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erica812 05-07-2003 11:50 AM

I'm leading Expansion. Advice?
Hey! I just couldn't wait to share.......

Beta Sigma Phi is expanding!!

In structure, Beta Sigma Phi is a lot different than most of your sororities. Our chapters are typically not on college campuses, and very small chapters are the norm. Also, new chapters are formed by existing chapters or by individuals, and these new chapters are approved by simple communication with International Headquarters. I actually started my chapter on my own, and it was a fairly smooth process.

My chapter happens to be in a college community (although not a campus organization), and we have recently voted to start a new chapter in a nearby college town!! I will be the new Extension Officer next fall, so I am in charge of organizing this expansion. I am so, so, so excited!! After reading about the NPC expansion process in many GC threads, I really want this process to be fantastic for my chapter and the potential new Betas! I would love to hear any advice or ideas that you have. If you have participated in the beginning of a colony, what drew you to the new organization? What was it about the presentations that impressed you? What stood out? What didn't work?

I'm also wondering what steps I should take concerning advertising. Even though we won't be a campus org, should we have someone's permission to advertise? How far in advance should we announce that Beta Sigma Phi is coming to town?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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