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Iota Man 06-07-2012 01:32 PM

Breaking the Legacy
Any of y'all have fathers or mothers who pledged another BGLO, but when you pledged, you pledged something different to their disappointment. Me and my sister are the only greeks in my family. My mom doesn't know anything about being greek, because she's never been to college. If had a son though, I'd be mad as hayle if he joined anything other than Iota LOL.

Senusret I 06-07-2012 02:17 PM

My father is not Greek; me and my half-brother both joined Alpha independent of knowing each other.

My mom is a Delta and was the Queen of the Alpha Court in college.

My cousin is an AKA, her dad is a Sigma, her uncle is a Que.

My uncle is in a Christian fraternity.

I say all that to say nobody in my family cared what anyone else pledged as long as they were happy.

As for me, if I have children, I will just say this: being in an organization is not for everyone. If they want to be an Alpha, it would be really nice. :) But I would let them know if they weren't cut out for it.

NinjaPoodle 06-08-2012 07:02 PM

My parents are college educated but not greek but dad was a Mason.
I have a cousin who is my soRHOr.
I have a few cousins that are Deltas.
I have a cousin who is a Que.
Uneducated guess- the greek women at my church maybe 70% are Deltas, 30% AKA's
Uneducated guess- the greek men at my church maybe 50% are Alpha's, 25% Kappas, 25% Que

I'm not having kids so there's that :) but if i did, I'd want them to be happy regardless of their choice NPHC, NPC, IFC or whatever just as long as they realize it's a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT.

iotamason 08-01-2012 05:28 PM

my grandfather is an Alpha, My dad is a Sigma, his brother is an Omega. My mom is a Delta, two of her sisters are AKAs. SHe has two other sisters that are Zetas, and one sister is an SGRHO. SGRHO aunt married a Kappa. Have three cousins that are Omega, two are alpha, one Groove his wife a Swing. I have a cousin who became an Iota two years after I crossed. My dad did not have an issue with me going Iota.. He said as long as the org I join is in the NPHC he won't disown me... I will give the same respect to my son.. However I would be kind of mad if he did not become a member of my organization.

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