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KeyToMyHeart 10-31-2007 02:35 PM

A Marshall's Request
Hey ladies! I am planning our chapter's events for Initiation week and would like some advice. We have started to have an attendance issue and I want to make things as fun as possible. I also want this to be really special and Kappa-tastic for our new member class. Last semester went wonderfully, but my budget isn't allowing for me to do our normal events so I would really appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks!


skylark 10-31-2007 03:20 PM

What is it the chapter is used to doing but can't afford with the budget?

ISUKappa 10-31-2007 03:29 PM

If time and space allow, do something fun every night/every other night even if it's as simple as gathering to watch Grey's or a movie or do fun sisterhood/bonding events.

One thing we did my Junior and Senior year was a Flowerside - where one active gave a NM a flower of her (the active's) choice and explained why they chose it. It was really neat and inexpensive for the active as flowers are usually under $5.

Have actives write letters or notes to the NMs. It can be an inspirational quote or poem or funny story. I got these at my initiation and I love reading through them every once in a while.

Group Kore Families and decorate squares of cloth and then have them made into a quilt or wall hanging.

skylark 10-31-2007 03:32 PM

Coming from a chapter that always had budget issues, here are some of the things we would do for I-week:

- Kore group potluck dinners: This can go two different ways. Either everyone in a Kore group can make a dish and the Kore group could eat together, OR every Kore group makes a dish to feed the whole chapter and you have a chapter dinner. The key is, when it is home-made, it can be done inexpensively (think pasta as main dish, salad, garlic bread, dessert).

- Not everything has to be an event! A lot of times the best stuff are the things that are small. For instance, one of the things that was done for my pledge class was the chapter members all wrote a Kappa quote or memory on rectangles and they were arranged into interlocking rings so that every day before initiation (for like 2 weeks) I could take one down and read it. So cheap, but memorable years after graduation.

- Some years, each member of the Kore group takes a turn in doing something one-on-one with the new member, whether lunch, coffee, shopping, campus event etc. We tried to make it so that the last day (day before fireside) was with her big (key) sister. This doesn't affect the budget at all and it makes the time committment for the active members minimal, while keeping the new member focused on the importance of I-week.

I'll try to think of some more, but I'm interested to hear how other chapters do things, too! My chapter (that I advise now) could always use new ideas, as well.

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