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OrigamiTulip 04-06-2004 10:13 PM

Welcome to Greekchat and the Beta Sigma Phi forum
Welcome to Greekchat and the Beta Sigma Phi forum.

Please consider the following to be a public service message from your friendly moderator...

Since this is a public forum you are reminded that you should not disclose secrets and ritual information pertaining to our sorority. If you do so, you can expect your information to be removed. GreekChat is not the place to inquire about -- or provide -- this information, and there are plenty of imposters on this site who would love to get their hands on GLO secrets. REMEMBER: Just because someone claims to be a Beta Sigma Phi sister on Greekchat does not mean that she is. Because of this, the Internet is no place to discuss anything about Beta Sigma Phi rituals -- not in an e-mail, not in a public post on GC, and not in a Private Message sent between GCers.

The moderator of this forum will not tolerate bashing, name-calling, profanity, obscenity, words of a pornographic nature, harrassment, nor any other form of inappropriate behavior toward other posters in this forum--whether they are sisters, new members, or guests.

The moderator of this forum reserves the right to edit or delete posts that are not in accordance with the guidelines set forth above. Additionally, the moderator reserves the right to do the following without warning:

(1) edit or delete posts as a result of other posters' complaints, and

(2) edit these and any other announcements as she sees fit.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM the moderator or check out the Beta Sigma Phi International homepage at

Thank you!

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