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alphagam1032 05-11-2014 05:22 PM

I just read through this entire thread and man, there are some doozies. I will share a few of my own, both from when I was a collegian and now as an alumna.

- When I was going through, there were 4 groups on my campus. One of the groups (I won't name them because they have some fine members and that's just rude) had their sister ask me as a PNM what my father did for a living. I was so offended that I refused to answer - maybe she was just trying to make sure I could pay dues but she definitely didn't go about it the right way. Needless to say, I was not invited back there.

- My first year as a rusher, I had a PNM who came in decked out from head to toe in the colors and symbol of XYZ on Open House night. I asked her what she'd enjoyed so far about Recruitment and she said "Oh, XYZ. Are you friends with any XYZ's?" Of course, I did have some friends in that house (we were a small Greek community) and I said that we had some Panhellenic events and mixers together and then I tried to talk about Alpha Gam but she kept turning it back to XYZ. I'm not sure if she got a bid from XYZ or not but she sure seemed excited about them.

- As a PNM, there was a snafu with pref night ceremonies and the house I was a legacy to ended up having to be outside because the building they were supposed to use was being used for something else. This was the South in August so of course the bugs were out in full force. Halfway through pref I have to get up because my entire leg's swollen up from fire ant bites! The girl preffing me started to panic and I tried to calm her down (bless her heart). I ended up limping to the house where Alpha Gam was having pref a little out of it from all the benedryl. Luckily they don't seem to have held it against me <3

- As a sister, I accidentally set my own hair on fire during pref one year (just a teeny bit - no real harm done). The next year I had short hair during the fall :)

- This year as an advisor, I had a PNM think I was a sister (I am fairly young and get mistaken for a collegian a lot) grab my arm and tell me, very emphatically, that she just looooooved squirrels when I was sneaking down to get something during one of the parties. I was clutching my pearls hoping we wouldn't get a recruitment infraction for that one. Squirrel Girl is one of us now and a very active sister <3

misscherrypie 05-11-2014 06:32 PM

Not an NPC rush anecdote, but this still makes me smile.

Last fall, our chapter held rush and invited prospective members to a dressy event held on campus during the the last day of rush. We'd reserved the room, but sometimes random people will walk into this room while events are going on just to check it out, and the room was still open to the public since we weren't using all of it. We knew that it was a possibility that someone might come in and see what was going on, but brushed the possibility of that out of our minds because of when the event was going on.

We had gotten our food and were sitting around and chatting when a guy walks in and asks if he can play the piano that was in the room. We shrugged and said "Sure." The guy turns out to be an absolutely incredible Jazz pianist, and played on for about twenty minutes. We were entirely entertained and just listened and kept munching on our food. One of my sisters suddenly said to another sister "Would someone please give this guy some food!?!" So, one of my littles popped up and made a plate of sweets and a drink for the guy and offered it to him once he stopped playing.

He was very appreciative and we said that he would be welcome again anytime to play at one of our rush events or formals.

carnation 06-13-2014 10:41 AM

Bump for our summer reading enjoyment!

ChioLu 06-13-2014 04:50 PM

Last year at UCLA, there were about 30 international students who signed up for Recruitment who did not even speak English! (Yes, that can happen!)
I believe these women signed up for everything they received from the university as to not miss out on any requirements.
With the language barrier, these 30 women did not participate in Recruitment, but it did "up" the registration numbers.

TKEfromthe90's 08-07-2014 05:25 PM

Reading through all these stories, wow, this sorority Chi Upsilon Zeta (XYZ) is terrible, no wonder I've never heard of them...

ChioLu 08-22-2014 01:28 PM

Prior to the internet and ICS, at my university, the "Rush" Advisors from every chapter met with Panhellenic each night to decide which "Rushees" would go back to which chapters.

Our advisor had a photographic memory, so we always knew who are competition was for each girl.

calroses 09-08-2014 08:29 PM

I have a distinct memory of rushing a PNM outside on our deck during round one. I was rather distracted by her strange teeth - it looked like they had been filed to points. Then she started listing all of her extracurricular activities in high school. This being UC Berkeley where you have to have 4.6 GPA and volunteer with an Azerbaijani orphanage and be an olympic athlete before you know you'll get in, most incoming freshmen have a long list of extracurriculars. When she got to "Key Club" and then "Music Tutoring" I started to notice a trend: she was listing her extracurriculars IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. We dropped "pointy teeth girl" that day.

I didn't rush her myself, but one year we had a PNM in round one who wore Dolce & Gabbana-branded leggings and a D&G purse. Mind you, this was in about 2002, when leggings were not in style. We called her D&G girl. She was clearly not interested in our chapter and was looking to join XYZ chapter instead. We were happy not to have her return for round two.

I went through recruitment with only one letter of recommendation, for XYZ chapter. It was from my aunt's mother, who was an alumna of the UC Berkeley chapter and had served in many volunteer roles throughout her alumnae life. I'm from a small town that is often on those lists of "wealthiest zip codes in the US" but I was trying to be financially responsible so I was asking about dues and other costs at each round one party. Before I could do so at XYZ, the girl rushing me asked me what my parents did for a living. I answered truthfully (VP software development and real estate broker) and then asked about dues and costs. I got quite the frosty response. While I was invited back to the maximum number of chapters for each round, I didn't get asked back to XYZ for round two, even though I ranked them high.

I had one PNM take off her shoes while we were chatting in the living room. They smelled so bad I almost passed out.

calroses 09-08-2014 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by TKEfromthe90's (Post 2284118)
Reading through all these stories, wow, this sorority Chi Upsilon Zeta (XYZ) is terrible, no wonder I've never heard of them...


ChioLu 10-03-2014 01:22 PM

UNsoliticed comment from a PNM this year / total seque from the conversation:
"James Franco wanted me to be in his Creative Writing course. I think he just wanted to stare at my boobs."

AnchorAlumna 10-03-2014 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by ChioLu (Post 2294858)
UNsoliticed comment from a PNM this year / total seque from the conversation:
"James Franco wanted me to be in his Creative Writing course. I think he just wanted to stare at my boobs."


amIblue? 10-03-2014 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by ChioLu (Post 2294858)
UNsoliticed comment from a PNM this year / total seque from the conversation:
"James Franco wanted me to be in his Creative Writing course. I think he just wanted to stare at my boobs."


AlphaSifaka 10-20-2014 02:49 AM

So I have a few of those haha.

1: When I was rushing, there was this one girl with whom EVERYONE was in love with. She was adorable. After each party she'd be like "OMG, those XYZ girls are sooooo weird. ABC is OBVIOUSLY the best sorority". Both her and I got a bid from ABC. She was kicked out 2 years ago for spreading nasty rumours about her sisters (ex. a girl from ABC drugged a girl from XYZ...). Who does that?!

2: When I was a rusher, there was this socially awkward girl who wanted to rush. I had met her previously at a booth and I think she got attached to me in some way because at the parties she would only talk to me. My sisters tried to get her to mingle with others, but NO. She'd always come back to me. After the party, I had to hurry to a class; she FOLLOWED me. I was very worried: I didn't want to get an NPC fine since it's not allowed to talk to PNMs outside of official parties. Turns out, the other sororities on campus were concerned for me because she was talking about me personally in their parties so I was not fined. She did not get a bid...

jolene 03-20-2015 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by MoxieGrrl (Post 151789)
We have spring recruitment here at my very small school. Therefore, a lot of the women going through "know" where they are going to go. It's kind of general, and I"m sure it happens everywhere, but don't you just *love* the PNM's that wear the color of "their" sorority every event? Or when they do crafts, they do it in "their" sorority colors? Even if the girl seems like she could be a great sister, who wants a girl that tacky? Yech...

I know this thread is 'old' but when I was a Rho Chi, we had the girl who proclaimed: "I'm known as the cheerleader who's rushing," and wore the color ABC sorority donned the first day. She wound up joining that sorority, but wound up transferring because it was either that or they'd de-sister her due to behavior issues. After that, our,relatively small, Greek system (gotten WAY bigger since I was there) got wary of anyone who was SO sure of what chapter a person wanted to join. I went through informal rush so never went through the typical rushee thing. I think I'd be scared to death. lol :eek: Word to the wise, go through rush with an open mind.

Edited to add that I'm reading some of these stories to my husband as I read them. Many have left me laughing in tears and he is wondering "What on earth?" Truth is stranger than fiction. Truly.

PhiMizzle4eva 03-31-2015 10:44 AM

Just found this thread!
Even though no one has posted in a while, I wanted to add my story from the actives side-
My sophomore year (first year on the sorority side) I was co-chairing one of the parties, and we decided to have a star theme (this was pre-no frills). It was common on our campus for the sororities to change the lyrics of songs to fit with the sorority and the party theme and sing them as their door songs. Well, out "entering" one was "Swinging on a Star" a nice, easy up tempo song. Went well. Our "exit" song was "When You Wish Upon a Star." Now, we have some truly fantastic singers in our chapter, but the room where we practiced and the room where we held the party apparently have very different acoustics. When You Wish Upon a Star has some quite high notes, and the first one we hit sounded so bad that some of the PNMs actually winced. Well, we decided to just use a different generic recruitment song for the rest of the parties. Oops!

luv n tpa 05-06-2015 07:58 PM

I just spent the last two days rereading this entire thread. You really can't make this stuff up. I'm sure Make It Happen Girl is out there somewhere still trying to make something happen.

Anyway, I didn't want to bump this without a story. I was at the pref party for ABC, and after some touching moments, the president played a song from a CD player. What happens next? It starts skipping, and she is visibly mortified. She starts the song over. It skips again at the same spot, and you can tell she has no idea what to do. Everyone in the room just stood frozen. Finally, after what seemed like the longest 30 seconds of silence, a sister started to sing the song and the rest chimed in.

At the same party, I was chatting with a senior about the dorms we had lived in as freshman (I was a sophomore at the time).

Me: "I was in the Blue Dorm, too. Suite 123 actually."
Her: "Get out! So was I. I was in Room D..."
Me: "ME TOO!"

Flashback: When I had moved into that room, I saw something sticking out the top shelf of the closet. It was a folded up piece of notebook paper that detailed all of the fun times the residents had in that room in the year they lived there, which was noted at the top, and signed by them all with the wishes that the next residents would as well.

I remember the year. Remember she's a senior. Do the math...

"Did you write a note and leave it in the closet?"

Apparently everyone who lived in that suite pledged ABC and have been waiting for someone to find it, and they were THRILLED! I didn't join ABC, but it was a cool moment to share.

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