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Sciencewoman 01-12-2018 08:01 PM

^^^ That's a good one!

jolene 01-13-2018 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by NUalumMUmom (Post 2451349)
This story is from my daughter when she went through recruitment in Fall, 2014. That summer, I had decided to eliminate animal proteins from my diet, for health reasons and to see if I could do it. In the family, we call it my Vegan Summer. That fall, during sisterhood round, my daughters was being rushed by an active that mentioned she was vegetarian. My daughter said, that's awesome, my mom is vegan. The girl looked puzzled and asked how that works at our house. DD told her that it was okay, that even though I was vegan, I did cook meat for the rest of the family. The girl looks at her and says "But do you, like, have two Moms?" My daughter looked at her strangely, then the bell rings for her to leave, as she is leaving she realized the girl had confused "vegan" with "lesbian" :eek: She was laughing so hard she could barely pull it together for the next social. She was cut after that round. This house takes mostly St Louis girls, and she was from OOS, so she doesn't know if the lesbian thing had anything to do with it. As a women and gender studies minor, she didn't really want to join a chapter that would cut her because her mom was a lesbian, or that had sisters that didn't know the difference between vegan and lesbian!:rolleyes:

I only lasted one summer as a vegan, I missed the cheese too much!

:eek::D Was the room loud? However, 'vegan' and 'lesbian' don't sound remotely similar. LOL Did she eventually find her home?

I'm a vegetarian and could never be vegan. Cheese and I have a special relationship.

NUalumMUmom 01-15-2018 05:39 PM

She did find her home. She is a very happy Theta, getting ready to graduate in May. I don't know for sure if the room was loud, but it probably was. I don't think they sound at all alike, and neither did my daughter, so it took her awhile to figure out why the active was asking such strange questions.

carnation 07-05-2018 08:37 PM

A favorite! This is for all you PNMs---don't do any of this! Don't end up with a story about something bizarre that you did during recruitment!

chi-o_cat 07-06-2018 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by carnation (Post 2457594)
A favorite! This is for all you PNMs---don't do any of this! Don't end up with a story about something bizarre that you did during recruitment!

But if you DO, please come here and post it. This is one of the best threads on this site, and I love seeing new stories.

ChioLu 08-23-2018 08:10 PM

Bumping for new stories!

And I’ll add a short but weird one ...
My suite mate and I were at the same house for a party. (I had a rec from my aunt and several of the members had her as their high school drama teacher.) We were lead to a 4-seat table to talk. Two other members came over, then all 4 members turned toward Patti and no one was talking to me! (Patti was a highly desirable rushee - beautiful, smart, on the women’s golf team.) Patti tried to get me into the conversation, but the members continued the “hot boxing” and ignored me. After the party was over, we walked out together. I made some comment that I probably wouldn’t be getting an invite back. Patti said that even if she got an invite, she was going to turn it down because they were rude to me. (Back in the day when you got actual paper invites and could regret any extras above max # of parties for the next day.) She did turn down the invitation and ended up being my pledge sister in Chi O!
(After college, she was the ER nurse at the hospital where my brother was taken after a horrible work accident and helped save my brother’s life!)

carnation 07-09-2019 10:13 PM

Bumping for 2019!

SigmaCat 07-11-2019 01:54 AM

This isn't really "weird", but it does dovetail with the whole clueless PNM theme...

One of my friends and fellow rushees was ranking chapters low if she found out "they drank." Duh, every single panhellenic house on our campus had members that liked to party. The group she joined ended up having quite a few heavy drinkers, and the high school/church friend she had in the sorority - the girl who really pushed her hard to join the house before school started - never bothered to clue her in on the realities of Greek life. To make matters worse, that friend - whom I think became her big sis - ended up leaving the campus not too long after my buddy joined. So, the two main reasons why my pal chose her org essentially evaporated almost immediately.

Morals of the story - know your campus Greek culture and don't join a house for one person. My friend confided to me that she would have chosen her other pref group (which happened to be my chapter) or a Christian sorority had she known better. I was like, well, you would have been welcome with us...buuuut...we weren't exactly teetotalers either.

Oh well.

BlueBayou 07-11-2019 06:30 PM

So looking back on my rush - I went to a school with 6 NPC sororities. At my very first party I did not know what to expect. All of the "open house" parties were held in the University Center. I was shocked as the doors opened, and there was loud clapping and singing. Someone grabbed me my the arm, singing loudly, and ushered me to a chair. I was totally overwhelmed, because I was expected a booze free cocktail party. I was not expected crazed singing and someone kneeling in front of me to talk with me.

Now I wasn't the "stereotypical" rushee at my Texas college in the mid-80s. I was a math team, quiz bowl, theatre geek. I don't think I had overlapping activities with the girl that picked me up. So the girl that brought me in the door said "So you where a Thesbian - how did you like that."

Now i could not hear well, the room was LOUD.

Me: "Excuse me?"
Her: "So you where a Thesbian - how did you like that."
Me : Now I really was not hearing this right. She can't really be asking me if I am a Lesbian. "Excuse me?"
Her: "It says you were a Thesbian in High School"
Me: FINALLY realizing what she is saying. "Oh Thespian, it's pronounced THESPIAN not Thesbian."
Yeah - I did not get invited back (I got all invites back the next 3 rounds)

I was assistant reference chairman my Junior and Senior years - so I did not rush many girls after my Sophomore year.

But my strongest memory of my first time on the other side of rush was pref. We served a sherbet punch with mini quiche and petits fours. All pre-plated. I think our parties ran from 12:30 - 4pm. And we were busy getting ready in our matching blue taffeta dresses and did not eat lunch before hand. After the first party - which was very touching and emotional - I knew we had to hurry to clean up and get ready for the next. What I wasn't expecting to hear was - "She didn't touch this quiche - can I trade you for a petits four? Everyone seriously scarfed down the untouched leftovers.

My chapter celebrated its 15th year anniversary when I was there, and it's in a smaller town where many alumnae don't stay after college. So it did not have a huge number of local alums for support. Now that it has been around for a while - there is an organized recruitment meal "competition." The different decades (70s, 80s, 90s, etc) each pitch in to cater a day of chapter meals. Back in my day - if we got food - it was pizza.

Sciencewoman 07-11-2019 09:25 PM

^^^ Those stories really illustrate the realities of recruitment! Losing your voice because you have to yell to be heard, inadvertently offending someone which leads to a superficial/automatic rejection, food and sleep deprivation, etc., etc.

Jen 07-11-2019 09:50 PM

Having flashbacks to helping out with polish week and everyone ending up sick lol.

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