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greekgirl10 09-16-2014 02:19 AM

Kappa Legacy Cut AFTER Pref....Not Given Bid
Hi all,

I posted this in the general recruitment forum, but I'd like to get the advice of some Kappas. I went through recruitment this week. My grandma was a Kappa at another school, and the chapter at my school was well aware of this. I was invited to Kappa's Preference round and ranked them 1st afterwards. On bid day I received a bid from another house.

My question is that, in Kappa's bylaws it states that any legacy, including granddaughters, that is invited to pref must be placed on the bid list before the quota mark. So I believe I should have gotten a bid from Kappa. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? Is there anything I can do?

I have many friends in the chapter and they all were shocked on Bid Day too. Everyone assumed that I'd ranked another house first and that's why I wasn't given a bid.

MU2Driver 09-22-2014 01:42 PM

That is also my understanding of the rule. There are exceptions, such as when the chapter finds out some previously unknown bad info on the legacy in question, or when the legacy does something outrageous at pref, but it doesn't sound like any of that happened here.
I don't know where you are at school, but at some places bid matching is a chaotic time, and clerical mistakes do happen. Perhaps you could have your friends at Kappa inquire with the Greek Affairs office to see if that is the case here. If it was a mistake, perhaps it can be corrected. I think it would need to be Kappa initiating this, and not you. An inquiry like this could be done without your 2nd choice chapter knowing about it unless you decided to change to Kappa, at which point it wouldn't matter.
Before going down that road, you need to ask yourself how much happier you would be at Kappa. Other than being a legacy, is the connection you feel at Kappa that much better than where you are?

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