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LuvToCheer01 04-23-2001 06:51 PM

Penn State Greeks
Hi Everyone! I have been reading these boards for quite some time and I feel I have learned a great deal about the Greek community through you guys. I just got accepted to Penn State University for this coming fall and I am really, really psyched to go through rush. I want to research the different sororities before I get there so that I can ask intelligent questions of the sisters at the parties, but there are so many sororities that I don't feel that I will be able to learn as much as I would like about each of them. So, my question is this: if there are any Penn State people out there or anyone familiar with the Greeks there, could you please let me know what are considered to be the top 5 or 10 sororities? I know that everyone has their own ideas of what makes a sorority "good", and I am interested in a sorority with a reputation for being cute girls who dress well and are considered friendly and well liked. Thanks so much for any help you can give me! P.S. I did do a search on this subject, but came up empty!

33girl 04-23-2001 11:26 PM

LuvToCheer01, Penn State has an awesome Greek life site - here is the link to check it out.

A word of advice, if you join a sorority simply because they have a reputation of being "cute girls who dress well" you may spend four very miserable years as a member. Look at what is on the inside of the members, not just the outside. Plus if a sorority thinks their reputation or wardrobe is the main reason why you want to join them, you are not very likely to receive a bid. The group you feel most comfy with and fit in with the most is YOUR "top" sorority - that's all that matters.

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Unregistered- 04-24-2001 12:26 AM

33, always beat me to the punch!

LuvToCheer, thank you for doing a search. As far as I know, and from looking at the PSU Greek site, their system is VERY STRONG, so I can understand why you'd like to do some homework before the Fall.

Take the time in the Summer to read through the websites, and by Fall Rush you should have an idea of some of the important things about the sorority (i.e. What's their Philanthropy? How do they stress scholarship?).

Your question about reputation often gets misinterpreted. Too often the question gets answered from an external point of view. Allow yourself to meet the women through Fall Rush, and I can guarantee that you'll have a great time.

"Talk doesn't cook rice."--Someone smart

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dzrose93 04-24-2001 12:17 PM

THANKS SO MUCH for doing a Search!! Learning about the Greek organizations on your future campus is a great way to prepare for Rush. However, if I were you, I would stick to the basics. Visit the sorority national websites to learn about the history of the groups - what their mission is, what philanthropies they are involved in, etc. Get a general picture of what each one stands for so that you don't go into Rush completely clueless.

BUT, I wouldn't ask for personal opinions about the groups or make your decision based on other peoples' views. You have to make that type of decision on your own, because it is a lifetime commitment. Don't let outsiders influence you - make up your own mind. Believe me, when you go through Rush, you'll be able to get a feel about what house you feel most comfortable in. Trust your instincts. Hope this helps! Good luck and keep us posted!


PiPhiAlum 04-24-2001 05:01 PM

If you do a search under Greek Life, there is a topic called "Most Popular On Your Campus." Halfway down the first page, there is a comment regarding sororities at Penn State.

However, I can not stress enough that you should keep an open mind. Find out as much about each sorority that you can, not only nationally but locally, since there is a variance chapter-to-chapter.

I understand that you are interested in a chapter that has a reputation for being cute, well dressed, friendly and well liked; but that chapter is looking at a lot more than just those qualities when selecting their new members. So, showing them that you are interested in scholarship, campus and sorority involvement, etc, will put you a step closer to getting what you want. There are many cute, nice girls and anyone can dress well; it takes hard work and effort to keep up your grades and juggle sorority and campus life.

Penn State has a great Greek System and their website gives you an in-depth look at Greek Life on campus. It would be a good place to start.

Good Luck and keep us updated.

psu_lions 05-14-2001 02:26 AM

hey i know what you mean by joining a "good" sorority. so here's the list (from a fraternity guy's perspective)

Pi Phi- HOT girls, dress real well, really involved in campus, typical pi phi (angels)

Theta- HOT girls, same as pi phi, more stuck on themselves

KD- HOT and fun girls, best pledge class last year

Tri-delt- HOT girls, always are hanging out, great group of girls

Chi-O, HOT and wild, can out drink most fraternities here at penn state

ASA- nice girls, dont know much of them, but they are pretty hot.

Kappa- party girls along with chi-o

SDT- fun, nice girls, really rich girls

DZ- fun girls, really involved in the greek system.

these are probably the "elite sororities here at penn state, you will find the one you like here during rush. get ready to have the best 4 years of your life. the greek system here is awesome. WE ARE PENN STATE!!

shadokat 05-14-2001 10:39 AM


While psu gave you *his* take on the sorority life at PSU, I urge you to take all of this stuff with a grain of salt. When you go through rush, in the words of Shakespeare, "To thine own self be true". I know women who went with a particular sorority because fraternity guys thought they were the "hot party girls" or what not, and ended up HATING their sisters and not being involved or even disaffiliating.

Just a word of advice from someone who's seen the consequences of going on reputation alone without actually getting to know the people of each sorority.

Best of luck...PSU's Greek System is a lot of fun as we mixed with frats there often on road trips

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LuvToCheer01 05-14-2001 07:53 PM

Thanks for all your responses, everyone! I definitely plan to go into rush with an open mind but I have to admit that any bit of information I can get my hands on is most welcome!

amycat412 05-14-2001 10:01 PM

LovetoCheer, Please contact the PSU Greek Life office. The Assistant Director of Greek Life is a sister of mine from the University of Southern California and she would be happy to point you in the right direction and send you out Recruitment materials when they are available.

Good Luck,

LuvToCheer01 05-14-2001 10:22 PM

Thank you, Amycat! I'll do that

Sue_XO 05-15-2001 09:03 PM

Hey PSU_Lions

Thanks for the "hot" compliment but those crazy Chi-O's must of been guzzlin some brain juice to get an overall GPA of....

Chi Omega

Yeah Yeah- you Theta's and Kappa's beat us but much love to you gals!!!! I think it is awesome that women can be "hot" and SMART!!!


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