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CrimsonTide4 01-30-2008 01:12 PM

Gotta Question about Delta Membership Intake?

If you have questions about the following:
  • what should I wear to Rush?
  • what questions will they ask at the interview?
  • what should my GPA be?
  • how do I charter a chapter?
  • the chapter is inactive, but I am about to graduate, when are they coming back so I can get my Delta on?
  • when I go to Rush, what should I bring, do, say, eat?
  • How should I smell at Rush?
  • If a Delta rolls her eyes at me and no one is around when it happens, did it really happen?
  • If rush is on a Friday, I turn my application in on Wednesday by the big tree on campus, when will my interview be?
  • How much does it cost to be a Delta?
  • Do they accept PayPal?
  • Can I be a Delta even though I am a lesbian with one arm?
  • Why don't the Deltas like me?
  • Can I go to AKA events and still attend Delta rush?
  • My roommate is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho, will I be blackballed out of Delta?
  • Please help me become a Delta.
  • Can you write my recommendation letter?
  • Can I send my recommendation letter via e-mail?
  • I saw Stomp the Yard today and I can do that! I've been to y'all step shows and I can help y'all win. Where's my application? Can I get a discount on the dues if we win our first stepshow?
  • My great grandmother used to french braid one of your founders' hair. Does that make me a legacy?
  • All of my family are Deltas. Everyone I meet tells me I remind them of Dorothy Height, can I join?
  • My boss/coworker is a Delta and she ALWAYS compliments me when I wear red. Is that her way of telling me she wants me to be a Delta? How do I ask her? Does she get mad at me when I wear my pink and green jogging suit?
  • My boyfriend is an Omega. Does that make me a legacy? (submitted by Ladygreek)
  • I am really good at growing violets. Can I be initiated under the Green Thumb clause?
  • How do we get our line numbers? Is it like the lottery or a raffle? My favorite number is 18 and I was born on the 6th so those two are my preferences. Just as long as I'm not 13, I'll be happy.
  • After I get on line, what do I have to do?
  • Once I cross, do I have to wear red everyday because red isn't that great of a color on me.
  • My sister is a Zeta and she told me if I dare to try to join anything else, she will never speak to me again. What should I do?
  • I watch all of the youtube videos and know the struts. Can I still be in? (submitted by pinkies up)
  • I once pet an elephant at the zoo. Does that count?(submitted by pinkies up)
  • I've been practicing and my pyramid is tiiiiight.(submitted by pinkies up)
  • I love Red Velvet cake.(submitted by pinkies up)
  • anything else that pertains to preMIP, MIP, post MIP, etc.
don't start a thread, don't PM me or any other member of DST. Go to the NATIONAL WEBSITE or ask someone who knows you in real life.

If you cannot follow directions on this here message board, you're not too swift with following directions anywhere else.

I swear I wish anytime ANTYBOTTTY asked a membership related question, an electric shock would flow from their keyboard to their nether regions!!!!!!

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