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carnation 08-23-2020 07:11 PM

True story that just happened in the last hour. I am still in mild shock.

Back in the day, we had a sorority sister with a serious and sudden medical condition and her parents took her home. A couple of years after I graduated, another sister and I were in a restaurant bathroom in Atlanta and she was there! Looked great! She said, 'Y'all, I recovered, I'm in great health!" and we were so happy.

Today I was messaging yet another sister and mentioned the formerly sick one and she said, "I heard she died right after her parents took her home."


Had we seen a ghost in the bathroom? I texted the sister who had been with me in the bathroom and told her. (She has seen some weird stuff through the years and lived in a house with scary happenings, so I knew she wouldn't laugh at me.) She replied, "No, she didn't die! She started working in my building downtown a few years after we saw her!"

Whew. Heart, you can quit pounding now.

SWTXBelle 08-24-2020 01:53 PM

Many of you know we lost my niece Kitty to drowning the day after her fifth birthday.

That fall, I was acting at the Texas Renaissance Festival. One day, I looked down, and my Gamma Phi ring was missing. I was frantic. I retraced my steps, searched in and around my car, and went as far as looking under leaves on the path.

Two friends saw me, and asked what I was doing. When I told them, one of them said, "Could it be Kitty?"

Now for a little background. When she was around 3, my rings went missing. I was in the habit of slipping my 3 rings on my watch band, closing the band, and putting them in my purse. One day they were not in my purse, and nowhere to be found. Months later, my youngest son's school called, and said they had found a watch and some rings in his backpack. It turned out Kitty had taken them out of my purse, and put them into his open backpack.

Back to the story at hand. "Kitty," I said, "If you are playing, please give me back my ring." I went backstage and there, lying next to my car, was my ring. I had searched that area thoroughly.

I firmly believe Kitty was having fun with me at a place we had taken her and which she had loved.

carnation 08-24-2020 01:56 PM

:(:(---and also :) because she got to have fun with you!

Sister Havana 08-24-2020 06:16 PM

I think this story fits here. It's sort of along the same lines as SWTXBelle's story.

My dad died in December 2017. A couple months after that, I was in his study looking for the title to his car, so I could transfer it into my name. I looked in all the places I thought he might have put it (his desk, his small strongbox, his file cabinet, etc.), but I couldn’t find it. I said, “Okay, Dad, where did you put the car title?” About 30 seconds later, my attention was drawn to a box on the couch that I hadn’t really noticed before. (He had several boxes of stuff on his couch...this was one of those. Nothing special or unusual about it to really make me take notice before then.) I went over to the box and opened it. Inside were a bunch of manila folders. One of the folders was labeled with the make and model of the car. The first thing in that folder was the title. I said, “Thanks, Dad.” It still makes me very emotional when I think about it.

Cheerio 08-24-2020 09:41 PM

Paranormal Sidenote? There are still 2 posts on page 14 of this thread that I can't read, but I know FSUZeta and I posted them within past three days. I also for some reason can't scroll to the bottom of page fourteen of this thread.

carnation 08-24-2020 09:46 PM

I can see FSUZeta's post from yesterday at about 10 and yours about 4 hours later. Is that what you're talking about? I don't see any others by her.

Cheerio 08-24-2020 09:49 PM

Yes, thank you. I'll have to check for those posts on a different computer at another time.

homeward*bound 08-24-2020 11:21 PM

One of my oldest friends passed away about 20 years ago after a valiant battle with breast cancer. Every year since then, a group of us ran or walked a charity 5K she enjoyed in Deidre's memory. We always had silly t-shirts made to wear during the race to celebrate her life. It was always a fun event followed by a celebration brunch and champagne.

One day, about 10 years or so after Deidre had passed away, one of our mutual friends and I were sitting on her bed and chatting. My friend's two year old toddled into the room and went directly to her mother's closet. She pulled out a garment and placed it on the bed between us. You guessed it -- out of hundreds of garments in the closet, she chose the t-shirt from our most recent Deidre run. Her daughter left the room right afterwards. My friend and I just sat there looking stunned. It was just like Deidre to make herself known like that.

ChioLu 09-06-2020 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by ChioLu (Post 2478616)
When I lived in Atlanta, I spent about six months competitive sailing. We would practice at Lake Lanier (NE of Atlanta). So glad I didn’t know Lake Lanier is haunted when I was sailing or I would never have done that. You know when Lake Lanier is trending on Twitter that someone has died or they’ve found the bodies of people who have been missing.

Lake Lanier is trending on Twitter ...
There is going to be a Trump boat parade on Lake Lanier today ��
Do these people not know that this man-made lake was built over a mostly African American town whose residents were run out of that city, and some homes were burned so people would leave? I hope it doesn’t go the same way as Lake Travis Trump boat parade yesterday with four boats sinking. The Lake Lanier waters are angry.

(Apologies for quoting myself. It’s for historical reference.)

carnation 10-12-2020 08:55 PM

I thought I would share what happened today at my daughter's house for those of you who aren't Facebook friends.

Here is why my daughter wants to move out of her house in .5 seconds.

👻👻Her 4 year old kept staring up at the ceiling and asked, "Mom, what happened to that girl?"👻👻

carnation 01-21-2022 08:43 AM

Bumping because I want to. No, it's not October! I don't care! Has anyone got any new stories?

FSUZeta 01-21-2022 09:17 AM

My daughter had put her two little girls down for the night. When she walked past their bedroom, she heard the older one talking. She poked her head in the door and asked Lily who she was talking to. Lily replied that she was talking to a lady that had died. My daughter asked her what the lady's name was and Lily said, "Memaw. She sometimes comes to talk to me in the night. She is nice." My mother's grandmother name was Memaw. She died two months before Lily(her first great grandchild) was born. She was so excited and wanted to meet that little girl so badly. I like to think that she was able to "pierce the veil", and it makes me happy.

OldFLDDD 03-02-2022 09:45 AM

Haunted Apartment
My daughter is a graduating senior at UofSC. She's always been "sensitive" as far as seeing and hearing things, back to when she was little, but in the last few years is even more so. She is in a new apartment building that was completed in 2018, so it's been very odd that she's felt so many "presences" and had things happen there. She's felt some angsty spirits and has had things jump off of shelves and things turn on by themselves from time to time, but nothing too crazy. When I am there (I am also sensitive but not as much as she is), there is an overall dark/negative energy in that building that I can't describe. We could never figure out WHY such darkness would be in a new building. UNTIL, she found out through a friend who dates a guy who works for the city that there is some history to it--apparently, when they were excavating the property prior to building, they came across bones and had to stop site preparation while they did their due diligence. It turns out, from what he heard, that some bodies were disposed of in that location that came from some kind of asylum or something. We can't get any other information on it. So perhaps that explains some things. In any case, she is more than ready to be out of there! She's tried acknowledging to the entity that she knows what happened and she's sorry, but it continues to show up. She does feel it has a little bit of a sense of humor as it appeared to her a couple of days ago while she was studying and distracted her so she told it to go bother the noisy neighbors upstairs, and up it went through the ceiling!

Also, in another building where she works on campus, she had just finished a class session one evening and was alone in a bathroom. Someone or something started banging loudly on a bathroom stall and then stopped. She quickly left! There are a lot of stories of ghosts and hauntings around campus since it's so old. These things don't scare her nearly as much as they would me!!!

carnation 03-02-2022 12:19 PM

My daughter, who works at UGa, was sitting in a stall in a bathroom she knew was otherwise empty. Suddenly, a roll of toilet paper came flying over the wall and bonked her on the head.

carnation 08-27-2022 08:25 AM

OK, another story. This week, the bell rang and I told the incoming class to wait in the hall while I ran down to get something from another teacher. I was gone less than a minute. As I got within a few feet of my room, the lights went out and the door, which had been open a couple of feet, slammed shut in their faces.

Naturally, this scared the ones in the front and I leapt in to see if someone had sneaked in and was messing with us. Nope.

Not ready for spooky season.

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