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tridelta4ever 03-27-2002 11:22 PM


Originally posted by volgirl2376
...what kind of example, as Greeks, if are we setting if we jump all over somebody for sharing a story, one that was intended to be go along with the other funny rush stories? And people wonder why some people dont like Greeks

Sarah, regardless of whether we have a difference of opinion on Rockchalk's post, I don't think it was appropriate or a very nice to imply that I am a great example of the reason people don't like Greeks.

33girl 03-27-2002 11:37 PM

Pharmacy out of meds today???

Calm down. It's a humorous anecdote on a message board.

And yes, I would have thought it was funny if it was my sorority's name in it.

volgirl2376 03-27-2002 11:39 PM

I dont recall saying that you were a great example of why people didnt like greeks. If you notice, I deleted that part of the thread earlier. I did however imply, and will direct towards you is that not everyone is against the greek system and calling someone a fuckwad or basically telling them that they are lying about a story...a story in a forum that is supposed to be about humorous rush stories really doesnt uphold the honor of the letters you are trying to defend (wasnt that the problem? that she mentioned your orgainization?). I dont really see what the big deal is...someone went through rush under false pretenses. Yeah it sucks that they would waste the time of chapter and maybe put some false hope that they would be gaining a sister - but its just a story that I dont think warrants the kind of angry response you gave. If you have anything else to say - PM me.

AXiD4Life 03-27-2002 11:40 PM

Change of pace
Okay, since everyone is getting worked up, I will hopefully make you all laugh with another rush story I just thought of. The first night of rush for us is sort of a no pressure, get-to-know-you type of thing, and we just basically chit chat and have a good time. Well, in my group we somehow got on the subject of what concerts we'd seen lately, and one of my sisters mentioned that she had gone to see Janet Jackson a few weeks earlier. One of the PNM's said, "Oh, yeah! I went to her concert! There was this one part in the concert where she dragged this dude on stage and, like, strapped him to this table thing and was all kissin' him all over the place and it was TOTALLY sick, you should have seen the boner on the guy!" (If you've seen her concert on HBO you know exactly what she's talking IS kind of sick) but needless to say after the last comment, we all were sort of staring at her, open-mouthed. How the hell do you respond to that one?! One of my sisters managed to stammer, "Um, wow. He must have...uh, been, uh pretty embarrassed by that." Looking back it's totally hilarious but at the time it was just like, "Oh man, you did NOT just say that!" Hopefully this made you smile!:o)

volgirl2376 03-27-2002 11:45 PM

anytime i hear the phrase "you should have seen the boner on that guy" it makes me smile...then die laughing :D

DeltaBetaBaby 03-27-2002 11:48 PM

Glad that we are getting this thread back on track!
A rushee once asked me if we hazed, and I assured her we didn't. Her response was "That's too bad. I like being spanked from time to time."

volgirl2376 03-28-2002 12:02 AM

This isnt really a rush story, but when I came home from my initiation, my friend James called me and asked me where I had been. When I told him he asked me if I got spanked - and I was like :eek: why would I get spanked?? And he said "Oh I thought thats what happened, girls with bows in their hair spank each other for initiation". Good grief lol!

RockChalk 03-28-2002 02:12 AM


There are people who are great people but who don't want to be what they perceive Greek to be. Maybe Rock Chalk's friend is one of those people. That doesn't mean they are right about what Greek Life is like, at least most places. But come on, I know there are schools where an arty-looking theater type with funky clothes and a few extra piercings wouldn't even be considered by a sorority.
Thank you FuzzieAlum, that is exactly what I meant. I know at my school, the theater major types would not enjoy sorority life - and no, that is not a bad thing. Different strokes for different folks. Some people just would not enjoy being Greek. That doesn't make them bad people. It doesn't make Greeks bad people. It's just a matter of personal preference.

The story I posted was exactly as it was told to me. Now, since I didn't know her when she rushed, I have no way of verifying this. I just thought it was amusing. And I was not trying to insult Tri-Delta, although in retrospect I realize that I should have left the name out. My apologies.

I also don't see what's so unbelievable about it, especially when compared to the other stories posted on this board.


RockChalk - Greek or non-greek - I think you are talking out of your ass. I'm sorry you are so ignorant about what / who comprises Greek organizations. Someone who is eccentric "in a good way" and involved in theater is hardly an outcast in any GLO. Your friend actually sounds like she would have made a great addition to the organization in that respect. Having gone through rush myself, I encountered a lot of excited, enthusiastic young women - not the preppy fucktards you and your friend seem to think are the norm. Oh - and I don't buy that she said "what would you do if I farted right now" - she probably just said that to you to try to look "cool" or whatever There is no way someone who acted rudely and like an idiot, and asked a very tacky question would get invited back to anything. Quite frankly, it's HER loss that she didn't choose to take rush seriously and it's also yours, that you dont have a clue about what the Greek System entails.
Tridelta4ever, that is the rudest thing anybody has said to me on this board. How dare you say that when you don't even know me? Preppy people are the norm in GLOs at my school - but I understand that each school is different. And no, being preppy isn't necessarily a bad thing either. It's just a style of dress, for crying out loud. However, I don't feel she's missing out by not being Greek - she knew it wasn't right for her and she would have been doing a disservice to herself and the organization by joining one she wasn't totally thrilled about being part of.

By the way, I have met many wonderful men and women who are in Greek organizations and I am even trying to join one right now so please don't tell me that I'm ignorant or that I hate Greeks or that I don't know anything about Greek life. I've been doing my homework, and part of that has been hanging out here at GreekChat, reading your posts and learning about your Greek experiences.

Good grief, people, all I did was post a story I found amusing. I don't see why you all need to jump down my throat.

I think I'll be leaving this place. Obviously I am no longer welcome.

mmcat 03-28-2002 08:34 AM

calm down
rock chalk take a deep breath and keep posting.
and the others chill out. you should show yourself better.

Optimist Prime 03-28-2002 11:01 AM

Rock Chalk...
I didn't think you were implying that sororities or PNMs are fake. You said she was being fake to get acting experince. Acting is not being fake. It is being real. You just use someone elses words to say how you feel, because if you don't feel what the character is supposed to, then you're not doing your job as an actor. Actors get jobs at auditions because they are real, not because they fake people out. Keep it real. I am an aspiring actor, and that comment offended. Acting is the most honest profession there is.

Optimist Prime 03-28-2002 11:02 AM

That last post was 777 times 2 plus 24 post. This now 778 plus 777 plus 24 word

volgirl2376 03-28-2002 11:05 AM are blowing my mind with those numbers :D

XO_Princess 03-28-2002 01:26 PM

Lol, I haven't read this thread in a while, but reading it made me think up a funny Rush story...unfortunately, I'm the klutz in the story. I'm going through Rush on our first day, and I'm totally nervous because I don't know what to expect, if I'll have things to talk about, etc. Anyways, my group is walking into our second party, and I'm laughing about something with another girl in my group, and I'm looking at her as I'm walking-so I'm not seeing whats in front of me, and I catch my foot on something, trip and start to fall, and grab onto the girl in front of me so I don't fall on the ground. She of course had no clue what I was doing so she screamed. And everyone stared!! I was so emberassed. You know in the movie where Sandra Bullock is the FBI agent and they make her over for a pagent-I can't think of the name of the movie to save my life right now-and she's walking in her heels and she keeps falling in them? Ya, that's what it was like.

I was so embarrased, but I just laughed and was like, "Here I am!" And then I apologized to the girl I grabbed onto.:p

dgtxalum 03-28-2002 02:36 PM

In regards to what was posted earlier...

Has anyone ever read the book, Girls on the Verge ? It's written by a young sociologist in her mid-twenties, who studies various Rites of Passage for girls (debutante balls, Quincierias, etc), with Rush being one of them. She actually goes through Rush at UCLA, posing as an undergrad. Even though she was similar to the girl described in Rock Chalk's post (artsy-type, not a "typical" sorority girl), she puts on the "act" and ends really finding a genuine connection with Tri-Delt and even gets a bid! It all kind of sucks because she later has to reveal to everyone that she is actually doing all of it for research, and probably took a spot that could have gone to someone who wanted to pledge Tri-Delt and was an actual undergrad.

Point being is, it's interesting because the author is someone who would have never have gone through rush under normal circumstances and had a very stereotypical conception of sororites. But she ended changing her mind along the way and could have actually seen herself pledging Tri-Delt in the end!

FuzzieAlum 03-28-2002 02:55 PM

Wouldn't it have been more honest for her to speak with the director of Greek Life beforehand, so when actual bid matching comes up she wouldn't get matched?

Although I suppose that may have affected the intergity of the study if he/she slipped up and mentioned something!

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