I've found older copies of our songbook online and it's fascinating to see where a lot of our songs have come from (hello, Beta Beta Deuteron), but not all of the songs have sheet music accompanying them so audio files would go a long way to keeping those old songs ringing in our Kappa ears. I also really love old rush songs, and those are particularly hard to find sheet music or tunes for. A song database would definitely give chapters a lot of options for songs and preserve older songs that have fallen out of fashion or were sung by inactive chapters.

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