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Kevin 05-07-2009 01:18 PM

You laugh, you lose.

christiangirl 05-07-2009 05:35 PM

I didn't lose, but came EXTREMELY close. :p

ETA: DANGIT!!! I didn't laugh until I saw "Countries smaller than Hooterville." :mad:

Kevin 05-07-2009 05:45 PM

RU OX Alum 05-07-2009 06:24 PM

i lost when i saw the kid at the funeral

epchick 05-07-2009 07:07 PM

The kid at the funeral is just WRONG!

But I win!!!!! YAY for me!

indygphib 05-07-2009 07:20 PM

I died when I saw the kid and the coffin. Pun definitely intended.

texas*princess 05-07-2009 07:22 PM

LOL@Free Racoon!

XAntoftheSkyX 05-07-2009 07:44 PM

I'm amazing at this game.

agzg 05-07-2009 07:46 PM

I was doing SO WELL until the "fire is hot."

lovespink88 05-07-2009 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by agzg (Post 1807293)
I was doing SO WELL until the "fire is hot."

Ditto, hahaha!

knight_shadow 05-07-2009 07:52 PM

OK. I barely cracked a smile at the previous photos. Then this...


Originally Posted by XAntoftheSkyX (Post 1807292)

I lose :(

XAntoftheSkyX 05-07-2009 07:58 PM

Round 2:

Kevin 05-07-2009 08:15 PM

Kevin 05-07-2009 08:27 PM

ThetaPrincess24 05-07-2009 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Kevin (Post 1807309)

I have this one on my screensaver actually with all of the other funny animal pictures that are posted here and from those websites :)

I lost after the first picture :)

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