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honeychile 09-08-2021 09:07 PM

PNM Recruitment Videos
In the hopes of helping PNMs create good recruitment videos for themselves, I just checked out a few. These are suggestions from a quick google search, and I'm hoping that others will share suggestions and/or examples - NOT necessarily endorsements!


Alabama Panhellenic Association - PNM Video Instructions

The University of Iowa Panhellenic Association - PNM Introduction Video

Example PNM Video

carnation 09-08-2021 09:10 PM

Fabulous idea!

APhi2KD 09-08-2021 09:11 PM
I’ve watched this- she raises excellent points.

Cookiez17 09-08-2021 09:18 PM

Bump on this! Also remember to check your individual panhel's rules on videos such as length and production!

Also look up videos on Youtube, as many PNM's will upload to there since it's the easiest to find. Watch a few examples to get a feel of what your direction should be.

FSUZeta 09-08-2021 09:20 PM

There is a lady named Kim Zook Barnes who hosts a virtual recruitment workshop for a fee. I hear from PNMs and moms who have used her services that they feel it is well worth it

Aphi2KD beat me to it.

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