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Dkk5685 02-22-2006 04:59 PM

I hope this hasn't been covered before, but if it has, sorry in advance....

My sorority has rather strict policies on alcohol, however, a friend of mine (different sorority and different university) are so leinent that they almost promote drinking. So I have a few questions:
1) Is there a general national stance on alcohol and where, when, and how its allowed?

Then, I'm sure you all know what "2-ways" are (but I've never seen them mentioned before on here). So we have to have 2 parts to a 2 way, one dry and the other is wet.
2) What makes the wet event not a sorority sponsored event??

I've always been told "2 or more xyz's" makes it an xyz event and then all the rules and whatnot apply, but I had read postings about certain sororities that have been on probation for having alcohol at their events, so what's the difference then??

I am a new member and am a few weeks away from full initiation, and we're picking our bigs this week and our "new member mom" has you know given us guidlines about it, and that includes that you don't talk to anyone about who you're picking and whatnot, but she's emphsized greatly a phenomen known as "lil hunting", and we're to tell her if that happens. Well, she herself is lil hunting (well, really like grand lil hunting).
3) Who do I go to about this? Do I say anything about it to anyone?

Our NMmom is basically in the popular clique in our sorority (which I was surprised there are cliques in sororities becuase it seems to undermine the principals of sisterhood but I'm obviously naive) and she's picking out the "new popular" girls she wants to continue her family.
I don't want to be nark in the first place, plus, she's gonna find out it was me that talked to someone, and I'd rather not make enemies with half my sorority in my first month of joining- plus I think they can still get rid of me (ie. not initiate me) because we don't get initiated for almost a month.

Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

kchaptergphib 03-08-2006 12:50 AM

wow. questions that required long answers. i pmed ya.
good luck with everything, including initiation!

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