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FSUZeta 06-15-2015 08:56 AM

The summer before my daughter's freshman year many of the PNMs at her school were doing exactly that. "I'm only interested in ABC", or "If I don't get a bid from DEF I'll just die" or even worse, "I hear that GH dirty rushes". The dirty rush story was a mean rumor, and guess what else? The girl only interested in ABC joined another sorority and the girl who said she would die if she didn't get a bid from DEF? Did not like them in the least and ranked them last.

IndianaSigKap 06-15-2015 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by carnation (Post 2317646)
I've heard that once again, there are Facebook groups in which PNMs from certain schools discuss their preferred groups and run down others. Ladies, I don't care if these are secret groups, sorority members DO manage to see them. Pllleeeaase be discreet.

Women in the chapters who have younger sisters may see those posts. Chapter advisors who have daughters in the group may see them. PMNs who are appalled at the sh*t talking may show their friends in the chapters being disrespected, etc. You get the idea. As I am fond of telling my students, "Nothing about the internet is truly private, they don't call it the world wide web for lack of better name."

KSUViolet06 06-15-2015 07:52 PM

I said this before, but active sorority members DO lurk here.

They may not post, but they definitely lurk.

That's worth keeping in mind when you come here saying "Well I heard XYZ dirty rushes." or "I am only interested in ABC."

Even if you disguise your school, they can figure it out.

Ex: I might not be able to tell that the SEC school you're describing is Alabama, but someone who goes to Bama can easily determine that. When you say "Well I go to an SEC school and a sorority just had a summer graduation rush party" I have no idea who that could be, but I bet a Bama student could read that and know you're talking about Sigma Phi Bama in two seconds.

There's also the issue of SAYING you will only join XYZ, having other sorority members see it, think you're not interested, and decide that they'll cut you.

These big schools have a finite number of invites already in terms of girls they know from HS, camp, etc. They don't have room for girls they KNOW are saying they want another group.

carnation 05-09-2016 07:50 AM

Bumping for fall PNMs--

Jill1228 05-09-2016 11:44 AM

PNMs read this... serious food for thought!

carnation 06-20-2017 10:12 AM

TTT for 2017!

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