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imsohappythatiama 05-21-2002 12:54 PM

Roll Call!!!
Time to get things hopping around the KKG forum again.... so sound off with your info.

username: imsohappythatiama
real first name: Kristen
initiation date: 4/8/1995
home chapter: Delta Chapter, Indiana University
currently serving the Fraternity as: Adviser to the VP-O of Epsilon Epsilon Chapter/Emory, and Moderator of this forum.

Home chapter claim to fame: Longest continous active Kappa chapter in the country--since 1872 without pause! Go Delta! Our early chapter members wrote most of the initiation ritual, came up with the 2 blues of sky and sea for the official colors, and helped design the Fraternity seal!

About me: I grew up in Florida, went to college in Indiana, grad school in Iowa (where I advised the Beta Zeta chapter). Then I moved to Boston (where I advised the Zeta Alpha chapter). I also long-distance advised Zeta Rho chapter! After that, I served as Province Director of Chapters for Nu-West during a 2-year stint in Nashville. I now live in Atlanta, where I advise the VP-O of Epsilon Epsilon chapter.

I am also a charter member of the "Keepers of the Key" (now known as the Golden Key Alumnae Association) which is a group of Kappas who are dedicated to keeping KKG badges and other important sisters-only items in the Kappa family.



vukkg 05-21-2002 05:04 PM

Re: Roll Call!!!
Initiated 2/23/2001
Eta Delta Chapter, Valparaiso University
Currently serving as New Member Education Chairman and as a member of standards

Home chapter claim to fame: My chapter is still a baby...i think we're now the 2nd or 3rd youngest in the country!

Favorite thing about Kappa: Diversity of personality all blending into...the perfect woman!

Kappa thing that needs the most improvement: Adviser support! I have to agree with Kristen....currently, my chapter ( a new one, nonetheless,) only has 1 advisor. WE NEED HELP! We got a council full of sophomores running it all!



KappaStargirl 05-22-2002 12:40 AM

Kappa Kappa Gamma Roll Call!
finally getting this mess edited and looking proper :)

username: KappaStargirl, taken from a pin I got from a TC when I was a junior that says "Kappa Star"

Name: Carlie, called Kappa Kappa Carlie in college :)

Chapter: Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence University

Initiated: April 2, 1996

Currently advising Zeta Eta at the University of California-Irvine

Home chapter claim to fame: One of the 12 original chapters chosen to pilot the New Member Program in 1996-97, winner of the 2002 Recruitment Award for campuses with 5 or fewer Panhellenic Groups, winner of the 1998 New Member Ed. award...
and I have to say that ZE has the prettiest Convention flag, I got MANY compliments when I carried it in 1998

About me: Grew up just outside Chicago, went to college in Appleton, Wisconsin. Attended grad school in Pittsburgh, PA, and now live in northern New Jersey. I'm a librarian and professional book reviewer, and my fiance (SigEpRaider) is convinced I'm going to write the Great American Novel someday. I advise Zeta Beta, Lafayette College (VP-O).

Favorite thing about Kappa: You never have to be alone. I just made my second cross-country move in 13 months, and all I had to do to meet people was contact the alum association.

Thing that needs the most work: More expansion into small liberal arts colleges and support for small chapters (40 members or less)

Loyally delsigmata,


KerriMarie 05-23-2002 04:11 PM

Hi, I'm Kerri and I'm a proud member of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of KKG at Florida State University. :) I was initiated 3/3/01.

I'm a Theatre major with a Psychology minor, graduating in the spring of 2003 (eek, so soon!)

PKTKKG 05-23-2002 08:55 PM

Hi to all the Kappas!

Greekchat name: PKTKKG (my husband is a Phi Kappa Tau)

Real name: Martha

Chapter: Epsilon Kappa - initiated 1/28/89

Current Alum Job: EK House Board President (we're building for 2003!!)

Epsilon Kappa has been at South Carolina 35 years this past February!

I'll be attending my 4th Kappa Convention next month in Orlando. I'm very excited about it too!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

EmilyKKG 06-03-2002 02:19 PM

username: emilykkg

real first name: Emily, no way! :)

Initiated: 3/4/00
Kappa Chapter, Hillsdale College

Currently serving: New Member Chairman, Standards Committee, Ritual Committee, House Committee (b/c I am the outgoing house chair).. they call me "super Kappa".. I wonder why! :)

Home chapter claim to fame: Known as "THE" Kappa Chapter, we've been around since 1881. We won the Standards award at Province Meeting and are hoping for something at Convention in June. We always have a GREAT advisory board and house board and the best advisors any chapter could ask for.



vukkg 06-03-2002 05:21 PM

Emily, I tried to PM you but it says you don't have that option sorry to the rest of you for having to read this...but here the way, if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to PM them to me =)

Hey - I'm so glad to see another NME on the board...I have a ton of questions for you. My chapter is 5 years old and is in serious need of some help in NME. I have no real advisor and the program has really sucked (education wise) in the past - the girls always have a great time and bond, but don't really learn anything. I learned everything after initiation...and that's only cuz I wanted to...YIKES. Anyway, we have awesome girls who really want to develop a strong Kappa sisterhood based on knowledge as opposed to just hanging out. Any suggestions of things that have worked well for you?

MRSMRS 07-30-2002 06:28 PM

Kappa Roll Call
User name: MRSMRS

Real Name: Mary

Initiated: Gamma Gamma, Whitman 1956

Currently: Fraternity Ritualist, Province Meeting Adviser (Kappa Province), Zeta Eta House Board, So. Orange County California AA Newsletter Editor.

Hi, Kristen, Carlie and all you other Kappas. I've just signed up here. I'm one of the "badge rescue" team along with Kristen. I am former Fraternity Historian, Reg. Dir. of Alumnae, Reg. Trainer, PDA & PDC and I've had a Kappa "job" continuously since pledging - love that blue and blue!

lv4kappa 08-27-2002 02:26 AM

Online name: lv4kappa

Name: Tiff

Chapter: Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence University. Initiated 2/2002

Chapter Claim to fame: (Like said before) we received the best recruitment for less then 5 Greek organizations on campus. And my personal feeling for our claim to fame... At the beginning of the school year having 5 actives to having 15 actives and a NM at the end of the year.

Chapter Office: PR, I finally got the newsletter out for the first time in over 5 years! :D YEA!!!

KappaKittyCat 08-27-2002 01:55 PM

Username: KappaKittyCat, because I love kitty cats
Real Name: Andrea
Initiated: December 3rd, 2000
Chapter: Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence University
Currently Serving: VP Standards & Marshal
Past Offices: Social, Risk Management, Scholarship, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Panhellenic, Membership, Registrar
Home Chapter Claim to Fame: I'm going to deviate here from all the other awesome things said about ZE and bring up the fact that we swept the Panhellenic awards at our Greek Women's banquet this year. Of all the chapters, ZE had the highest percentage of its membership recognized for scholastic achievements. We won the award for Best Philanthropic Event with our annual Caramel Apple Sale to benefit a local domestic abuse shelter, and we won the award for Best Sisterhood Event with our trip to visit Chi Chapter at the University of Minnesota. On top of all that, both the Panhellenic Woman of the Year and the Greek Woman of the Year for 2001-2002 are Kappas.

About Me: I was born in Southwestern Illinois, moved to Madison when I was six, and have lived here ever since. Both of my parents are teachers (though my dad is doing something else right now, but he's still a teacher, just not in a school) and that's something that I know how to do instinctively. I know I'll work from that angle through the rest of my life.
College Life: I'm a senior, scheduled to graduate in 2004 with a Bachelors of Arts in History and a Bachelors of Music in Choral/General Music Education. Aside from Kappa, which is the biggest part of my college life, I sing in the Lawrence University Concert Choir, perform with the Drama Department, and work extensively with music programs and at-risk students in the local public schools.
When I grow up I want to be... A professional Kappa! I'm going to apply to be a field representative after graduation, and if that doesn't happen then I want to move to an area with few advisors (Ah, the versatility of a teaching license-- there are jobs everywhere!) and become a CCD.

Favourite Thing About Kappa: I love the instant connection I can make with people. Kappas are warm and we care about each other. I've been "adopted" by several older sisters who I'd never have talked to, let alone met, were it not for Kappa. They've been such good mentors to me, and I don't know where I'd be without them.

Thing Kappa Needs to Work On: Enhancing the undergrad experience. I know that nationally we've lost several bids for expansion because the local panhellenics felt that Kappa's presentation focused too much on the alumnae experience and not enough on the collegiate aspect. This could be helped by increasing advisory support, making the New Member Program more varied and detailed (because we all have to sit through it every year), and encouraging chapters to get in contact and hang out with each other.

Loyally delsigmata,

Kappanole 09-14-2002 12:30 AM

Signing In
UserName: Kappanole--I'm a Kappa and a Seminole..(which I love almost as much as kappa).
Real Name: Rachel
Chapter: Epsilon Zeta, Florida State University
Initiated: 1/15/95
Kappa Jobs: Current Collegiate News Editor for The Key, former Social adviser to Zeta Psi, Wake Forest University, Member of the Charleston, SC Alumnae Association and a member with Kristen and Mary of Keepers of the Key. Self admitted Kappa-holic.

Grew up in Florida, moved to Boston, then NC and now settled in Charleston, SC.

I love this to read all the different ideas and happenings of the different wonderful chapters...if any actives have great stories or pictures for the Key, please email me...


Sylverling 09-25-2002 09:59 PM

kappa roll call
username - Sylverling, just because I use it for everything else

real name - Polly

chapter - Zeta Epsilon, Lawrence University

initiated 12/2/01 :-)

I am so proud of us for tripling our membership this year. Go us. :-) My sisters have already listed our achievements so I won't repeat them. But go us.

MSKKG 09-28-2002 08:37 PM

Hello, Sisters! This is my first post. Thought I'd add my name to the roll.

My user name is "MSKKG" because I'm from Mississippi (I live in South Carolina now). My first name is Lillian. I was initiated into Delta Rho chapter at Ole Miss in 1977, so that kind of makes me an "Old" Miss!!!

I am currently serving as House Advisor for the Epsilon Kappa chapter at the University of South Carolina. I have served as Alumnae Club President as well as House Board President. I'm helping PKTKKG (Martha) with House Board. Y'all have to know what a stupendous job she's done!

I'm so proud to be a Kappa!



kappaloo 10-31-2002 01:06 AM

Zeta Omega chapter - University of Waterloo

Home chapter claim to fame: We're one of the few Canadian Chapters - and until very recently were the only sorority for my university. We celebrated 10 years in January of 2004.

Favorite thing about Kappa: Sisterhood. I never expected it to be so wonderful!

Kappa thing that needs the most improvement: I don't know about nationally, but my chapter needs more PR - most people don't know KKG is oncampus!

(edited to update (again)!)

fluffeekkg 11-01-2002 02:27 AM

Roll Call!
Username: fluffeekkg
Real First Name: Arleen
Initiated 3/30/2002
Epsilon Iota, University of Puget Sound
Currently serving as the Treasurer and Rho Gamma

I'm so excited to be a Kappa! I never imagined how wonderful it could possibly be.

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