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josh8o 10-01-2003 12:49 AM

Greeks on Homecoming Court
Any Greeks on your homecoming court this year?
At SDSU we just got started with Homecoming court. I was nominated for my house, PHI KAPPA PSI. we had our first meeting today, and the first interviewes and events are this weekend. Wish me luck!

phisigduchesscv 10-01-2003 01:39 AM

They haven't announced the candidates yet as they are still checking eligibility but I know one of my sisters is running for Queen and a brother from Sigma Pi is running for King.

Once the candidates are announced I'll post if anymore are running.

DeltaSigStan 10-01-2003 11:16 AM

Good luck Josh

KillarneyRose 10-01-2003 04:02 PM

Congratulations and good luck, Josh!

ilovemyglo 10-01-2003 04:09 PM

At University of Indiana Pennsylvania an Alpha Gam has been crowned Queen and a Phi Kappa Tau is King.

33girl 10-01-2003 04:16 PM

Actually it's Indiana University of Pennsylvania or IUP. :) Small word order change, big difference.

carnation 10-02-2003 06:57 AM

How about future Greeks? We found out last night that our fourth daughter made Homecoming Court and also got Friendliest Senior!:D

honeychile 10-02-2003 07:25 AM


Originally posted by carnation
How about future Greeks? We found out last night that our fourth daughter made Homecoming Court and also got Friendliest Senior!:D
I think this means that the Carnation Nation is planning to expand next year! ;)

Good luck, Josh!

AGDLynn 10-02-2003 05:22 PM

I know that an Alpha Gam is on the West Ga. homecoming court. I believe that there are reps from most, if not all, Greek orgs and other campus orgs.

ETA: 2 AGDS are on the actual court; 2-3 others are rep other orgs.

Homecoming is Oct. 18th...hope I can go! I'll miss the parade:(

TexasOphiA 10-02-2003 08:52 PM

I was on homecoming court this year. An Alpha Gam won Queen and a Phi Delt got King.

Optimist Prime 10-02-2003 09:01 PM

Good luck, Josh.

SparkliiQTMTSU 10-02-2003 09:51 PM

Most of our Homcoming court is greek. To go up to be queen or king you have to be sponsered so they're usually sponsered by their GLO. We just finished voting for our queen and king :)


josh8o 10-08-2003 08:38 PM

well i got cut...i am kinda pissed, but still happy i got to be nominated. a lot of the greeks that applied got cut and we are all pissed about it. most of us are far more dedicated to our orgs and sdsu than the other people...i guess it is just another factor that sdsu is getting more and more anti greek

Betarulz! 10-09-2003 02:10 AM

The Homecoming Royalty finalists at Nebraska were announced recently.

One guy from my house made it. Of the 10 candidates for the guys I'm pretty sure that 8 of them are Greek.

For the girls: I'm positive on 7 of 10 being greek, and one or two of the remainders might be too.

GeekyPenguin 10-10-2003 10:23 AM

King/Queen at Platteville are a SigEp and a girl from one of the locals.

ZTAngel 10-10-2003 12:02 PM

There are 2 ZTA's on the UCF Homecoming Court this year. YAY!!

Here is a list of our greeks on Homecoming court:

1 ChiO
1 Theta
1 ADPi
1 Phi Delt

Livvy8 10-10-2003 12:04 PM

At Millersville University, we don't have Homecoming king and queen. We do Charity King and Queen instead and the candidates raise money for a charity and whoever raises the most wins. This year, I thinks it's all but 3 candidates for queen are greek (so about 7 are greek) and there aren't usually any Greek king candidates because the fraternities help the sororities.

jess_pom 10-10-2003 05:33 PM

I know at Clarion University, a Zeta was crowned queen and a Sigma Pi was king.

There were several other greek members as well... I know there were 2 more ZTA, 2 D Phi E's, a Sigma Pi, a TKE and a Delta Zeta. There are only 3 couples of seniors and 2 couples from each other class.

ztaspring02 10-10-2003 10:19 PM

homecoming court
I don't know what other Greeks were on homecoming court, but one of my sisters got QUEEN yahhh.... for her

josh8o 10-11-2003 02:51 PM

it is so good to see other schools that embrace greeks. on our court there are 3 greeks....out of 14 people on court. it is so stupid

Txsurfinwaves 10-11-2003 05:23 PM

NPC and the IFC at my school nominate one girl and one guy from the GLO's on my campus, UNT. This year i know the girl is a Chi-O, and in recent years, it has mostly been a pi phi. We have a section on the ballot marked greek, and thats who usually wins..except for last year. For a school that is anti-greek in alot of aspects, we always make sure we have greek nominees.

PurdueGirlie 10-11-2003 07:09 PM

At Purdue, most of the court is usually Greek. This year's queen is an Alpha Phi and the king is a Delta Chi.

hannahgirl 10-12-2003 12:09 AM

Homecoming was this weekend at are the results...

An Alpha Gam and a FIJI were crowned king and queen...

The rest of the group was....
Guys.... 4 FIJIs, 1 Delt, 1 Phi Sig, 1 TKE, and 2 independent.

Girls....2 Alpha Gams, 4 ADPis, 1 Kappa, 2 independent

I kind of boycotted the dance last night cause a DG wasn't represented on court (last year there were 2 of and another girl) when she should've been....but oh well.

I just found it funny to know that my ex was crowned king....something i really didn't expect.....:p

MTSUGURL 10-12-2003 01:06 AM

I don't know who won for King, but Queen went to Jennifer Seacrest, an Alpha Chi and a sweetheart of a girl.

BSUPhiSig'92 10-13-2003 06:22 PM

At SIUE, yours truly is the advisor for the Homecoming Planning Committee, so here's the Court breakdown:
1 Alpha Phi
1 Delta Phi Epsilon
1 Sigma Gamma Rho
2 Independant

1 Alpha Kappa Lambda
1 Sigma Phi Epsilon
2 Independant

Yeah, I know, we have five queen candidates and 4 king, but we have a terrible time getting guys interested in running. (We have to do cuts for the women though)

KillarneyRose 10-13-2003 08:09 PM

I was at Vanderbilt University's homecoming this weekend and a Kappa Delta was crowned queen and I think a Phi Kappa Psi was crowned king. Two of the runners-up were in sororities: a Theta and an ADII.

Betarulz! 10-21-2003 12:55 AM

At the University of Nebraska, I've already announced the make up of the Royalty candidates.

The winners were both greek as well.

The Queen was an AOTT, and the King an ATO.

josh8o 10-21-2003 02:36 AM


Originally posted by KillarneyRose
I was at Vanderbilt University's homecoming this weekend and a Kappa Dalta was crowned queen and I think a Phi Kappa Psi was crowned king. Two of the runners-up were in sororities: a Theta and an ADII.
rock on phi psi

LouisaMay 10-21-2003 09:58 AM

Attended Homecoming this weekend at a small PA school...a Kappa Alpha Theta was crowned queen.


Angels&Arrows 10-21-2003 11:52 AM

MS State's homecoming court:

Homecoming queen: KD

Freshman Maid: ZTA
Freshman Maid: ?

Sophomore Maid: DG
Sophomore Maid: DDD

Junior Maid: KD
Junior Maid: DG

Senior Maid: DDD
Senior Maid: ?DDD?

Betarulz! 10-21-2003 11:50 PM


Originally posted by Hootie
Didn't Sigma Nu win lawn decorating? ;) ;)
Yeah, Acacia, Sigma Nu, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, and Iota Phi Theta, won in the lawn display competition.

Chi Omega won overall for the sororities, in part b/c they cheated. They were with Farmhouse and Triangle. FH really wanted to beat us badly this year to end our bid at a three peat. Luckily they had a Chi O who was heading up all judging for homecoming and was able to cheat for them (lots of shady happenings and inconsistant applications of the rules happened this year). Unfortunetly for Farmhouse they didn't take into account Triangle, who did a better job of getting participation points and ended up beating out Farmhouse for Overall honors.

HotDamnImAPhiMu 10-22-2003 01:40 AM

*sniff sniff*

I smell.....

is that.....?



AXJules 10-22-2003 02:05 AM

Let me see what I can think of off the top of my head at mizzou---

On court we have (one of each) Ag Rho, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Kappa, Kappa Alpha Phi maybe??? Can't remember who else....but out of ten, the majority is greek.

sugar and spice 10-22-2003 02:43 AM

Out of the eight on Homecoming Court here, there was a Kappa, a Gamma Phi, a Sig Ep, and one other fraternity guy (I can't remember which). DG's three-year Homecoming Queen win streak was finally snapped since they didn't even have anybody on Court.

Two non-Greeks won overall, though.

Kevin 10-22-2003 09:18 AM

This was the first year at my school in my recollection that a lady of a certain sorority (which shall remain nameless) didn't win.

Usually, the largest fraternity and sorority on campus vote for eachother's members.. And they always have won. However, this time, the member of the fraternity came to the sorority and told them they had to put his girlfriend (a transfer student and member of that sorority) up for homecoming queen. She had pretty pitiful credentials compared to other candidates... They of course, having no spines whatsover did as this gentleman asked. And for the first time at least in the last 5 years, they didn't win homecoming queen.

It was won for the first time in a LONG time by a GDI.

Great story, eh?

ShaedyKD 11-01-2003 11:40 AM

The University of South Florida had several Greeks on court. All of the girls were...there was an ADPi, AKPsi, DG, KD :), XO. There were also quite a few Greek men, including an AEPi, LXA, and I think a KAPsi. (There might have been more, I just didn't really pay attention, I was too busy campaigning for my sister!) My sister Katie Rhodes won! Wooohoooo! We haven't won homecoming queen since 2000, so that was awesome to see one of our sisters win again.

AXWhoah 11-09-2003 08:23 PM

Homecoming was yesterday at the University of Arizona and a Gamma Phi Beta was crowned queen, Katie Simmons. She's such a sweetheart, she was a Recruitment Counselor with me and I really felt like the right girl got crowned this year. There was also a Kappa on court, though I don't know if any fraternities were represented....

ajuhdg 11-21-2003 03:46 PM

The University of Houston's Homecoming was a few weeks ago, and I just got an update from my chapter! One of our DG's was the Homecoming Queen, and we were the only Panhellenic representative on the court! YEAH DELTA GAMMA!


Moxie 11-21-2003 03:48 PM

i meant to post this before, because homecoming was a few weeks ago, but better late than never!

homecoming queen was a delta gamma
a pi phi, zta, and theta xi were all part of the court

there could have been more, but that's all i remember :D

greek pride!

xoheatherxo 11-22-2003 09:46 PM

homecoming queen at eastern new mexico univeristy was a chi omega!!!! :)

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