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greekrose 01-28-2018 05:25 PM

A Schuyler sister COB story
I have decided to code the three sororities at my school as:

Eliza is a local sorority, where Peggy and Angelica are both NPC. (Yes, the names are inspired by Hamilton!)

So, I have read many stories on Greek-Chat and since I am going through COB I have decided to post mine! I have never gone through formal recruitment as once upon a time I believed in the ridiculous notion of the ‘stereotypical’ sorority. I go to a Southern school where Greek life is huge, and very actively involved in every aspect of campus. I never would describe myself as a ‘typical sorority girl’ (Now I know there is no such thing) so I was going through COB rush the same time I was interested in the local sorority, Eliza.
Eliza had a system in place where they had 2 open nights, where anyone who was interested could show up and get a chance to talk to all the girls in the sorority. While Eliza wasn’t NPC they are still very respected on my campus, and over 300 girls showed up to rush for roughly 50-60 slots. I was very nervous but still on the fence about being Greek and was worried about not fitting in. (After reading GC I am sad to note that I had not a single recommendation for either COB or the local sorority, I didn’t know any better at the time.) After the two open nights, Eliza would than have philanthropy night, invite only night(similar to pref night I suppose) and finally bid day.

Peggy and Angelica both reached out to me to see if I was interested in COB rush. My friend who had gone through formal recruitment is a Peggy so she may have recommended me, but I have no idea how Angelica had found me. My school has over 15 NPC sororities but those are the only 2 that reached out me. I heard tent talk that only sororities considered ‘bottom tier’ held COB but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I had two sororities that had invited me out to meet them and I was beyond excited. Slowly my opinion on going Greek was changing.

1st night, Since this was a local sorority they did not have a house, but their intro nights were held in the ballrooms in the stadium at my university. When I first walked in I was impressed. They had taken all the chairs out of the ballroom and had covered the floor in different colored autumn leaves (Which I later saw were fake but very very pretty.) Their theme was really cute and I met a lot of new members. I was excited to get to know everyone and it was really informal. Everyone was in jeans and nice tops and there was a lot of milling around just talking. At one point it did feel like I was having the same conversation over and over again. Major, year, GPA. The same questions were asked again and again and even when I tried to change the subject they kept going back to the main topic points. Another thing that made me feel awkward was the slight bashing of the NPC sororities at my university. Eliza had their rush week right after formal recruitment so I could see where some girls who were cut may have felt OK with this. As I was still planning on going to COB these types of conversations made me feel a tad awkward. But overall I had fun, and I could see myself being an Eliza.

Eliza: Night 2- I entered night 2 very excited and left the stadium a bit disappointed. Unlike the laid back talking that had occurred yesterday, today I was double rushed with another PNM. Worse, the recruiter they had talking to us already knew the PNM I was double-rushing with and seemed to spend the entire time turning the conversation to her. I tried to input a few times, but I felt like no-one was listening. I was never bumped and at the end when we were released I felt like I hadn't made a single impression.

Day 3: I woke up this morning SO HAPPY and SO SURPRISED to get an email from Eliza saying I was invited back for their philanthropy round. This round was more dressy, I wore a cute purple velvet romper with bell sleeves, and full hair and makeup. I was relieved to find that I had dressed perfectly as all the active sisters were in dark clothes like mine. I spoke to at least 3 different members on their executive team (they were wearing autumn leave wreaths to match the theme) and left with such a good feeling that I was going to end up an Eliza. . What really sold me was their philanthropy, it was a cause that connected closely with my heart and I was sold.

Unfortunately, we do not know if we will be invited back for interview night until the next weekend as I had class the next day. Next weekend COB was also starting for Angelica and Peggy and I couldn't wait!

greekrose 01-29-2018 02:53 PM

Unfortunately, I got an email this morning saying that I had been cut from Eliza and would not be invited back for their interview only round. I guess I'm a little sad but I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. Mostly, I am looking forward to next weekend, both sororities that are doing COB have events going on, on Thursday and Friday. I will update how everything goes than.

FSUZeta 01-29-2018 08:40 PM

,good luck with Angelica and Peggy.

stef831 02-03-2018 03:34 PM

Any updates greekrose?? Would love to hear and ending to this. Best of luck.

greekrose 04-02-2018 03:42 PM

I'm so sorry everyone, the time slipped away from me .
I ended up going through both COB processes for both Peggy and Angelica.
For Peggy on day 1- we had a dinner at the stadium (they're rebuilding the house) and everyone was so so nice, we talked about everything but school. After my experience with Eliza it was great to have people interested in me and not just my major and clubs I was apart of. I connected strongly with this one girl in Peggy who kept telling me about the new house, about our campus, and how she wishes she got more involved. I got her number and she told me how she could really see me there. And than I could see myself there.

had such a great time at Peggy on day 1 that I didn't want to go to Angelica I felt like I was betraying Peggy somehow, in my mind I saw myself as a Peggy but I needed to give every chapter the best chance I could.
Angelica:This house was big but for some reason it didn't feel like home right away. A lot of people expected me to belong here because of my religion and originally this was where I thought I'd be able to call home. We had a pajama party in the back of the house and I felt myself really liking the girls and the structure. I saw people interacting with each other and wished that I could have that same kind of sisterhood. At the same time though, as I was interacting with the other PNMs I didn't really feel comfortable, I felt on edge, like I was watching everything I said.

I left Angelica feeling conflicted. On campus this sorority has a better reputation than others and they fit my values. At the COB orientation they told us the next step was to wait to see if you were invited to the next event

The next morning I woke up at 8 AM-( it was so early) to a knock on my door, I live in the dorms right by the main library, slid under my door was a card with Angelica's letters on it, inviting me to afternoon brunch. I was sad that I hadn't heard from Peggy but relieved to still be going through the COB process.

I went to brunch dressed in skinny jeans, wedges, and a floral off the shoulder blouse. I felt way more comfortable today everyone was being so nice and it was cool talking to more people. I spent maybe 10 minutes talking to the president about her experience.
I got home with my mind made up, if I was offered a bid from Angelica I would take it as I still hadn't heard back from Peggy.
The minute I got home I got a call from my friend in Angelica, she was inviting me out to a late night movie and froyo.
We were going with 4 other sisters. I was so confused, was this an event, was it not?
Can I go to two events with two chapters in one day and like them both? My head was spinning.

stef831 04-03-2018 06:48 PM

Awww yay! So happy you came back!! Can't wait for the ending of this story!! :)

FSUZeta 04-03-2018 06:56 PM

Did you get a call from Peggy or Angelica for froyo?

AnchorAlumna 04-03-2018 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by greekrose (Post 2455338)
The minute I got home I got a call from my friend in Angelica, she was inviting me out to a late night movie and froyo.
We were going with 4 other sisters. I was so confused, was this an event, was it not?
Can I go to two events with two chapters in one day and like them both? My head was spinning.

Treat it like an event.
Yes, you can go to two in one day (during formal girls go to 10 or so a day!) and still like them both!

Enjoy the attention - good luck!

greekrose 04-03-2018 09:43 PM

Froyo night
I'm sorry for the confusion y'all. I got invited to Froyo night by PEGGY, the same chapter who had the Stadium Dinner. I went with four sisters and I had such an amazing time. All of these sisters were in the PC right before mine which means they were so new too. One of the girls in particularly really related to me, in liking Angelica as well, when she did formal recruitment. She told me in the end what made her choose Peggy was it was where she looked around and saw the girls she strived to be, instead of the girl she felt she was.

There was an embarrassing moment where the sisters argued over who would get to pay for my movie ticket. Which was cute and kind of endearing at the same time. They wouldn't let me pay for my fro-yo either which made me think of the froyo outing as more of an event. We even created a group-chat, everyone clicked right away. It was so easy to see myself with these sisters, in their letters. I knew I liked Peggy right away, and this outing confirmed it.
I got home after midnight, happy, and filled with want for this chapter.

Angelica seems to be a higher tier than Peggy, in terms of respect on Campus but both chapters seem wonderful to me. I had a gut feeling that first night at the Stadium that I liked Peggy more and that feeling was still with me.

I woke up the next morning to nothing, no new note under the door, no text messages. The entire day all I could do was check my phone and email to see if I got an email or call to see if I was released from recruitment. Silence is so scary you don't know if it's a good or bad thing sometimes.

FSUZeta 04-04-2018 07:10 AM

Ah hah.

sigmagirl2000 04-04-2018 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by 33girl (Post 2455383)
There are three sororities. “Tiers” does not need to be a word in your vocabulary.

She said there are over 15 NPC groups. These are just the only ones she participated in COB for.

33girl 04-04-2018 12:51 PM

Yeah, after I reread I deleted and it didn’t take.

AZTheta 04-04-2018 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by greekrose (Post 2455371)
All of these sisters were in the PC right before mine which means they were so new too.

Okay, great! Yay! So you got a bid then? Right?

greekrose 04-04-2018 04:37 PM

A Happy Ending
After a day of silence, I was super anxious to see if I was to be invited back to either Peggy or Angelica. I would have been happy to receive a bid from either chapter, but throughout all the events I had gone too, I clicked more with Peggy.

Bid day for Peggy was scheduled for that Sunday, while bid-day for Angelica wasn't happening til next week, according to the schedule I was given. I had been to two events with each Chapter, but had been invited to Breakfast at one of the popular restaurants in town with the VP of Recruitment for Peggy. I think I was on a coffee date. As we finished breakfast, she reached into a folder in her backpack and pulled out a bid card!

I had been offered a bid too...................

Alpha Gamma Delta!
I was so excited to be given the chance to live with Purpose.

As all of you know, it has been a few months since I've gone through Informal Recruitment and I am happy to say that I love my Big, I love my Chapter, and I love my friends.
We had our Spring Philanthropy last weekend and I am so proud to be a happy Alpha Gam!

stef831 04-04-2018 05:03 PM

Awww! How incredibly wonderful!! Congratulations to you and best of luck in your new sorority!! :)

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