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grlgonegreek 09-24-2019 06:01 PM

Boyfriend and Sororities
Hey everyone,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. I got accepted into a school and he was staying home so for the first time in our relationship, we werenít going to be with each other every day. I love him so much and heís the only guy Iíve ever been with thatís made me this happy, ever. Back when I got accepted to transfer to the school Iím at now, I was considering joining a sorority and told my boyfriend how I wanted to do it. He instantly became defensive and told me he wouldnít be with me if I joined. He believes that sororities bring out the worst in girls. He thinks itís fake, for girls who want attention, and for basically girls who want to sleep with a bunch of dudes. He had a perfect relationship before me and broke up with the girl just because she joined a sorority too. She ended up becoming a groupie and has been passed around by a bunch of dudes.

When I transferred, I rushed and didnít tell him because I knew he wouldnít approve of it or support me. He would most likely make me want to drop so to prevent that, I couldnít tell him. He found out when he saw my location on pref night at the house I was in love with all week. He was mad, I tried to hold back tears waiting outside of the house I really wanted and I was nervous that my mind would be distracted when speaking to the girls. Luckily, I ran home to them and had such an amazing experience and the only person I wanted to tell about it was my boyfriend. Heís the person I wanted to support me, be there for me and be proud that I went through hell weak and made it out on top. He didnít care. He was angry. He pushed me out. I cried for days trying to get him to talk to me again. He wouldnít. I finally left him alone, and tried to be at peace with his decision. He came back to me and said he rather be with me than lose me to something so dumb.

Well now, heís tolerant of me being a sorority but never wants me to talk about it. He shuts me out the second I mention any of my new friends or talk about my day. Heís not interested at all. I understand that he is at home, bored out of his mind, it it most likely makes him feel sad, so I try not to rub it in his face. Heís now at the point where if I bring up any socials or events, heís instantly fighting me. Itís driving me insane.

He lacks trust in me as a girlfriend, heís scared Iíll hurt him. I know heíll never believe me when I tell him how much I love him and reassure him that no matter what, heís all I want. He references to the time when I was really insecure about our relationship, and felt like he was going to leave me and cheat on me because he told me that he doesnít like long distance and he wonít be a good boyfriend to me if I end up leaving. I texted a kid I worked with and flirted with him but it never went past the point of that. I just was sad and wanted positive attention and to feel beautiful because I wasnít feeling that at the time. Iíd never cheat on my boyfriend. Iíve never thought about it.

The girls in my sorority arenít crazy either, theyíre all older and have boyfriends. They arenít known for being crazy partners or one night stand girls. Iím not saying they donít go out and arenít friendly with frats but they are more conservative than most sororities on campus. Most of the girls in my sorority have boyfriends and some have ones that are in Greek life and are extremely accepting. I wish I could prove to him that heís seeing the stereotype of Greek life and not what it really means to me. Itís amazing. Iím so happy and have met so many beautiful women, inside and out. I couldnít imagine how depressed Iíd be if I didnít go Greek.

Itís hard for us to just end it. Neither of us want that. But heís stubborn and wonít be happy until I decide that I rather sit out on events and socials. And Iím stubborn because I donít want to regret not doing all that I can before I graduate.

Iím so heartbroken because the fighting is making me miserable and Iím starting to lose focus of my school and sorority and friends but heís also a priority to me so itís just difficult to juggle all those things and make him happy. Thereís nothing I want more than for my boy to be happy. I always have time for him and always come down to see him. I always call him and Iím constantly texting him. Iíll even text him the whole time Iím out drinking or when Iím around frat dudes. I make it known that I am in a relationship. I need guidance. I just donít get it. Any advice?

Jen 09-24-2019 06:09 PM

You're dating a control freak who is waving all the red flags available to him.

Titchou 09-24-2019 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Jen (Post 2469907)
You're dating a control freak who is waving all the red flags available to him.

I cannot be emphatic enough that this statement is dead on the money. You're better than this and you deserve far more than what you are getting. Move on.

33girl 09-24-2019 06:52 PM

To quote Dan Savage: DTMFA. (Dump The Mother F$#%*r Already)

If you give in to him on this issue, he will find something else to be jealous and controlling about - the people youíre doing a group project with in class, the girls you get an apartment with, the guy you occasionally play tennis with. You are being emotionally abused. I canít stress this enough.

I would also talk to his ex (who told you this ďgroupieĒ garbage? Your boyfriend?) and get the real scoop because obviously this is how he thinks a relationship should be.

If his life is in the shitter and going nowhere, itís up to HIM to improve it - not to make you feel sad and guilty because your life is going somewhere.

flirt5721 09-24-2019 07:40 PM

I have seen amazing women with great potential drop a sorority they love because of a boyfriend. If he is trying to control you now what will he try to do in the future. You have plenty of time to find someone that will support you they way you would like to. Don't give you on what you want because a boyfriend says so. You're not guaranteed to be with him forever.

honeychile 09-24-2019 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by Jen (Post 2469907)
You're dating a control freak who is waving all the red flags available to him.

Yes, I'm making this unanimous.

This is not about sorority, this is about personal choices in general. If he cannot come on board graciously, then you're better off without him. AND, I say this as someone who has been through the whole control issue. You will survive.

ladybug12 09-24-2019 07:54 PM

Coming onto a public forum where you know no one and asking for advice speaks volumes to me. My impression is that you know deep down that something is wrong and you want some sort of affirmation about your relationship.
What you are getting is 100% warning about letting this man control your life.

FSUZeta 09-24-2019 08:59 PM

Bless your heart. You are being manipulated and micromanaged. This isn't's all control- His control over your life. He won't change. His former girlfriend wised up and dropped him-hence his story about her joining a sorority and becoming a frat groupie. A lie, I'm sure. If you don't want to believe us, call her up and listen to her side of the story.

Be strong. Do yourself a favor. Drop this abuser. N.O.W.

grlgonegreek 09-24-2019 10:03 PM

Wow, thank you guys. Itís hard to keep your eyes on whatís right and wrong when you love someone because youíre blinded by solely wanting them to be happy. Thank you so much.

alittleclueless 09-25-2019 12:34 PM

In addition to the "control freak" comments above, I would like to add that when you truly love someone, you want to support them, do what's best for them, and advocate participation in activities that fulfill them as a human being. The fact that he refuses to support you or advocate for your participation in something that is making you a stronger person demonstrates his lack of immaturity, his wanting what's best for you, and, to an extent, his love for you. I'd step back from the relationship and give him some time to grow up. Either he'll come to realize how much he loves you and wants to support you OR you'll both realize that the other person really isn't the best person to bring out the best in each other. It can be a hard road, but if he's not the person for you, then there is probably someone out there who is a better fit and who is potentially the love of your life. Good luck!

OldFLDDD 09-25-2019 04:51 PM

Oh my goodness. Just wanted to add that I fully agree with the ladies above. Many of us are much older, wiser women and we're able to see things from a different perspective--perhaps looking back on relationships we were once in. As alittleclueless says above, someone who loves you will support you and encourage endeavors that make you a stronger person. They bring out the best in you, not shame you or make you feel bad for choices that are clearly the RIGHT choices for you. You are young, and it's hard to be objective when you're in these early relationships, especially if he's your first love. If you were my daughter, I would strongly advise you to step away from this relationship. If he is your person, it'll work out at some point down the road, when you're both older/wiser/more mature. But I have a strong hunch that once you've taken a few steps away, you'll be able to see the things we're saying a lot more clearly. Being in a relationship with a non-controlling person will also be a huge eye opener for you. My actual daughter didn't really see how controlling her boyfriend was until she broke up with him. It was AWFUL--he did everything he could to make her feel like a terrible person for leaving him. She can now look back and see the signs she missed before and she's better for it. If you do choose to leave him and do not feel safe doing so, please involve a parent or another adult so that they can intervene if necessary--I had to do this with my daughter's ex. This got way off topic of being Greek, but it really has nothing to do with that. It's about being with someone who doesn't want you doing things that don't involve him, even though you've found a wonderful place to be. Please take good care.

TXDG 09-25-2019 06:28 PM

Advice: the right guy for you is one who brings out the best in you and actively encourages you to have new experiences and grow.

When you’re in a serious relationship in college, the most important thing is to make sure your growing up together.

Your boyfriend actively wants to hold you back and is discouraging you / disinterested in your new experiences. That’s not someone with your best interest at heart. He only wants you to be the way he wants you to be. Make sense?

It’s time to breakup with him and block his number. Go have fun with your new sisters! That’s what college is for. Get your education and have fun! Don’t be tied down by someone who holds you back.

VioletsAreBlue 09-25-2019 10:00 PM

I'm going to pass on the same advice I give to my children. Surround yourself with people who make you happy deep in your heart.

This guy isn't it.

tcsparky 09-27-2019 04:38 PM

You are in an abusive relationship. This is emotional and mental abuse. Get out. As others have said, if you give in on this, it will be something else. And then something else. And then another thing. Until he has total control over your actions and thoughts. This is not healthy. Yes- talk to his previous girlfriend. And break up with him. You deserve so much better. You deserve to feel happy, and positive about your life. You should not have to avoid mentioning something as important and prominent in your life as your sorority. You should be proud of it- not hiding it and avoiding mentioning it.

Theta1234 09-27-2019 06:27 PM

You know, my hubs actively mocks Greek Life. He and his brothers have ever since I first met him many, many years ago. HOWEVER, he loved my sisters, drive 7 hours to every formal and semi-formal event, date party, etc. He rolled his eyes, but joined in on all of the ďspecial Theta stuffĒ we did at the wedding. In fact, all of his brothers also married sorority girls.

Fast forward to now. He STILL teases about Greek life, but he is the first in line to help at the Daddy-Daughter Tailgate, opens his checkbook for every fund-raiser at our daughterís house and proudly wears his Theta Dad shirtóbecause his daughter asked him to.

You see, the hubs placed people abover his personal value system/insecurities. We are only hearing a part of your story right now. It could be a heart-to-heart could help your situation or it could be that this is an abusive situation. Real men wonít try to isolate you, make you choose them over other things in your life on a consistent basis or mock you for your values. Itís just something to think about...

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