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zzeurcher 04-28-2017 10:56 AM

Rushing at 23 as a Junior after two years off of school
Please respond with your thoughts.

I was a former athlete who had a pretty bad mishap with an injury and took two years off school. During this time I started a business as a way to cope with what happened. I've been visiting my buddy who is currently a sophomore at his frat and realized the type of interpersonal connection I was missing while doing the business, and the fact that I wanted to finish out my final two years for a degree. I could go a lot farther with my business but there is always opportunity and I don't want to end up missing out on the close relationships you can only get in a fraternity. I am currently negotiating a sell out of my business and plan on returning to school to finish my degree and will be rushing.

My question is will my age and grade affect me getting a bid and my experience? Should I bother with it at all?

33girl 04-28-2017 02:43 PM

It really depends on your school. If you're going somewhere with a very traditional Greek system where 90% of the people rushing are freshmen, it'll be more difficult to make connections.

PhilTau 04-28-2017 02:54 PM

Hard question - not knowing more details. If you are intending on joining your friend's chapter and already know people in the fraternity, you don't need our advice. You can ask your friend and other members.

If you are going to go to another school and are going into rush cold - consider this:

1) A few years back, a lot of guys were coming out of military service and some joined fraternities. So, depending on the school, being 23 may not a factor. If you are attending a four-year, private university, it may be more of a factor.

2) Are there other older active members attending the rush events? Or are you older than everybody there? If you feel out of place at a rush event, you probably are.

3) What are the ages of the potential pledge class of the fraternity you may join? Are they all 18 years old? At 23, would you be able to stand it?

4) At many colleges, the most socially active sorority women are the younger, newer members. They may only be 17 or 18. Keep in mind that the main point of a social fraternity is to mix and meet with the women belonging to social sororities. In most instances, most of the women (and men) you will meet in your first year of fraternity membership will not be able to buy or consume alcohol legally.

5) Time commitment. You'd be expected to devote all of your free time to this. You will be expected to attend and participate in all fraternity and Greek events. They will expect you to play on every intramural team. Can you balance this commitment with other obligations of your life?

This is just a start. This question has been asked before. So look at other posts in the fraternity recruitment section.

Good Luck!

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