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mckennamoreno 06-19-2019 11:40 AM

New to Sorority Recruitment
Hi, my name is McKenna Moreno and I plan on rushing at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville this fall (2019). My mom went to a college where the fraternities and sororities were not nationally affiliated so I'm struggling to find rec letters. I was told I am going to need them for every sorority at UARK because it's an SEC school. I'm very open minded about rush and have no preconceived ideas of which sorority I would be interested in. I just plan on letting the system work. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I go about finding people to do recommendation letters for me or if anyone is interested could you private message me, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm looking forward to reading the posts and learning more about Greek Life. I live in the greater St. Louis, MO area. Thanks.

carnation 06-19-2019 12:03 PM

There are a bunch of ideas for that in the recruitment forum. WPS!

AZTheta 06-19-2019 12:08 PM

And check reddit - the sororities subreddit has a thread about recs.

GOOD LUCK and I hope you find a great home!

Theta1234 06-19-2019 12:17 PM

Have you checked with the St Louis Panhellenic association? Their website is There is a link where you can request recommendations. Our local Panhellenic provides all their girls with a list from each group that includes active alumnae. If St. Louis does this, you may find some people on that list that you already know. A rec from someone who knows you, or your family, is always the best. However, the services provided through the Panhellenic group will really help you.

Best wishes for a great recruitment! Please feel free to pop in with any questions. This is a great bunch of people who love to help.

FSUZeta 06-19-2019 12:51 PM

It is good that you have an open mind. All sororities offer great experiences and opportunities to the members. That being said, you should try to get recs for each chapter at Arkansas.

Have you asked older HS friends who joined sororities at their schools? Even if you did not hang out with those girls, but you knew each other and/or were in HS clubs and activities together, it would be worth the effort to contact them. If they can't write a rec for you, they might know an alum who might. Have you asked former teachers;the parents of your friends; friends and coworkers of your parents ;ladies at church; neighbors; relatives? I have known girls who had success with finding recs by posting on FB that they are going to rush and would appreciate help with recs. Often their moms did the same on their own pages. Recs do not have to be from an alumna of the chapter at your school, just a member of that sorority.

And do please check out the recruitment forum in general(where there is a plethora of generic info you will find helpful) and the recruitment stories forum in particular. As carnation said, there are some good rush threads from Arkansas. We are here to help!

Titchou 06-19-2019 05:41 PM

Contact: mothers of your friends, your parents' friends, coaches, teachers, SS teachers,employers, camp counselors, etc., etc.,etc. Anyone who might have gone to college anywhere and anyone who is related to someone who went to college. When you find one, ask if she knows anyone in the other groups at UA. Greek women know other Greek women.

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