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lindsayeliza 08-01-2019 11:39 AM

Sorority recruitment at Indiana University vs University of Wisconsin??
Hi! My name is Lindsay and Iím interested in going to either the University of Wisconsin Madison or Indiana University and I wanna find out more about how each schoolís sorority recruitment competitiveness. Iíve heard that at Indiana roughly 50% of girls donít get bids which is really scary and I just wanted to hear anything about how the schools compare. I know UW doesnít have as big of a greek life community but is rush still really competitive? Especially since Iím from Connecticut and not in state (Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana)!!


carnation 08-01-2019 11:43 AM

I thought you said you were going to IU in the fall.

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Hi everyone!
My name is Lindsay Elizabeth! Iím from the New York area and Iím going to Indiana University in the fall! One of my best friends is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison so I will be asking questions about the greek life at both schools! )

GreekOne 08-01-2019 06:12 PM

There are several very comprehensive threads about IUs recruitment on this page. Do an advanced search by "Indiana" and you will find lots of helpful information including stats on the # of pnms that were dropped or quit after each round.

Please remember that these are not the same thing. If 400 women choose to drop because their favorite chapters don't invite them back, this is far different than women who don't get invited back anywhere. The latter happens very rarely. More often than not the drop in numbers comes when pnms see heavy cuts from the chapters considered "top" and they think, mistakenly, that they can only be happy in the chapters that are most popular with the fraternities. Do not fall victim to this mindset.

As for OOS students, there are homes for them as well. Some chapters are comprised of women from the same town or HS but OOS women get bids to great houses as well. My OOS D pledged at IU in Jan 2018 and she is extremely happy.

Best of luck!

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