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dukedg 06-26-2005 07:20 PM

Okay, I have some good ones (including a man story that I'll post later).

One time I picked up a legacy at the door. She was sort of odd, but her mom was not only a DG, but chapter president when she was in college. Anyway, I'm pretty good at chatting with people and I noticed she was carrying a pretty thick book (don't remember which one) so I asked if she was reading it between parties. She looks at me like I'm crazy and says she reads it AT parties when she thinks the members she is talking to suck. I want to clarify how odd this was because she wasn't conceited, more like nerdy and didn't want to waste her time talking when she could be reading. I thought it was rude and couldn't imagine her doing it, but moved on and we talked about something else. Later on during that same party another girl in my chapter was talking to her and I look over and she'd pulled out the book!!!

She read the book the rest of the time. Needless to say, her mom was not pleased when we released her. But honestly, couldn't your mom give you some advice on recruitment before you go through?!? She did get a bid from another chapter (not one of the most competitive). I don't know if she read the book there though...

starryeyed 06-26-2005 07:59 PM

Re: Killer Rush

Originally posted by SigEpSam
About 4 years ago The two top houses at my school ( us and Sigma Chi) gave a bid to this good looking kid with a 3.8 high school Gpa. He never came to pick up his bid. Turns out he killed his girlfriend two days before bid day. He came to both of our events after he killed her. I like to think that he would have gone Sigma Chi. lol

Zillini 07-02-2005 11:34 PM

This thread is hilarious! But at times a bit creepy too.

Based on several stories, looks like rush and fire don't mix. Back in the mid 80's the style was BIG hair, mall bangs and required practically a full can of hairspray. On Pref night we formed 2 circles in the living room with the rushees in the center circle and actives surrounding them. Everyone had lit candles. I will never forget one rushee turned to speak to her rusher behind her. Without thinking, she flipped her lovely long blond hair right over the candle and the entire right side of her hair was gone in a flash. The smell, the burnt hair everywhere, it was terrible. It was amazing that she didn't suffer burns on her scalp.

Another one I'll never forget, my rushing partner and I met our rushees at the door. They asked if they could use the bathroom, so we escorted them there and waited outside. I swear we were standing there 10-15 minutes and wondered what the heck was going on. We walked into the "powder room" portion of the bathroom and found the rushees primping in the mirror. We asked if everything was ok and they replied "Oh yeah, we were just getting ready for XYZ house" who they were visiting next. We just left them and they stayed in there for the entire party.

As an Advisor I've seen some pretty odd things too. About 7 years ago we had a PNM come through that had to be 8-9 months pregnant. 1st round consists of mingling in the dining room and not sitting down. This poor girl (yes girl, she was an 18 year old freshman) was miserable from the heat and being on her feet so long. I was deathly afraid she'd go into labor on the spot. We offered her a chair, but she declined. She was afraid it would hurt her chances in rush. (Um, I don't think that would make much of a difference. Maybe you should have thought about hurting your rush chances 8 or 9 months ago.)

Here's the nuttiest one I've seen. A couple of years ago we cut a girl after first round. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with her, only that she was odd and didn't quite fit in. She then showed up for 2nd round. The RVP asked me to double check to make sure we hadn't screwed something up and accidently gave her an invite. I looked, nope she wasn't on our invite list. I called Panhellenic to see if they had accidently given her an invite. Nope, she wasn't on our party list. Weird. But we didn't think anything more about it.

Ok, she showed up again on 3rd round. I pull the Rho Chi over and told her what's going on. The PX says she's never seen this girl before and has no idea what's going on. I call Panhellenic again. Turns out she was cut by everyone after 1st round, but kept showing up to parties at houses. A Panhellenic Exec officer called her that night to make sure she understood that she had not been invited to any of these houses and that she could not receive a bid from any of them. Not even if a Chapter didn't make quota. She had been dropped. Apparently she was calm and polite, said she understood completely, but never explained why she had done this.

She showed up again at Pref. We couldn't believe it. Of course being the nice polite women we are and not wanting to create a scene, no one said a word. We just grabbed someone to go talk to her so the other PNMs wouldn't realize anything weird was going on. But we were all wondering what the **** was wrong with this girl? Found out she went to other houses on Pref night too. Afterwards she got another call explaining that even though she kept showing up, she wasn't going to get a bid. She had been D-R-O-P-P-E-D! Again, she said she understood and offered no explanation.

Now get this, she showed up at the Stadium when bids were passed out. By now she's a legend amongst the PX's and they were all nervous she would cause a scene. Bids were passed out and obviously not one for her. She walked away much to the PX's relief. I later heard she tried to get into another house's Bid Day party. They had to escort her out and threatened her with tresspassing if she ever came back. Bizarre. I'm surprised she didn't try to crash more house's parties. Over the years she'd be seen around campus every once in a while wearing different houses' letters.

Jill1228 07-03-2005 02:49 AM

Ok, the prize for the most whacked stories goes to Zillini!

8 months PG and going thru recruitment at Bama no less...WTF was she thinking? Someone shoulda told her to save her money

And the psycho wannabe PNM...dude! :eek:

Zillini 07-03-2005 09:19 AM

I forgot to say my first 2 personal stories were from the U of Illinois and as Jill noted, the last 2 were at Bama. The PNM who kept showing up was dubbed "Poltergeist Girl" because our girls kept saying "She's heeeeere!" or "She's baaaaack!"

I got a kick out of story about the girl with the bright orange and purple dress, hose and shoes from Alabama and kept socking girls in the arm. We get a few of these fashion disasters every year as well. The running joke in our house is that Mama dressed her up so she'd look "purty"!

PhoenixAzul 07-03-2005 11:06 AM

I can't believe I forgot this story. Ahh the joys of being a PX. I didn't find this out until way after recruitment had ended and I was reaffiliated.

So the typical mode of operation is to break girls up into smaller groups within their PX groups to tour the house. In each room there's a different "Station", where we explain oru grade policy, dues, history, crest, philanthropy, etc. Well, at my sorority, my PX partner and I were just chillin' on the sofa, and we see one of our girls come down the stairs ON HER CELL PHONE. My partner and I looked at each other in dread, but the girl shortly hung up, and then it was time to exit, so we didn't get a chance to say anything to her (side note, what part of "Unless you're waiting for your donor kidney, don't bring your cell phone" is not clear?). Well, what I DIDN'T know was that this girl had recieved a call while a sister was talking about our history, and had not only ANSWERED the call, but INTERUPTED MY SISTER TO ASK HER FOR DIRECTIONS!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Apparently, this same girl also asked in one of the rooms how much we party. The sister there is now our President, but she tactfully answered that our house is completely dry (Strictly so, the house manager's fines were NUTS) and that all recruitment events are dry (PNM should know this by now). The PNM then goes on to say, "Well, that's OK, I'll just bring a flask and it will make y'all more fun":eek: :eek: :eek:

ARG, if someone would have told me that during recruitment, I would have given her a stern talking to. She was s junior and had been basically promised an off-quota bid to one house...I don't know why she tortured us with her presence.

DeltaEtaKP 07-06-2005 11:35 AM

This didn't happen to me, but rather to one of my really close friends. It was Pref Night at the Phi Mu house when she was being preffed. We always have glass bowls with floating candles... The glass bowl must of got hot or something, and it shattered, and the table started catching on fire.

doves95 07-06-2005 04:46 PM

This is a PNM horror story about rush. One of my sisters on Pref night had 2 parties to attend. The first party (XYZ sorority) she went to she went to when the group got to the chapter house they slammed the door on her leaving her outside. She was not sure what to do until a few minutes later when the PX noticed and knocked on the door to let the chapter know they forgot one. then near the end of the party the chapter served cake with each PNM's name in that party on the cake and they forgot her!!!

WEll needless to say on her bid list she only put one chapter (ABC) and did not put down this chapter (XYZ). At the all greek bid revealing one of the chapter members from XYZ came to her yelling and asked her why she did not choose them, they loved her etc.... obviously not!

TxGirl 07-06-2005 11:26 PM

Not a PNM story - but last semester one of the women who had a part in our pref ceremony singed her hair on the candles on the ceremony table - not during just the first party but the second one too.

She was reading a poem and when she was stepping back to her place next to the table she didn't want to turn her back on the room so she backed-up - right into the candelabra!

christiangirl 07-07-2005 02:17 AM

not once but TWICE?!?!?!?!

Burn me once, shame on you...burn me twice, shame on me.

TxGirl 07-07-2005 06:43 PM

True - but at least she didn't do it at the third (and final) event of the night!

PhoenixAzul 07-08-2005 01:10 AM


Originally posted by TxGirl
True - but at least she didn't do it at the third (and final) event of the night!
Thank God for small favors I suppose.

We all joke that now that my big is gone, the fire inspector can rest at ease. She was notoriously clumsy, esp. with fire...although I've single handedly ruined 2 carpets with drinks (no, not alcoholic, just juice or pop or coffee...the coffee was what did it ).

DeltaEtaKP 07-08-2005 03:01 AM

They tell this story every year before recruitment practice...
One of the girls going through recruitment really didn't like one of the sororities. She went to their house on Philanthropy night and they had M&M's as the snacks. She told her hostess that she didn't like the M&M's that were a certain color (the color of the sorority) so she made the hostess pick them all out. Then, on the way out the door, she did that thing where you act like you are hitting your head on the door. All the sorority girls came running and she just laughed at them. And then, she got asked back the next night! I'm just glad that 1. The sorority she didn't like wasn't mine and 2. I wasn't the one who had to sit with her at a party.

polarpi 07-08-2005 01:42 PM

I wasn't actually there when it happened (I was studying overseas that semester) but the story was told every year after leading up to recruitment....

On preference night, our chapter advisor was usually there to help pass out the refreshments. During one of the parties, our advisor went to serve one of the PNMs her cake and drink, and spilled the drink right down the front of the PNM. The best part of the story, though, is that the PNM still became one of our sisters, and was a great addition to the chapter!

From that point on, though, I think we recruited other helpers to serve the refreshments on preference night...;)

TxGirl 07-08-2005 10:01 PM

Some of my weirdest stories are not what happened in the house - but what happened outside the house. At Texas the frat boys don't have anything do to during workweek or recruitment so they invent fun games with water balloons. Sometimes, they use things other than water to fill the balloons.

We would have women come in to events soaking wet. Some of the worst "fillers" were guacamole and bleach. Of course this was the late 80's and Texas was still a very high frills recruitment. You wouldn't think of going to open house events in anything less than a dress with full hair and makeup and your purse better match your shoes!

One year during workweek our membership advisor got hit with one - luckily it was only filled with water. :D

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