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Unregistered- 12-02-2001 06:45 AM


Originally posted by brooklineu
OTW, I just realized you never told us all about the Harding Ave incident....share, it sounds so freaky!
Oh wow..I can't believe I never told y'all about it.

Anyways, in Japanese folklore there's something they call "inugami". Literally translated, it means "dog spirit".

In the 1940s a Japanese family lived in the house on Harding Ave. This family apparently had a dirty past that included a curse that was put on them many years ago by a rival family. An inugami was supposed to terrorize that family and their descendants.

I'm not really sure how the inugami surfaced all of a sudden, but it did. One of the family members became possesed by the inugami and became violent against everyone in that house. One of the relatives was even "raped" by this spirit. I don't know how. The inugami's a very powerful force that even psychics and mediums don't want to bother!

One night the parents came home to find the 3 children murdered. The police were called to investigate, but when they came, they found themselves powerless as the inugami took over and started throwing them into the walls of the house. Some of the cops made it out okay, but some didn't. When things quieted down they found the bodies of the cops in the living room, mutilated. Blood covered the entire house.

I don't know how they could let that house still stand, but as the years went by many families occupied that house. I don't know who in their right mind would even want to LIVE there, after knowing what went on, but as far as I know nothing that gruesome has ever happened again.

Still, people know what had gone on in that house and every Halloween it's the target of many curious people who want to go visit that house. The poor family who lives there now usually has cops securing the area so that they're left alone.

So that's the Harding Ave. story...according to the ghost tour that I recently went on, many houses along that street have disturbances going on. :eek:

carnation 12-02-2001 08:34 AM

OTW! What other sites were on the ghost tour:eek:

SilverTurtle 12-02-2001 12:05 PM

random happenings
I have never personally had any "odd" experiences. But I've known several people who have.

One of my friend's older brothers used to talk to the top of the refrigerator (he was probably 6-9 years old). And when the family would ask who he was talking to, he would say "The old lady on top of the fridge", like everyone knew she was there. No one else ever saw her tho.

That same family- the younger sister was packing to move (I think), and this talking doll kept talking. So they took the batteries out. But it just kept talking, and they (sisters and mom) couldn't get it to stop. I don't remember what they finally did, but dolls always freak me out anyway so that story always gives me the chills.

Not far from where I grew up (Northeast Ohio) is an area known as Rogue's Hollow. There are dozens of ghost stories that circulate. I've never had anything happen, but I have some friends that swear by their stories. Anyways, one of my friends in high school grew up in that area. She had been fairly close to her grandma, but the grandma had passed away before I met her (my friend). This friend says that anytime she's in her car for trips her grandma always appears in the passenger seat, and buckles up! Except one time she was traveling with another friend in the front seat. Her friend had fallen asleep, and her grandmother showed up in the back seat, buckling up again. When she tried to wake her friend up, grandma disappeared.

Ok, last story: My brother was killed in a car crash several years ago. Well, he was married at the time & his wife was staying with my family until she got the lease cancelled at their apartment. (Cuz it was too expensive by herself). So, she was in our basement doing laundry & my brother appeared, and told her not to worry because everything was going to be okay, and then he left. She's not the type of person to get all into ghost stories and stuff, either.

justamom- that's interesting you said that about your son. My mom & brother always seemed to have some weird conenction, too. I could never really put my finger on it, I just knew it was different than my connection with either of them.

And my mom has had some really scary stuff happen, most of it she won't even tell me about.

Unregistered- 12-02-2001 05:00 PM


Originally posted by carnation
OTW! What other sites were on the ghost tour:eek:
Carnation, I don't know if you've ever heard of Glen Grant, but he's an American Studies prof at UH who's a renowned ghost buff and he takes about 25 people on a ghost tour every Saturday. Getting reservations is a bish and a half!

The tour starts off at the Times Supermarket parking lot in Kahala, the one right next to Kahala Mall. Back in the day that area was a huge cemetary. Then the old Waialae Drive In was built and that's when strange stuff started happening. Now Kahala Mall's on that land, and people say that they've seen a faceless woman in one of the bathrooms. I've never seen her, but then again I'm too afraid to go to the bathroom by myself.

The Harding Ave. house as well as a few places in the Diamond Head area were on tour. We also went to the Chinese Cemetery on Kapiolani and the one in Nuuanu where there have been instances of "fireballs" flying around.

One of the stops on the tour was the Mokihana Dorm at UH. The room is on the 9th floor where a student hung himself back in the 1970s. He haunted the room for 20 years and choked its occupants until he was released in 1995. He promised to come back and visit, though.

Carnation, if you're ever back here again I'd suggest that you go on that tour!

carnation 12-02-2001 05:08 PM

I might as long as I thought I wouldn't see anything!:eek:

I used to go to swap meets at the old drive-in and then sit on the rock wall around the cemetery and wait for the bus. I recall that the graveyard was full of plumeria and that some headstones had photos on them...I'd never seen that before.

Beef 12-11-2001 12:18 PM

I got the shit scared out of me last night!!!

I was dreaming about moving into a house or dorms at school. Some how I got the impression that the area/room I was moving into was haunted. I was moving my things in when it got really dark in the room. This is where its gets weird, I remember having a sense of fear in my dream, but I must have started to wake up or someting cause the next thing I know I am in my bed with the biggest sense of fear/nerves/OH SHIT I have ever had!! I didnt open my eyes, didnt do anything!! I know I could move, but something inside me was telling not to do a damn thing!! After laying there for a few seconds I got a sense of some kind of light passing over me(just a little change of shade I could see with my eyes closed, try looking into a corner with your eyes closed and then turning your head across a window/light and back into another corner, thats what it was like). So I still didnt do a damn thing for a few seconds then I rolled over and buried my head in a pillow and fell back to sleep a few minutes later.

That was one of the craziest feelings I have ever had in my life!! Something similar happend maybe 6 months ago, but I was living in a different house and actually had my room in the dream and woke up screaming.

Im not sure WTF to think about that "light". Im kinda telling myself it was totally in my head, but i dunnnooooo.....:eek:

Dejajeva 12-11-2001 05:24 PM

We have a haunted 'Hacienda' Resturaunt here, evidently.
I've never encountered anything there, but the story goes, that there was a very socialite family living there back in the day. The man was having an affair with the maid, and the wife got pissed and killed her husband AND the maid and then hung herself in the basement. It's a old house that they turned into the resturant and they've really kept everything like it was then, except they added a bar. Evidently if you drive by at night sometimes you can see faces in the windows (after close, of course) or glasses and weird lights flying around in the top story bar.

There's also a road out here called primrose rd. They say there is a -portal- out there and there are fairies and weird lights and such. I've never gone.

I have had a strange experience recently though about MAC, my ghost at McDonalds.

Also, in relationship to the "night terrors" stories..
Some people also have experiences by a Succumbus or an Incubus attacks. These are demons who come and rape you while you sleep. I don't really know if it's specifically like, you are being 'raped' by an invisible being, but, I guess it's a very sexual-attack. A very, what's the word...A very violent sexual assault. Incubus is the male demon, Succubus is the female demon.


justamom 12-11-2001 08:52 PM

Dejajeva...Where ave YOU been! Missed seeing your posts around!

curiouss 12-12-2001 09:13 PM


Originally posted by justamom
Dejajeva...Where ave YOU been! Missed seeing your posts around!
Me, too. :) I thought you got banned or something.

curiouss 12-12-2001 09:18 PM


Originally posted by Dejajeva

Also, in relationship to the "night terrors" stories..
Some people also have experiences by a Succumbus or an Incubus attacks. These are demons who come and rape you while you sleep. I don't really know if it's specifically like, you are being 'raped' by an invisible being, but, I guess it's a very sexual-attack. A very, what's the word...A very violent sexual assault. Incubus is the male demon, Succubus is the female demon.


:eek: That's some scary crap! :eek:

And, I thought Incubus was just a name of a band.
I wondered how they came up with that name? :rolleyes:

Remember when that ghost humps Tori Spelling on the ceiling? :D

Dejajeva 12-14-2001 01:29 PM

Hey guys!
I've missed you too-
I've just gotten too lazy to check GC.
Finals are over now so...

I can ONCE again.

Got banned?
SOme people WISH they could ban me.


XO_Princess 12-14-2001 02:19 PM

I was once sleeping at my boyfriend's parents house during spring break-I was visitning him when he lived there-and I was staying in his old room from when he was a kid. For the whole week, I had horrible nightmares-so scary that I didn't even want to go to sleep at night-like, I shouldn't have been sleeping there. I finally refused to sleep in his old room when I had a dream, but it wasn't how I normally dream-you know how in your dreams, you see youself doing things-like in 3rd person? Well, this dream was in 1st person-like the dream was happening to me, I wasn't just watching myself do things-anyhoo, in the dream, I was lying in bed looking at the wall(which was the way I was facing while I slept) and this little boy was standing in front of me, just looking at me. Nothing happened, but it freaked me out so much, that I won't sleep in there anymore. Hunny said that maybe it was him as a little boy watching over me, but I say it was just freaky.

Later in the week, after we had gone out one night, Hunny and I were asleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night. He kind of woke up too, and mumbled something inchoherent like, Do you know the answer? I was like, what?? Next morning, I told him about it, and he said he had been having a dream that we were playing trivia and he was trying to answer a question. Well, before I woke up that night I had been dreaming that we were playing trivia and it was our turn to answer the question. I was telling him things about my dream (like where we were sitting, etc) and they were the same in his! We had the same dream at the same time. Very cool, but very weird.

Dionysus 04-29-2003 10:57 PM

Yeah, I was doing a service project last weekend and I thought I heard some strange mumblings behind the fence and woods. I thought there were houses over there. I walked up closer to the fence and there was a cemetary on the other side and I didn't see anyone. :eek:

Shine 04-30-2003 12:35 AM

I've had my share of ghostly experiences.

I stayed on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, and as most know, that ship is extremely haunted. I felt like shit the minute I boarded the boat. I just felt really really funky.

The room we had was weird. It had a king bed in a main room, and then like a twin bed in a separate room that adjoined the bathroom. I took the twin because my mom and sister wanted the other bed and I usually get up to pee in the night more than they do.

I woke up about an hour after I fell asleep and I just felt this weird energy surrounding me. It was so thick it was overwhelming and I just couldn't deal with that feeling. I had NEVER felt like that before, except for one time.

The time was the moment my dad died. I was in the room, and I felt the same sort of energy pulse through me.

So I'm laying there in bed on the QM, and I just like concentrated really hard on my dad, and the energy got really thick for a minute, before finally it stopped altogether and I was fine and fell right to sleep.

Then a week later I was in San Diego and we were staying in old town. I was walking down the hill from my hotel to go meet my mom and sister at a restaurant for dinner. I had my headphones on, and I was really just concentrating on walking ahead and getting there. Suddenly, I felt that weird sort of energy again. And I thought I heard a child laughing behind me. I felt almost sick, and my hair was standing on end. Then my discman just randomly turned itself off, and I know it wasn't batteries because I had changed them before I left. I just stopped walking, because it freaked me out and I had to get my bearings.

I turned to the side to look around, and I saw that I was standing right next to the backyard of the Whaley House, which is supposed to be one of the Top 10 haunted places in America. There were no kids anyhwere around.

I tell you, I RAN the rest of the way past that house.

Oogh. Wierd memories. Getting the wiggins.

Winterbloom 04-30-2003 02:03 PM

I'm currently working on my thesis about ghosts/ghost stories for my "Issues at the End of Life" class. In a few days, I'll be heading down to Gettysburg, PA to do some ghost hunting and test my thesis. It's a good time, overall. I have some stories that'll make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.

My father's family is Portuguese, very supersticious, and we believe that the ability to see spirits travels down to every female in the family. I've seen some weird shit in my lifetime, I'll tell you. And there are some things in the world we simply cannot explain. As Shakespeare said, "There are more things in Heaven and on Earth then are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio."

The best ghost story I have on campus would have to be of our children. The dorm my boyfriend and most of my buddies live in was originally the pastor's house for the small Lutheran college. The family was striken with Scarlet Fever, and the children and the wife never recovered. The pastor left soon after, and the building became a dormitory. The children, however, didn't quite leave. They've been sighted time and time again--a boy and a girl, no older than 8--running around, giggling in corridors, turning on faucets in empty bathrooms. My friend Amy was working in the empty computer lab in the basement of the building, as it also houses the math and comp sci departments. All the computers were on screen saver save for hers, and she had her back to the room. She heard keys clattering, and looked into the lab across the hall. It was empty. When she turned to look at the rest of her lab, two computers were on the Windows lock screen that had been on screen saver before. She left soon after, too freaked out to work anymore. We've been able to take pictures of our ghosts--lots of orbs, considered to be the best evidence of paranormal activity by investigators, and a few bits of ectoplasm and one extra. An extra is when a face or limb appears in a photo without having been there initially and cannot be explained away by a trick of the light, faulty film or developmental issues with the picture. Very fun stuff.

I'll keep you guys posted on the Gettysburg ghosts, if you want.

PM_Mama00 04-30-2003 04:34 PM

Can orbs just be tricks of light? Cuz with my digital camera, many come up. If you look at some of hte pictures on my site, there are some. And then in a group pic on our chapter website too.

PiKA2001 can tell u guys some FREAKY ass stories. His brothers tried telling me and one of my sisters stories as we sat in the almost empty house at like 2am.... I was almost in tears cuz I was so scared.

AlphaGamDiva 04-30-2003 04:51 PM

ok, so i am a weird case when it comes to this stuff.

ever since i can remember, i have felt like someone was behind me. sounds weird, i know, but seriously. i can remember being about 3 yrs old, and walking down the hallway in my house at night and putting my hand on my back b/c i felt like someone was RIGHT behind me and it freaked me out. if i could actually feel something on my back, it wasn't as bad. this happens to me sporatically, and you'd think i'd be used to whoever it is, but sometimes it's stronger than other i can still just get SUPER freaked. when i lived in the alpha gam house, i walked into the bathroom to take a shower, but 2 secs later i HAULED ASS back into my room b/c something was just on my back and i wigged. my roomie was like, "not again....." when i was in my apt with ilovemyglo....we both had weirdo stuff happen, but she knew, i think, who was messin with her.
it's happened a few times in my house at home, but i called them out one night (straight up told them/it who i was, i wasn't going to do anything to them, and begged for them to let me be), and i haven't had anything major happen in a while. it normally happens right when i get to the top of my stairs. BUT, one night i woke up, my sheets were all the way under my chin, i couldn't open my eyes or move my arms, and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. don't think i've ever prayed so quick in my life. this house is only a few yrs old, so nothing has happened here, or in any other place i've lived that i know of....i think i just get followed. i need some psychic healin'......

AchtungBaby80 04-30-2003 04:53 PM

This is my favorite subject! Check out Castle of Spirits or Shadowlands...they're really good websites.

Dionysus 07-31-2003 12:49 PM


AlphaGamDiva 07-31-2003 05:15 PM

ok, so my question about who is following me was answered last night. apparently, in my past life, i was involved in wicka...oh yes, y' out! ;) well, i got too power hungry with my "gift" of being psychic and stuff, and had an opportunity with love and all that....but i got too deep into this psychic whatever/wicka stuff and got into some trouble, and bye-bye love and possibly my life. so that's why i am having love issues in this life, b/c i can't have balanace in my life when my old life is still trying to control me to be how she/i was. she called me out on having a lot of intuition, knowing when the phone will ring, just knowing certain things about ppl, and how it was stronger when i was younger b/c i was "new" and closer to my old life....which is totally true. so, old life has to be balanced out b/4 this life can be how it's supposed to be. i hope i explained that right......

she mentioned me trying over and over and over again at something in my life and how i keep on not getting anywhere with it. which is, yeah, true....about how it's not personal, but it is personal to me. talked about my sister's divorce, and my grandmother being sick.........talked about the boys in my life.....about how someone in either "california or florida" wants me to come see them....and WHOA the air force boy is in CALI ppl! said i love one guy, but he has too many issues in his life to be with me right now, and that i was JUST INTRODUCED to another who is liking me more than i like him, and i should move on b/c neither are good for me. which is, again, whoa.

$30 well spent. ;)

Kristin AGD 07-31-2003 05:18 PM

Wow. That is a lot of info for $30. :eek:

I might need to check that out. ;)

AlphaGamDiva 07-31-2003 05:20 PM

i highly recommend, but of course to get my life now in order, i have to pay $50 for a chart reading, and $50 for her to go into meditation for a past life regression....ah well.....knowing me, i'll save up and do it. :rolleyes:

chicagoagd 08-01-2003 12:52 AM

Most people from the Mainland brush off Hawaiian superstitions, but I have never been to a more haunted place than Hawaii. The Univ. of Hawaii has a lot of ghost stories, mostly of ghosts sitting on your chest, a couple of hanging ghosts (we think it's students who committed suicide), and the ghosts at Campus Center. I know of two occurrences, one mine and one a friend's.

I worked for Campus Center's catering and we were cleaning up one night after an event in the ballroom. There's always weird noises in there, but one night it scared me to death. Another coworker and I were on the other side of the ballroom from the door to the back (our exit) when the lights, all 6 switches , turned off. :eek: Those lights were on the wall by the door, but nowhere accessible for a quick prank. Then we heard what sounded like something dragging across the floor toward us. Adam and I took off running toward the door (which luckily had a window into the back kitchen. Luckily it was a small amount of stuff and needless to say we left it for the morning crew.

The second time, a couple of people were studying in one of the meeting rooms off the dining room at campus center. It was during finals week, Marriott let the catering crew study all night. This couple decided to get some sleep at 3am by putting the chairs together (they had padded vinyl covers) to make a makeshift bed. Around 4am they both woke up to noises coming from the dark room. The dining room chairs were lined up against the walls around the room, and someone/something was walking on the top of them circling the room. They listened for awhile, pretty much too scared to move, and then it stopped. I think Sean jumped up after a few minutes and turned the light on, but nothing was there.

I've been told that if you hear someone/something say your name, don't answer.

I had night terrors as a child, I heard things in my room, two red dots of light shone on my wall from no possible source, and shadows played against my wall that weren't quite...right. I slept with the light on.

winnieb 08-01-2003 01:43 AM

I also "feel" things around me--- I always have, since I was a little kid. No one in my family believed me, that was until a couple years ago.

When I was in high school my grandparents moved to the lake to retire. The house was brand new, so nothing weird there. Our family would go down for the weekends and I could never sleep. I would have to leave the lights on -- if I turned them off I would see a woman sitting at the end of my bed watching me. I would lay there paniced, too scared to move until she was gone. I would turn the lights on and go back to sleep.
Always in the next morning I would mention what happened the night before. I became a family joke. Finally my uncle said that he knew I was having nightmares because I would wake him every night-screaming in my sleep. I never remembered screaming--just the woman sitting there.
This went on for a few years. I would describe the lady--her clothes, her shoes, etc. I got to the point that I could feel this woman whenever the lights were off-- I physically couldn't walk into the room unless the light was on. One night I was able to sleep in the room, in the dark. I realized an old antique rocking chair was not in the room anymore-- but now I couldn't walk thru the family room in the dark. I said something about the chair not being in the room and the woman was not there that night. Finally my family stopping laughing and listened. I described the woman again. My grandma became a woman on a mission--- she dug all morning-- and finally brought out a picture of a woman. It was the woman I was seeing everynight.
It was my great, great grandmother. The rocking chair was hers.

Now my family listens to me, and never second guesses my "feelings"


AlphaGamDiva 08-01-2003 02:05 AM

thanks, guys, for lovely dreams tonite....whoa.... :eek:

the whole sitting on the chest thing....a personal fave of ex was all kinds of into folklore and whatever else....his old house was haunted. they called him "hoffa"....would wake up and all the cabinets would be open, the drawers would be open, shit like that. me and my old roomie, however, were both "touched"....she was layin on the floor in the living room asleep, and then woke up and was like, "grant! wuit touching my face!" and everyone just looked at her. weird. i went out to my car to get my purse and go home for a second...when i came back onto the porch, i felt an hand grab my arm and i FLIPPED the f%$k out! i ran into the house into my b/f's room and he just looked at me....i was like, "freakin hoffa TOUCHED ME on the porch!" he just looked at me still and was like, "who let you in the door?" and i was like, "it was unlocked, why?" he was like, "i so locked the door when you left....." yeah, i almost cried. like, hoffa was a cool ghost....never did anything bad other than molest me and my friend, but ya know. freaky. we could always hear him walking around in the attic and shit, and his 2 other roommates had both seen 20s gangster gear. he turned my dome light in my car one and the b/f had been talkin in his room, and when i looked out his window i noticed my inside light was on. never is that ever i made him go out and unlock my car and turn it off. freaky old house.....i miss it, but then again i don't.

aurora_borealis 08-10-2003 09:12 AM

I was assigned my new place and given keys on Friday. The building I am moving into is one of the oldest on campus, and is built in a Gothic sytle. It is brick and ivy covered, and has very beautiful windows with the original hardware. A portion of the building is TINY studio apartments, and the rest has offices including the alumni association, the aboretum, the school of home economics historical clothing and costumes, and printing services. There is no elevator and it is over 80 stairs from the entrance to my floor. I live on the third floor but there is a sub basement, and two other floors before you get to the floor labeled 1. Some of the studios had been offices, so there are office type doors with the frosted glass painted over as bedroom doors. Because they are still somewhat see through, at night we turn off the hallway lights and leave the alcove lights on so those of us with window doors can sleep. Over part of my floor, there is an attic. You can see the huge windows from the street, and students can use it for storage of their boxes, as well as the locker closets in the hallway. The attic is thankfully NOT above my room.

The summer sessions are just ending, and at this point there are no more than five women total living on my floor. One is far on the opposite end near the main staircase, there are two in the western wing on the other side of the west staircase, and one girl and me in the center section. There are very heavy loud doors that cut off our hallways from the staircases you have to pass through to enter into the hallways. Very squeaky and you can hear the first one open and close then the second one open and close when someone heads into my hallway. The bathrooms are set up that there are sinks and toilets in one room, and all the showers are in others. One bathroom is next to my room (one of the stalls has a small window IN IT :eek: ), and a shower room is across the hall. There is also another bathroom that looks out the front in the direction of Farm House. Our kitchen is directly across from the front bathroom that faces Farm House. Our computer lab is in the western wing as well.

I was in the hallway and heard water running/dripping, so I went in the bathroom and turned the sink off. Everything is old and the toilets and sinks are highly tempermental. I saw the girl at the far end of the hall on Friday, and she said she was going out of town. The other three women are in the western wing, two in the computer lab and one is watching tv in her room. I am still going in and out bringing my things up from the basement. It is still very hot and as there is no AC, so my bedroom door is open. I'm unpacking and organizing and a bottle of perfume leaked and I got it all over my hand. I am now reeking and head down the hall to wash my hands. I go to the bathroom and the SAME SINK is running just as before. None of the girls had gone by and even if they had that is the furthest bathroom from them.

I already felt that there are "presences" in that building. It is old and many, many people have lived in it and some likely left some sort of energy there. Needless to say I felt really freaked out being there alone and I left once I finished with that box. I didn't sleep there last night and hopefully once I have all of my things there it will be okay. The window in the door is scary as hell, and I have to cover it because if I see anything lurking outside looking in, I will lose it.

aurora_borealis 08-10-2003 10:54 AM

Sun has been up for an hour or so, decided to come back over here with my bedding and the computer. Walked by the bathroom on my way in, no problem. I just went to get some water, and it was running again. Before it was just the left side that was turned, this time it was the left and right. I pressed down on those handles with all my might to turn it off. My door is open and no one has gone by. I am calling housing Monday to tell them they have a leaky faucet and to please come fix it.

I am so happy church is in a couple of hours. And I PROMISE that I will have my mother send my digital camera, the shower room is 15 kinds of creepy.

erniegurl00 08-10-2003 04:38 PM

I've had a few experiences.

The first happened during my senior year of high school. Two of my friends and I were staying the night at my grandma's house. My grandma no longer lives there, so it was just us. I've always been creeped out by that place. It's probably about 120 years old now, and my dad once told me a story about how back "in the day" a man was hung on our property as punishment for stealing. Anyway, one of my friends had gone off somewhere to sleep leaving my other friend and I in the dark talking. Suddenly, we saw this weird light in the window. It was bright enough to shine light on us. I'd saw the diameter of the circle was about 8in or so. We all started screaming. No wonder because we were freaked out that someone was trying to break into the place. The house is way out in the country with no working phone! My other friend here the commotion and came in to see what was going on. She starting yelling at us for being noisy. We tried to tell her about the light, but she couldn't see it! Now that was freaky. We could still see the light for a few minutes. Even after my disbelieving friend went outside to check she still couldn't see the light.

Not too long after that I saw a ghost in my house, which is maybe 1/4 mile away from my grandma's. I was in my bathroom washing my face when I saw a women in white walking down the hallway towards the kitchen. At first I thought it was Mom because she usually wear a long, white nightgown. I went to the kitchen to see if she was there, and of course she wasn't. I then checked her bedroom, and she was there sound asleep. Well, I was telling my bf about this awhile ago, and he told me that he saw her too! While visiting he usually sleeps in our side room which is adjoined to the same hallway. He had awoken during the night and couldn't sleep. Suddenly, he saw a woman in white walking down the hallway and she stopped in the foyer in front of where he slept. She stood there for awhile staring at him. He thought it was Mom so he started calling out to her. She didn't answer. After awhile she just disappeared.

Now I'm freaked out about sleeping in my house. My parents built my house in the late 70's so no one died in the house. However, I did find out that our land was built on old Indian grounds. Plus, a house burned down not too far away from us. I wish I knew who she was!!

aurora_borealis 08-11-2003 07:11 AM

When I went to the info desk to turn in a work order I had a chat with the guy there. He is from Alaska and is pretty cool so I told him all about the sink. He has had to do rounds in this building and is complete agreement that it is creepy has hell when no one is here. He also emailed his boss about there being no exterior light at the entrance door. There is an old coal furnace outside an axe murder/mugger/rapist could jump out from, plus there are steps we could slip down. I scared the crap out of one of the Japanese exchange students on my way in tonight as he couldn't see me coming.

Went to the kitchen to put my popsicles in the freezer as the one in my place is crap. I heard the water running in the bathroom and just ignored it as my hands were full. When I came out it wasn't running anymore. UGH. Also my windows are the older style that can be locked open, and I have two. I came in and the left one was shut the right was open. My door was deadbolted and we don't even have staff on duty as all the RAs are on a retreat until tomorrow.

The Alaskan guy offered to put in a work order similar to this. "Resident complains that there are paranormal disturbances. Please have an exorcism performed." He also told me that someone hung themselves in the building next door. But that it could be a rumor. I need my digital camera to document creepiness.

kddani 08-13-2003 11:00 PM

Okay, I told this story in the AIM chat tonight and several people told me to post it here:

I was working late in the student union- it was well after midnight. (the union is an old hotel built in the 1800's). about a week before someone told me that the 9th floor was abandoned and haunted (that building has so many ghost stories).

There were very few people in the building because it closes around 11- only a couple people have permission to be in the buildling- like myself, who was working on a story for the Pitt news. THe only people usually there are in the lobby and on the 4th floor where the news office is.

I got in the elevator on the 4th floor a little after midnight to go home, the arrow said down, and i got in and pressed for the lobby. It started going up.

It went up to the 9th floor. which is abandoned and pitch black- only the engineers use it, and that's during the day. I'm by myself on the elevator.

The doors open, and i can't get them shut. i'm pressing the close door button, flipping out, trying to press a bunch of other buttons. the doors stay open and don't close for about 2 minutes..... then it goes back down to the 4th floor.

You can sure as hell bet that i got out and WALKED my ass down the stairs.

chicagoagd 08-13-2003 11:53 PM

:eek: that one gave me chills :shudders:

AchtungBaby80 08-25-2003 10:40 PM

Tonight my sister told me about her friends who live in a very old house with their little girl. One night not too long ago the little girl was playing when she suddenly said, "Do you see that skeleton that's bleeding over there? His name is Barrett and he's looking for his family." :eek: Her parents sort of thought maybe she could've picked it up from somewhere like a book or TV show, but I don't think are usually more attuned to "paranormal" things than adults.

bethany1982 08-26-2003 03:03 AM

I have a friend who lost her mother when she was young. She says she has felt her mother touch her several times and often feels her presence. Not a scary story, but I think it is interesting. At least it is when she tells it.

kddani 10-19-2004 05:12 PM

bumping for halloween fun!

AznSAE 10-19-2004 06:20 PM

i will not live in a place where someone died or was murdered in. i may consider it if it was a a close family member, but still, i dont want anyone watching me and playing tricks :eek:

Unregistered- 10-19-2004 08:25 PM


Originally posted by ariesrising
My grandma has a radio she plugins in to listen to, and it's got an on and off button on top.

It likes to turn itself on - and I have begun to notice it only happens when we're talking about my grandpa who passed away in 1999. It happened last week when she was telling a story about him, and today when she was recounting how they met it turned on again.

She's started picking up on it since she had a dream about him and woke up at like 3am to hear the radio on.....

My dad had the same kind of radio and neither my mom nor I have the heart to get rid of it. It turns itself on now and then, but it's nothing to be afraid of, I know it's my dad. :)

BetteDavisEyes 10-19-2004 10:13 PM

I've seen my boyfriends grandfather twice at his parents home. His grandfather passed away 18 years ago. To this day I won't stay alone at their place. I'm a big chicken.

norcalchick 10-20-2004 12:03 AM

I haven't seen any ghosts before. I went to the Winchester House in San Jose, CA which is supposed to be haunted, but didn't see anything. I really like old houses and buildings and the history they have. But then I get freaked out thinking about ghosts or people being killed in them.

My bf's parent's house is supposed to be haunted. Before they moved there 37 years ago, the previous family died. The father did a murder suicide on his 2 kids and wife. I found this out only a few weeks ago. My bf's brother in law and I were tlaking about scary movies and he told me that when he was first going out with my bf's sister, he stayed over at the parent's house in my bf's room. And he swears that he felt some presence in the room and was totally freaked out. When he told the family, they were like "Oh yeah, the guy who lived here before killed his family and himself." Nothing has ever happened besides this one time. I guess because the guy had a daughter, so he was being "protective". I haven't been there that many times, and haven't been there since I heard the story

ADqtPiMel 10-20-2004 12:38 AM

Not really ghostly, but along the same general lines.

I have two sisters, one is 17 and one is 13. We can all pick up on things that the others are thinking and feeling. I feel like we are all kind of emotionally "tuned in" to each other and we can tell when the others are experiencing strong feelings.

Some examples:

When the 13-year-old was younger, she stayed with my mom's friend while the 17-year-old and I were at school. One day at school, I sprained my ankle in gym class. Apparently my sister turned to her babysitter and matter-of-factly announced, "Mel hurt her leg and she wants you to come and get her." 2 minutes later, the school called to have her pick me up.

Last weekend, I got an image in my head of the 17-year-old's face covered in tears. I couldn't shake it, so I called her...her boyfriend had unexpectedly broken up with her.

We creep our parents out.


DeltAlum 10-20-2004 01:06 AM

Heading for Athens, Ohio this weekend. Reportedly one of the most haunted places in the country.

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