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honeychile 11-29-2017 03:17 PM

Coming Attractions?
I know that there seems to be a few Pitt people here, and in searching for Recruitment Dates, I found this: Chapter Information and Status. Maybe more schools need to do this? Or am I crazy?

And don't you think that Recruitment dates should be posted by now?

33girl 11-29-2017 03:43 PM

I don't like things like this at all. Many high school students investigating Greek life have no idea what "social probation" or "suspended recognition" means, and by next fall when rush rolls around, even if they've completed their punishment, for many that stigma will still be attached. Not to mention how slackish schools sometimes are about updating things like this.

If there's a problem with underground groups, that can be addressed at Meet the Greeks or whatever the kickoff round of rush is called. But if not, I don't see the point. From what I understand, SDT's closing was solely a numbers issue. But "loss of recognition by HQ action" sounds like they did something awful, and women already hurting from a chapter closure don't need that.

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