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lifesaver 10-20-2000 01:29 PM

I'd never heard of the site, I visited it and it has some funny stuff. I have told my story over and over numerous times since initiation, and that was several years ago, so maybe a brother put it up there for me or something. Can you post a link to the exact story, or remember the title of the story? I surfed around the greek section, but couldn't find anything. Please advise.

PS I am glad everyone enjoyed the story. I felt like such an ass when it happened. The other part I forgot to mention is that 1 year later, the other big SOB, Kenneth, married my sister. Six years later they are expecting their first child! I am excited. So one of my brothers became my brother-in-law. Wild huh? I never would have thought that the guy who I thought wanted to kick my ass would be family!

Chiocutie 06-18-2001 02:16 AM

Okay, I have a silly- "otherside (Rusher)" sorta story...I was in the middle of a Rush Party with this girl and we were talking about something and while I was talking to her I noticed on her face- I really did...or at least I thought I did...that there was the letters "Chi" "Omega" on her face. I know it sounds weird, not to be mean but her skin was blotchy around her cheeks and it to me the blotchiness looked like the shape of XO. Well to make matters worse I gasped really loud when I noticed it and she was like "Whats wrong?" She saw that I was looking directly at her face. I just blurted out what I thought I saw..."I said You have a Chi Omega on your face." She was like "what?" I tried to get myself out of that one but it was really hard. Luckily, that party ended soon and we cut her that night I think- I wouldn't blame her if she would have cut us. But that is one of my silly doings. Oopsy

SSS1365 06-18-2001 09:13 AM

During a pref party (they're called Inspirationals here, as a lot of things are done differently) I had to go up and drop a pearl into a bowl of water. I did that with no problem, but when I turned to go back to my place in the circle, I ran right into one of the sisters! Apparently they liked me anyway, because I am now a member!

PenguinTrax 06-18-2001 10:54 AM

Are you the poster formerly known as DaisyMargarita??


Originally posted by SSS1365:
During a pref party (they're called Inspirationals here, as a lot of things are done differently) I had to go up and drop a pearl into a bowl of water. I did that with no problem, but when I turned to go back to my place in the circle, I ran right into one of the sisters! Apparently they liked me anyway, because I am now a member!

LeslieAGD 06-18-2001 11:14 AM

My story isn't from Rush, it's from Bid Day but I figure that's close enough. Last year on Bid Day, we had already welcomed all the new members and we were about to welcome back the Rho Chis. Basically they go up to a microphone and say "hi, my name is...and I'm proud to be coming home to XYZ sorority" and then a bunch of sisters run over and hug her (tackle her to the ground). Well one of the sisters that I was closest to at the time was a Rho Chi so when she said her little intro, I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug! In the process, my bra snapped! When we joined our sisters, I tried to fix it because it was a front-closure bra and I figured it had just come undo...nope, it was totally broken!!! Luckily I lived nearby and could run and change before the BBQ. My sisters still tease me about that!

SSS1365 06-18-2001 03:47 PM


Originally posted by PnguinTrax:
Are you the poster formerly known as DaisyMargarita??

Oh yeah, that was me I hadn't been on here in so long that I had forgotten my user name, so I had to make up a new one.

GPhiSweetiePie 06-30-2002 11:33 AM

This wasn't really funny at the time, but we laugh about it now...

My older sister went to the same college that I attend now, and on her first day of rush, she was all excited and everything, but she didn't have time to eat breakfast, which as you probably know, can make you a little dizzy. Anyway, she got into the shower and really started feeling bad, and then--BOOM! She passed out and cracked her head on the shower tile. Ouch. A few minutes later, a very nice girl in her dorm found her, got her into her bathrobe and took her to her room, got her dressed, and called 911. She went to the hospital and had to spend the rest of the day there, missing the whole first round of rush (read: the first day on our campus, you visit every single house ). Luckily, Panhel was pretty accomodating, and she got to pick up with rush the second day. And even luckier, she ended up at the perfect house for her. Whew!

AOIIalum 06-30-2002 09:29 PM

My most embarrassing recruitment (back then it was still rush though!) story was the year I was Panhellenic Rush Chair.

Every year, there's a big tent/canopy thing out in front of the greek row which was used for Rush/Recruitment Headquarters. It was overcast or getting darker outside and I was rushing across the yard to do something. Somehow, I managed to trip and rip my left leg on one of the metal tent stakes sticking out of the ground. From the spot I was in it was quickest to carry me into the side entrance for *my own chapter* to assess the injury and deal with it. I'm in a panic--forget about the nasty injury going on (the scar was about 8 inches long down my leg and it was not pleasant.) I'm panicking about being carried in to AOII by a couple of fraternity guys during Formal Rush! Then again, for once in my life I was thankful for all of the fraternity men who liked to sit on their porches and watch the week unfold :-)

So, I'm in the bathroom with various RCs, the Greek Advisor, who knows who else from U of L, and at least one of the AOII moms (who was trying to convince me to allow my parents to be called and/or go to the ER, both of which I stubbornly refused). Everyone's trying to stay quiet so not to upset anyone or alert my sisters that I'd been injured. I'm crying like a baby, my leg is a bloody mess and everyone is scurrying for suitable first aid supplies for such an injury. Of course, by the end of the night of course my entire chapter knew, as well as the other 5 sororities, all of the PNMs and most of the fraternities as well. Luckily, I healed pretty well and you can hardly see the scar 15 years later.


mmcat 06-30-2002 10:11 PM

bless your heart
that sounds like something i would do...
i'm glad all is well

ShaedyKD 07-01-2002 12:13 AM

During KD's pref party, the PNMs sit down for a long period of time, and then have to get up to leave. Well, I had been sitting in the same place, with my legs crossed, for about 1/2 hour. When it was my turn to get up, my legs were asleep and I almost fell! Needless to say, I guess the sisters laughed my klutz-iness off, and the same thing happened to one of my (future) sisters this year during prefs!

ZTAMichelle 07-05-2002 11:42 PM

I'm not engaged!!
This past Spring during Pref I was really nervous. We had a Traveling Leadership Consultant at our chapter for Recruitment weekend and if that wasn't enough stress, being Pres. I have the longest part of the Pref. ceremony to memorize. I have a candle in my hand, as every speaker does when she starts talking, and I start ,pause, take a deep breath and BLOW OUT THE CANDLE. Someone giggled and to break the tension says "Hehe are you engaged Michelle?" trying to be cool I just start over from where I was. That evening at our Bid-Party a NM asked if I was really engaged. Sadly, NO. But it was pretty funny and I think helped all of us sisters and PNMs who were so nervous and excited that day. All but one of the girls were in our NM class.

Betarulz! 07-06-2002 12:47 AM

My embarassing story is one that is still brought up my dad whenever he gets the chance.

Last year I had finally made my decision, and I went up to Nebraska for the weekend. There was a family reunion, and I was going to one final rush party with Beta, where I was fairly confidant I was going to get a bid card. My nervousness was allayed before we even left Beta when one of the brothers asked me if I was a signee or a rushee of the Rush chairs was there and said "he's not a rushee for much longer!".

Everything's great, since now I know that I'm going to get my bid card. So we get to this lake where the party was, and I decide to go tubing. Without even thinking I hop on...with my car keys in my pocket :eek:. Had a great time tubing...I even remember thinking that my keys were hurting me while I was riding, and when I got my bid card and was ready to head to my family reunion I realize that I don't have my keys...

Luckily, my parents were in Omaha for the reunion, and were kind enough to drive the near 60 miles to this lake outside of Lincoln to open my car for me. And it allowed them to sign the bid card so that it was all official, but I felt like the biggest idiot b/c the houses reputation for intelligence was one of the reasons I wanted to join so badly. Plus I had to explain to 60+ relatives why I was late, and why my parents had to leave the party for such a long time.

maggieaxid 07-08-2002 09:19 AM

i went to a second round party and they were serving cokes in old fashion glass coke bottles. well, i guess the bottles they were serving to that particular group of girls got shaken up bc when the pnm's opened them they went all over us and drenched us head to toe! i was so embarassed! luckily, after the party someone from the greek life office took some of us back to our dorm on the way to change our sticky clothes. all the other houses we went to were like "were you one of the girls that got soda that exploded all over you at the XYZ house?" it was a great conversation starter!

carnation 09-07-2003 04:56 PM


polarpi 09-07-2003 06:31 PM

Right now I can't think of an embarrassing moment I had through recruitment, but I know that the semester I studied abroad, the night of pref we had a PNM sitting there and our chapter advisor was there helping out with serving drinks and dessert. Well, the advisor walked over to this PNM, and promptly spilled the sparkling cider ALL over the PNM. The advisor was apologetic, the sister preffing the PNM was apologetic, and the entire chapter was sure that she would never accept a bid from us. It surprised everyone the next day to see her walk through the door as a new Alpha! :)

(We still use this story as a "What NOT to do" during recruitment! :D)

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