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BethKAT 08-30-2006 07:30 PM

Please dont sell/give away items with your letters on it
I can't believe all the stuff that ends up on ebay check out the link below


ThetaPrincess24 08-30-2006 07:35 PM

Why is a male wearing our letters?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

And what is this comment on there about?

"For all you lovely greek girls and all you boys who wish you were greek girls here i have a super sweet sugary sucrose super salty 70's 3/4 sleeve sorority shirt. Measures 17.5 inches pit to pit, 29 inches collar to hem. Lance is 185, 6'2" and his CB handle is flexbuffchest. "

I agree Beth that is gross!

It always slightly ticks me when I see our merchandise of any kind on eBay. I think it is posted elsewhere on here in a therad about our pins being on eBay as to why this sometimes happens. I'll bump it up so you can read it because I'm too lazy to repost here :)

ThetaPrincess24 08-30-2006 08:41 PM

I realized that my bumping of the other thread may be confusing. So I've decided to be unlazy and repost what I had posted with some modifcations pertaining ro other items besides badges.

Well there is unfortunately a variety of reasons as to why this happens.

The top reason most likely is that as our senior members die their pins often end up at estate sales/auctions because they have not made arrangements in their wills (if they have one) for their pins. Non-Theta and Non-greek family members then dont know how special our badge is so they sell them or put them up for auction. So people that should not have them get them that way. This is why you usually have strangers or non-member collectors if you will that are usually only out to make a buck and care not of the significance of our (and other GLO's) badges.

Other times you have members that resign their membership for whatever reason and instead of sending the badge/Theta items back to HQ, they decide to sell them on eBay. I have found that this usually applies to "disgruntled" past members who have had some kind of negative experience with the fraternity(which again can be a wide variety of reasons regardless of what we may think).

Other times you may find a member who innocently sells the badge/items on eBay because she may have fallen into hard times financially--though I have only heard of one case of this happening and I cant remember if it was another Theta or a member of another sorority. I would say this is most rare.

Best way for this not to happen is to have a will, and have it stated in there that your pin is to be passed on to either another Theta(that needs to be named such as your legacy) or returned back to HQ. My fiancee knows these instructions and it will be written in our will as well once we are married.

As far as Theta items go that are no longer wanted--these items should be passed on to other Thetas such as a legacy, another Theta family member, or a friend of the family who is a Theta. When I was an active, a senior had to resign for financial reasons. Rather than selling her things or throwing them out, she gave them to me and my Theta "family." Lettered t-shirts/clothing I believe are supposed to be cut up or made into a quilt(which a member of my pledge class did do and the quilt turned out BEAUTIFUL). These are the ways I was told to dispose of such items but may not be the only ways that HQ recommends.

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