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AXiDfromKSU 01-30-2016 10:40 PM

Housing decisions
I am on my college chapter's advisory board. We are considering changing the process of how we decide which members get to live in vs. out of house. If you have a housed chapter, can you let us know how you make the decisions? Thanks in advance.

Sciencewoman 01-30-2016 11:06 PM

What is spurring the change? Do you have more members wanting to live in than you can accommodate, or are you having trouble filling the house with volunteers? Another common, more recent development is that members are making housing decisions early in the previous fall, before elections are even held, due to pressures/deals from local landlords. That's an issue we're facing. We have a first come, first served policy, with certain officers required to live in, and a ranking system in case there are unfilled beds. We haven't had to go to that yet, but some chapters on our campus have. For the past few years, we've had an equal supply and need to "force" anyone on the list to move in, but no waiting list, either.

Just interested 01-30-2016 11:40 PM

We use GPA to determine who lives in if there is wait list and we also use it for room selection. (some years 6 or 7 on wait list and some years less than that) Contracts go out late October and we are usually full by late November but accept contracts until winter break. Council are required to live in. Chapter pays rent for empty beds out of their operating budget so they see to it House is full. No problems but we do have a huge chapter compared to number of beds offered, Sophomores (except council) live in.

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