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Imthachamp 09-01-2003 05:43 PM


2nd time in 3 days. Yay.

Optimist Prime 09-01-2003 06:27 PM

Food. Meaning Sbarro's, mean genes, sandwhich or chick fil a. Real nurishing grub.

bethany1982 09-01-2003 06:35 PM

BBQ by the pool.

Lady Pi Phi 09-01-2003 07:24 PM

It's my birthday...and my mum is making one of my favourite dishes. She hardly ever makes it because it takes a really long time. Chicken Curry. I love it!! We're having it with salad and rice. And the after that I'll go out...

Peaches-n-Cream 09-01-2003 08:42 PM

Dinner was a chicken burrito and a chili taco.

Dionysus 09-01-2003 08:44 PM

Fried Onion Straws w/ Fries from KC Masterpiece...awwww yeeahhh!

ZTAMich 09-01-2003 08:46 PM

Grilled chicken ceasar salad...from McD's yummy.

And a snickers bar two hours later LOL

Sistermadly 09-01-2003 09:58 PM

Grilled halibut filets marinated in pineapple juice, lime juice, ginger, and brown sugar, with grilled pineapple, fresh corn (yum!) and green beans with garlic and lemon.

Imthachamp 09-01-2003 10:00 PM

last year, i ate fish for like a week straight for lunch and dinner and now everytime i hear the word, i wanna die.

MeLikey 09-03-2003 12:16 AM

Caught the 7:45pm Uptown Girls show, so I had a large tub of movie butter popcorn and when I got home had some honey chicken wings... yummmmm.

bethany1982 09-03-2003 12:46 AM

It's 9:30, I need dinner... oh well, too late to eat now.

Optimist Prime 09-03-2003 01:06 AM

beef tips portebello with mashpotates and gravy.

Unregistered- 09-03-2003 01:13 AM

Beef stew and rice. Mmmm.

mmcat 09-03-2003 07:30 AM

church's dark meat chicken, an ear of corn, cole slaw and a biscuit.

Tom Earp 09-14-2003 03:43 PM


Tonights Menu:

Boiled Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi, Crab Legs, or Lobster Tails?:confused:

Maybe tomarrow Chopped Sirloin with Cheese packed in the center, or Filet Mignon wrapped in Bacon with Cheesy Taters?:cool:

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