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exlurker 10-10-2004 04:42 PM

breathesgelatin, congratulations! Oh, and somewhat belated congratulations to your chapter on the national Pi Phi honorable mention award for highest small chapter GPA, too.

hannahgirl 10-10-2004 05:27 PM

The University of Akron Homecoming Court 2004-2005

Queen and King both not affiliated.

10 men and women on court.....

4 ADPis
1 DG
2 unaffiliated

1 Phi Delt
5 unaffiliated

dzandiloo 10-11-2004 10:21 AM

The nominees for Homecoming Queen at Tarleton are exclusively Greek - 2 AGDs and 3 DZs. AGD has won it many more times in the past than DZ (DZ's vote gets split b/c we don't block vote...not that there's anything wrong with block voting!). I just love that Greeks get it every year, even though they are only 2% of the campus population. We don't have a king or court (the non-winning nominees are generally considered the court).

TSteven 10-16-2004 09:01 PM

The University of Kentucky Homecoming Queen and King

Originally posted by TSteven
The University of Kentucky's 2004 Homecoming Court is all Greek. The winners to be announced Saturday, October 16th.

Chapters represented

Queen (six)
Alpha Delta Pi (2)
Chi Omega
Delta Delta Delta
Kappa Alpha Theta (2)

King (six)
Alpha Phi Alpha
Delta Sigma Phi (2)
Phi Sigma Kappa
Sigma Chi

Homecoming King and Queen candidates
Jill Holloway - Delta Delta Delta


Jill Holloway is a Marketing and Management Senior from Paducah, Kentucky. While at UK, Jill has been very involved in campus life. A member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, she has served as President, Vice-President of Academic Development, and has been named two times as Outstanding Member. Currently she is in her fourth year as an assistant with UK Athletics, and she also serves as a UK 101 Peer Instructor. She is a member of the Rock and Cats for Christ. She maintains a 3.72 GPA, is a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, and is the recipient of three scholarships this academic year.
Will Nash - Sigma Chi


Will Nash is a Political Science and Economics major from Glasgow, Kentucky. Will is a UK Ambassador, an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences, and a member of several student organizations, including Student Government. Will is heavily involved in UKís Greek life, serving as Treasurer for Sigma Chi Fraternity, Interfraternity Council Representative, member of IFC Judicial Board, and a representative on the Inter-Greek Programming Assembly. Additionally, Will was elected by undergraduate Sigma Chi members from across the world to represent them on Sigma Chiís Executive Committee. He is the son of Mike and Mary Nash of Glasgow.

kandy36 10-17-2004 03:03 AM


TSteven 10-17-2004 11:52 AM

UK's Homecoming Queen and King
Miss Holloway and Mr. Nash right after being crowned.

carnation 10-17-2004 12:09 PM

Yea! Blazercheer was asked to bake a cake for ChiO for the Homecoming Bakeoff and she won!

Greek winners for Homecoming Week: Kappa Delta!

FAB*SpiceySpice 10-17-2004 01:20 PM


Originally posted by AXJules
Let me see what I can think of off the top of my head at mizzou---

On court we have (one of each) Ag Rho, Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Kappa, Kappa Alpha Phi maybe??? Can't remember who else....but out of ten, the majority is greek.

We still have I think 5 or 6 people out of the top 10 who are greek...but only three people are being nominated by their greek organizations which is strange. There is a guy from AKL, a DU, TWO Phi Mu's :D, a Delta Sigma Theta, and I think a Lambda Chi. But only the AKL, DU, and one of our Phi Mu's are representing their greek orgs. It's difficult for my chapter b/c we're torn since two of our girls are running, but we only get points if one of them wins...but yeah, I guess we'll see what happens this weekend!

Pike1483 10-17-2004 09:27 PM

We just had homecoming at Arkansas State. My fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha sponsored Lauren Davis, an Alpha Gamma Delta , and she won homecoming queen. I think everyone on the court except for 1 person was Greek.

sugar and spice 10-17-2004 11:28 PM

At Wisconsin, there's a DG, a Gamma Phi, a DST, a TKE, a Pike and a Sig Ep on Court. With 6 Greeks out of 10 contestants, Court is a lot "Greeker" than it has been in recent years -- usually the selection committee tends to restrict the Greeks to 4-5 spots out of ten. Considering that the UW population is less than 10 percent Greek overall, that's pretty decent.

honeychile 10-17-2004 11:42 PM

Re: UK's Homecoming Queen and King

Originally posted by TSteven
Miss Holloway and Mr. Nash right after being crowned.

They look so cute together!!

I really like the word "greeker"!! :)

PoohsHoneyBee 10-18-2004 01:30 AM

The person who won King is an AM for Lambda Chi.

:) And he is so great...I heart him!

HollisterDXiChi 10-18-2004 08:41 AM

No homecomming court at AASU...but good luck to those on court. If anyone is at Henderson state university, were any Greeks on court?

TNPhiMu 10-18-2004 09:46 AM

Here at Lambuth... basically everyone on homecoming court is greek! Phi Mu is WELL represented as well! The freshman girl rep, junior girl rep, and 3 out of 4 of the senior reps are all Phi Mu's! =)!

KSUViolet06 10-18-2004 11:29 AM

2004 Kent State Homecoming King & Queen:

Teddy Wenger -Sigma Chi and Jenny Tabatabaie -unaffiliated

Their court included:

1 Phi Sigma Pi member (girl)
1 Lambda Chi Alpha
1 Delta Tau Delta
1 Delta Gamma

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