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finest_alum 03-28-2001 05:53 PM

What about deja vu? Anyone else get it? I'd say about once a week. It's weird...

And I swear my apt, (built in 1904), is haunted. I'll be looking for something, it's not where I put it, I look all over the house, and then I look back in the original place and it's there. I'm not THAT blonde, I swear!!! It happens ALL the time - including this morning.
Plus there were these pictures from a trip, I put them on my coffee table, then they were gone. Not in the garbage, no where in the house, just gone. No one had been in the apt. but me and my cat. And i'm pretty sure the cat didn't eat them!

lilmama_26 03-28-2001 10:27 PM


Originally posted by ISU_XO:
OTW- great topic! Such scary stories. It is really interesting that it happens to troubled teenage girls. My sister had a really hard and troubled teen life.

I had to stay at home for awhile and she had taken my old room so I had to stay in hers. During that week I had the feeling that someone was on top of me. I know I was awake but I was too afraid to open my eyes. I could not move or scream. It would last for about 5 or 10 minutes until I forced myself to open my eyes. It was exactly like that "choking" effect. The only other person I have ever told was my sister because I thought people would think I was nuts if I told them. There was def. a presence in that room!

You should check out the AKA forum under "Silly Superstitions" (I think the last post was on 3/19/01). I and a few others have experienced this "feeling". In the South and the Caribbean it's referred to the 'devil or witch riding your back'. It's very interesting. I think the superstition says that you have to put salt on your doorstep to keep the witch away or something like that. Anyway, you should check out this thread.


ISU_XO 03-29-2001 04:08 PM


In just reading your post- I got a sick feeling in my stomach and a knot in my throat! Not because of you - I totally appreciate your info and insight but because I always thought it was like the devil. I just thought it was something evil. I am going to check out that forum right now. Thanks for letting me know about it!! Take care - Sue

Just came back from the AKA site and read this....
"I've heard of "the devil riding your back" alot. Some people have some real horror stories about that one. Some people feel like they're being suffocated(sp)!"


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KnowledgeEternal 03-29-2001 05:00 PM

That happened to me when I was about 10 years old. I was laying down in my bed watching TV and then I felt someone touch my shoulder. As soon as I felt it my eyes closed and I couldn't move. I was laying there trying to open my eyes or say something but I couldn't. I remember trying to yell for my parents but only hearing my breath rushing out my mouth. After a couple of minutes it stopped and my mother ran in because I was still yelling. I was really young and extremely scared. I stayed in my parents room that night but I couldn't sleep because I saw a weird light in my room. It was probably a street light, but when you are that scared it doesn't matter.

Hey Billy Optimist, The same thing happened to me. When I was working at a summer camp I "heard" another one of the counselors "say" that her leg was hurting. When I asked her what happened to it, she looked at me like I was crazy and limped away. Maybe it was just a coincedence.

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Billy Optimist 03-29-2001 05:37 PM

hey knowledge! One class I took said that there were/are doctors trying to research that! Its called telepathy. A few of the subjects were able to comunicate in a lab situation, but not word for word. The same stuff, just a worded a little differently. I think it's neat. I wouldn't want anyone reading my thoughts unless I could read theirs back.

Lil_G 04-01-2001 03:32 PM

Wow, i didn't think this kind of paranormal activity was so common. I only have one story that happened last semester.

It occurred in the house of my sister's boyfreind. His dad has an american partner in their company that bought this house for whenever he comes up to Brockville (my hometown, located in Eastern Ontario). This house is absolutely beautiful, 13 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, an Old victorian house on waterfront property. Some rooms are in need of renovation because no one has lived there in awhile, but other than that it's still amazing.

Well, since the owner rarely (if ever) stays there, the house is only used by my sister's boyfreind and he only furnished the bedroom he lives in. I've heard so many times from him and my sister that this place was haunted and how none of his freinds would sleep there by themselves. I never really believed him until one night; I was playing poker with a group of his freinds in his bedroom/appartment and had decided to just crash in the empty bedroom beside his.

So it's about 1 a.m., I couldn't sleep because there's no heat and it's the middle of december. When suddenly I hear this weird noise from the hallway like someone dropped a wooden object on the floor. It kind of startled me a bit, but I didn't think too much of it because not long after I heard a lot of commotion in the bedroom where my sister and her boyfreind were sleeping. I geuss he forgot he had moved a couple tables around for the poker games and stubbed his toe while walking around in the dark...
So after that it was quiet for a good hour or so when this loud knock banged on my door! I jumped up, frozen, and said out loud what the hell was that?...I can't remember how long I remained motionless, staring with anticipation at this door in this big empty room.
The next morning I told them about it, nonchalantly john confessed that the last tenant (an old woman) died in his bedroom. He said he hear's all kinds of noises, one night he even heard a music box playing in his bedroom.

I geuss some ppl aren't as affected by it as others, but one things for sure, I am not sleeping in that house again.

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dzsaigirl 12-01-2001 08:08 PM

One time I was talking to my mom in my parents room while she was falling asleep and I fell asleep on the bed. I woke up because I heard someone talk into my ear...nobody was there. That happened again at my fiance's new apartment when I was helping him move the middle of the night I was awakened by a voice. I also had a dream that a plane was crashing into a neighborhood the night before the crash that happened in Queens a few weeks ago.

justamom 12-01-2001 08:45 PM

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is another, hidden side to our world. Sometimes, they collide. I have had countless experiences in my life, the first one when I was about five or so. The last was perhaps a month ago. My son had this ability too and we were connected. When he was around 7-a common age to see this diminish-our connection was gratly diminished. We still have moments now and then.

This is an area where I am well versed because of my early experiences. I can't tell you the number of books I have read on this subject. Not everyone is open to these experiences and there will always be doubters.

Now, I have a question to add. Has anyone else had an OBE?
This is an out of body experience. When I was a teen, I got hold of directions on how to do it. I tried, it worked, I was frightened and jerked back. However, since then, I have had frequent experiences. To give you an example, it's like floating outside yourself and being able to look down and see YOU! Once you gain control of the feeling of shock, you can direct yourself and go flying. Crazy? Maybe, but there are a lot of books out there that validate this experience.

dzsaigirl 12-02-2001 12:02 AM

Oh yeah, I just remembered! Since this summer I have periodically felt someone pulling my hair. Like pulling little pieces of it the way people do with your ponytail just to tick you off you know? The first time it happened I said to my fiance "Stop pulling my hair, it's not funny" and he looked very confused. Then it kept happening when nobody was around. Last night I was at an orchestra concert and I felt like someone bumped into the back of my head, and when I turned around, the seat behind me was empty and there was nobody walking through the aisle or anything. Very creepy.

DukeBlue 12-02-2001 02:47 AM

Note to self: don't read about ghosts/hauntings when alone in the middle of the night anymore.


Unregistered- 12-02-2001 06:45 AM


Originally posted by brooklineu
OTW, I just realized you never told us all about the Harding Ave incident....share, it sounds so freaky!
Oh wow..I can't believe I never told y'all about it.

Anyways, in Japanese folklore there's something they call "inugami". Literally translated, it means "dog spirit".

In the 1940s a Japanese family lived in the house on Harding Ave. This family apparently had a dirty past that included a curse that was put on them many years ago by a rival family. An inugami was supposed to terrorize that family and their descendants.

I'm not really sure how the inugami surfaced all of a sudden, but it did. One of the family members became possesed by the inugami and became violent against everyone in that house. One of the relatives was even "raped" by this spirit. I don't know how. The inugami's a very powerful force that even psychics and mediums don't want to bother!

One night the parents came home to find the 3 children murdered. The police were called to investigate, but when they came, they found themselves powerless as the inugami took over and started throwing them into the walls of the house. Some of the cops made it out okay, but some didn't. When things quieted down they found the bodies of the cops in the living room, mutilated. Blood covered the entire house.

I don't know how they could let that house still stand, but as the years went by many families occupied that house. I don't know who in their right mind would even want to LIVE there, after knowing what went on, but as far as I know nothing that gruesome has ever happened again.

Still, people know what had gone on in that house and every Halloween it's the target of many curious people who want to go visit that house. The poor family who lives there now usually has cops securing the area so that they're left alone.

So that's the Harding Ave. story...according to the ghost tour that I recently went on, many houses along that street have disturbances going on. :eek:

carnation 12-02-2001 08:34 AM

OTW! What other sites were on the ghost tour:eek:

SilverTurtle 12-02-2001 12:05 PM

random happenings
I have never personally had any "odd" experiences. But I've known several people who have.

One of my friend's older brothers used to talk to the top of the refrigerator (he was probably 6-9 years old). And when the family would ask who he was talking to, he would say "The old lady on top of the fridge", like everyone knew she was there. No one else ever saw her tho.

That same family- the younger sister was packing to move (I think), and this talking doll kept talking. So they took the batteries out. But it just kept talking, and they (sisters and mom) couldn't get it to stop. I don't remember what they finally did, but dolls always freak me out anyway so that story always gives me the chills.

Not far from where I grew up (Northeast Ohio) is an area known as Rogue's Hollow. There are dozens of ghost stories that circulate. I've never had anything happen, but I have some friends that swear by their stories. Anyways, one of my friends in high school grew up in that area. She had been fairly close to her grandma, but the grandma had passed away before I met her (my friend). This friend says that anytime she's in her car for trips her grandma always appears in the passenger seat, and buckles up! Except one time she was traveling with another friend in the front seat. Her friend had fallen asleep, and her grandmother showed up in the back seat, buckling up again. When she tried to wake her friend up, grandma disappeared.

Ok, last story: My brother was killed in a car crash several years ago. Well, he was married at the time & his wife was staying with my family until she got the lease cancelled at their apartment. (Cuz it was too expensive by herself). So, she was in our basement doing laundry & my brother appeared, and told her not to worry because everything was going to be okay, and then he left. She's not the type of person to get all into ghost stories and stuff, either.

justamom- that's interesting you said that about your son. My mom & brother always seemed to have some weird conenction, too. I could never really put my finger on it, I just knew it was different than my connection with either of them.

And my mom has had some really scary stuff happen, most of it she won't even tell me about.

Unregistered- 12-02-2001 05:00 PM


Originally posted by carnation
OTW! What other sites were on the ghost tour:eek:
Carnation, I don't know if you've ever heard of Glen Grant, but he's an American Studies prof at UH who's a renowned ghost buff and he takes about 25 people on a ghost tour every Saturday. Getting reservations is a bish and a half!

The tour starts off at the Times Supermarket parking lot in Kahala, the one right next to Kahala Mall. Back in the day that area was a huge cemetary. Then the old Waialae Drive In was built and that's when strange stuff started happening. Now Kahala Mall's on that land, and people say that they've seen a faceless woman in one of the bathrooms. I've never seen her, but then again I'm too afraid to go to the bathroom by myself.

The Harding Ave. house as well as a few places in the Diamond Head area were on tour. We also went to the Chinese Cemetery on Kapiolani and the one in Nuuanu where there have been instances of "fireballs" flying around.

One of the stops on the tour was the Mokihana Dorm at UH. The room is on the 9th floor where a student hung himself back in the 1970s. He haunted the room for 20 years and choked its occupants until he was released in 1995. He promised to come back and visit, though.

Carnation, if you're ever back here again I'd suggest that you go on that tour!

carnation 12-02-2001 05:08 PM

I might as long as I thought I wouldn't see anything!:eek:

I used to go to swap meets at the old drive-in and then sit on the rock wall around the cemetery and wait for the bus. I recall that the graveyard was full of plumeria and that some headstones had photos on them...I'd never seen that before.

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