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AlphaFrog 05-06-2003 02:54 PM

ASA Sound Off
I thought it would be interesting to know something about everyone so:

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna):
Something Unique about your Chapter:
Offices You Hold/Held:
Awards You've Recieved:
Favorite Memory:

Name: Jess
Status: Alumna
Chapter: Beta Kappa
Something Unique about your Chapter: Nora Ten Broek, National VP of Alumna is a Beta Kappa
Offices You Hold/Held: VP of Alumna and Heritage, Parlimentarian
Awards You've Recived: Ladybug (Most Spirited)
Favorite Memory: Formal, getting Ladybug award and boyfriend named Sweetheart
AOL IM: StarFrog00

33girl 05-06-2003 03:50 PM

oh OK, this is a happy sound off LOL.

Name: Sheila G.
Status: Alumna
Chapter: Gamma Omicron
Something Unique about your Chapter: The picture on the back cover of the old Encounter (the really old one) was of Gamma Omicron sisters.
Offices You Hold/Held: Public Relations, Editor, Alum Chapter prez
Awards You've Recieved: Booby of the Week, Crow Partier...well, we'll just leave it at those two :p
Favorite Memory: Blind Date parties, going to the bars with my fellow seniors, opening the door at my pledge pickup and seeing ASA faces!!
AOL IM: none, I'm AOL-phobic

Sadeyes21 05-09-2003 10:10 PM

Name: Lana S
chapter: beta beta
Something unique about your chapter: In the 80's an ASA from BB was murdered and they never found out who did it
Offices held: Panhellenic Delegate, Derby Days chair, Public relations chair, house manager, VP of Alumnae and Heritage
Awards received: Most likely to Be on Jerry Springer, Sister of the Year, and Note taking Queen
Fave memory: Retreats, moments w/individual sisters
no aol im

alimango711 05-11-2003 07:06 PM

Name: Pia Alcanites

Status: Active

Chapter: Epsilon Tau

Something Unique about your Chapter: We're the only chapter in Maryland (Baltimore)

Offices You Hold/Held: Social Chair for Fall 2003 (any ideas on social themes?)

Awards You've Recieved: Best New Member for Spring 2003

Favorite Memory: receiving a bid, basketball games with the ladies, initiation, Crimson Ball and the crazy DJs

AOL IM: AliMango711

bayoudazzler 05-11-2003 09:14 PM

Name: Stephanie LeRay

Status: Active

Chapter: Psi Psi

Something Unique about the chapter: We're the only chapter in Louisiana and Sidney Allen, past Panhellenic pres, was from Psi Psi. We were reorganized last October.

Office Hold: Scholarship Chair

Favorite Memory: Being there when our first legacy Cora Lennon was born, initiation, being a big sis, being with my sisters

AOL: bayoudazzler

crystalline 05-17-2003 07:37 PM

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna as of May 3, 2003!!!
Chapter: Theta Beta
Something Unique about your Chapter: We're about the most unique one on our campus
Offices You Hold/Held: Rho Chi
Favorite Memory: Bids Day 2003

HeavenslilAngel 05-24-2003 02:00 AM

Name: Leigh Ann

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Active

Chapter: Psi Psi
Something Unique about your Chapter: As Stephanie said, we are the only chapter in Louisiana and Sidney Allen is one of our alumni and an old ballot box from the other psi psi chapter is in the archives at nationals

Offices You Hold/Held: panhellenic delegate

Awards You've Recieved: was nominated for Emma Coleman Frost fidelity award and won sister of the week

Favorite Memory: installation, my initiation (I passed out) :)

AOL IM: HeavenslilAnge77

LionTamer 09-12-2003 06:32 PM

Name: Pattie
Status: Alumna
Chapter: Gamma Eta at Penn State
Something Unique about your Chapter: Out of 16 chapters, I think even the other sororities would agree we were the Most Fun
Offices You Hold/Held: Editor, Rush Chairman
Unofficial Offices Held: Formal dress hemmer (I was the only person who could sew) and Art Director (window design, paddle painting, bid calligraphy - you name it!)
Awards You've Recieved: Order of the Phoenix (I almost flunked out that term)
Favorite Memory: Getting my bid; running in the PhiPsi 500 relay; finding out the rush chairman left school over the summer without telling anyone and, as substitute rush chairman, I had about 10 days to invent and pull together 4 different elaborate theme parties - including a Safari Theme, which including getting every girl to bring every single plant they owned down to the suite, plus any stuffed lions, monkeys and tigers they had, and dressing everyone in khaki shorts and camp shirts...
AOL IM: Like 33, I'm AOL phobic

jessmulder 09-15-2003 11:16 AM

Good Morning ladies! I just happened to stuble across the message board and I've decided to join the fun :) Heres the reply!

Name: Jessica Cyr
Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Active
Chapter: Epsilon Psi
Something Unique about your Chapter: most of the chapter is new
Offices You Hold/Held: President, VP of Publicity and Fundraising for PanHel
Awards You've Recieved:
Favorite Memory: Summer retreat with my chapter
AOL IM: jessmulder (I love the x-files!)

alphabug02 11-10-2003 11:41 PM

After weeks of looking at the general posts, I've finally made my way to the ASA board- damn it's good to be home! :D

Name: Sarah Gallo
Status: Alumnae ...... but still active :D
Chapter: Zeta Omicron
Something Unique about your Chapter: we have a frog as our local mascot! Ladybugs and Frogs, ya can't beat that!
Offices You Hold/Held: (held)President, VP of PR and Recruitment, Social Chair, Advantage Coaching Team Leader D3 (hold) Recruitment Team Member D3, Alumnae Pan-Hellenic Representative, and whatever other "volunteer" positions I get "suckered" into.
Awards You've Received: Outstanding New Member Award, All Greek Women's Award, Outstanding Greek Athlete
Favorite Memory: my first Bid Day, The day after Bid Day my year and every year ;), the dugout!!!, Varsity Review, Rush, Rugby games, hosting porch parties at my house, my wedding, & :cool: hopefully Convention 2004 w/ Amanda and Kimmie ....
AOL IM: nada

BY97Amber 11-16-2003 03:34 AM

Name: Amber VanLue-Simmons

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna

Chapter: Beta Upsilon

Something Unique about your Chapter: We were once known as the "non sorority girls' sorority". When I joined by new member class was bigger than the number of sisters. Since then we have become one of the top 4 chapters on campus, and reached ceiling this fall.

Offices You Hold/Held: What haven't I held? Internal Relations, Song Chair, Public Relations, VP of Programming and Ritual, President 1.5 years, Alum Advisor of Ritual, Alum Advisor of Scholarship...and there are a few others that I can't remember

Awards You've Recieved: Sweetest Sister, Freshman with the highest GPA, Outstanding Exec board member, nominated for Alpha of the Year twice, Extra Mile Award, and Valued Interfraternity Advisor.

Favorite Memory: While we still lived in our house one night in September it there was a thunderstorm and all of us went out to play in the rain and roll down the hill in our front yard. We got all muddy and ran across the block to a fraternity house and ran through the entire thing and captured things. One of the sisters got caught and doused with pancack batter and ducktaped. They brought her back as ransom for the stuff of theirs. They chased us all over the place, and we even got out the other fraternities to come and play with all of us.

jmbennett 11-17-2003 12:34 AM

Name: JoAnn Bennett

Status: Active

Chapter: Theta Beta

Something Unique About My Chapter: We are the only sorority on campus to have a house and many ASA's are on-campus leaders.

Offices I've Held/Hold: PR Chair, Recruitment Team Captain, and Vice-President of PR and Recruitment.

Awards I've Recieved: New Member with the Highest GPA, ASA Spirit award, and the Most Outgoing Sister Award

Favorite Memories: Every Bids Day, late night talks, Fall Cabin 03

Silver02Bullet 11-17-2003 03:01 AM

Name: Megan Dunlap
Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): VERY active
Chapter: Beta Lambda
Something Unique about your Chapter: has won the overall intramural champions award for the past FOUR years on our campus
Offices You Hold/Held: Spring 03 Walkout Chair and elections aren't over yet
Favorite Memory: i've been to 2 formals so far and they have rocked out!!!!
AOL IM: Silver02Bullet

i love UCA in Conway, AR, and beta lambda is the poo!

alphasig12 01-14-2004 12:38 PM

Name: Alana V.
Status: Active
Chapter: Zeta Sigma
Somthing Unique about your Chapter: Here in San Antonio, we have 2 chapters just miles away from each other. (Zeta Sigma and Delta Upsilon)
Offices you Hold/Held: Standards Chairman; Parlimentarian
Awards you have received: Best Ladybug Family (Formal 02), Most Outgoing
Favorite Memories: Getting a bid, BID DAY, Being a Big Sis, my Big Sis, Basketball games, Letters and Lunch, Beating DSD at Flag Football (21-0) :D , just having fun with my sisters!!
AOL Screen name: Alphasig0102

asazk121 02-02-2004 01:13 PM

hey! i just discovered this website and i'm so excited there are other asas' here!

Name: Jeet Sausen
Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): active...maybe too much!
Chapter: Zeta Kappa--Minnesota State University Mankato
Something Unique about your Chapter: right now we have four alum who are pregnant and we are the only asa chapter in mn!
Offices You Hold/Held: scholarship, editor/historian, philanthropy, parliamentarian, treasurer, fundraising, vp alum and heritage (as you can see, in my chapter we get to double up on positions!)
Awards You've Recieved: sister of the year, chairwoman of the year, sister of the month
Favorite Memory: too many to name! but if i had to pick out a few, they would be getting my bid, any time with my big sis, getting my two littles, formals 02 and 03, greek week
AOL IM: none--sorry! but my msn is saucysaus28

thanks guys! hope to hear from some of you soon!

alpha love, jeet :cool:

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