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MsFoxyLoxy77 08-26-2003 04:26 PM

HILARI:DUS Thread...Fork girl...Psycho Roomate...

KappaKittyCat 08-26-2003 06:41 PM

C'mon, there have got to be some good stories from this year!

FAB*SpiceySpice 08-26-2003 07:21 PM

My stories from this year aren't all that unusual or anything, but I will tell them anyway. :)

We had a girl that went through rush this year who was so...odd! She asked if me if we were going to tie her up and make her drink!!! :eek: When I told her no, she was like well that's good b/c I love to drink but I don't like to do anything that's being forced upon me....?? Then she was asking questions about our ritual and stuff, she thought we were Satan worshippers! And the other girl from my house who was talking to her with me is a freakin' religion major. :) As I was walking her out she told me she had been cut from all but three houses, on a day that she could go back to 9. Then she was like I can't wait to see your house tomorrow when I go on a, ok! We cut her that night. She was so strange.

Then there was the other girl who obviously has no manners or else it was just a really embarassing accident. Either way....for first round, 16 party day we all kneel down on the floor in front of the PNM's chair. Well my friend Annaleigh was on one side of me and a girl she was talking to farted right in her face!!!! :eek: :o And then there were also many girls who did NOT cross their legs so we all got great shots of their crotches. SICK, who doesn't know how to sit properly?! :rolleyes:

sueali 08-26-2003 08:24 PM

My chapter has had two notorious weird girls go through, we tell our first time recruiters these stories every year. We had a girl come through who smelled like formaldehyde(sp), that's not all she had a coffin shaped purse (kind of hard to explain) and she liked to sword fight, very interesting.

Second, I felt bad for this girl she had a really, really bad wig and it wasn't on her head right, she wasn't sick. I know because she ended up getting a bid to another chapter on campus.

Oh i remember one more, this one's kind of sad but through us for a loop. A girl went through and told one of the sisters that her biological sister had been killed and she was looking for sisters to take her place.

Lady Pi Phi 08-26-2003 08:38 PM


Originally posted by sueali
... A girl went through and told one of the sisters that her biological sister had been killed and she was looking for sisters to take her place.

Oh that girl would have freaked me out.

nucutiepie 08-28-2003 02:07 AM

We had this girl show up to one of our parties last year completely stoned - her eyes were all bloodshot and she reeked of marijuana smoke. She basically attacked the cookie tray when it came around - she shoved like six or seven cookies into her mouth! Then she asked one of my friends how our chapter felt about drug usage amongst its members. "Stoned Girl" was definitely entertaining, I will give you that.

DWAlphaGam 08-28-2003 09:25 AM


Originally posted by nucutiepie
We had this girl show up to one of our parties last year completely stoned - her eyes were all bloodshot and she reeked of marijuana smoke. She basically attacked the cookie tray when it came around - she shoved like six or seven cookies into her mouth! Then she asked one of my friends how our chapter felt about drug usage amongst its members. "Stoned Girl" was definitely entertaining, I will give you that.

We had a drunk girl show up at a COB event once. Unfortunately, we also had a pinata at the COB event, and drunk girl nearly took off one of my sisters' heads with the wiffle ball bat.

This was the same girl who, at one of my sisters' pinning party, told one of our alumna members that she couldn't believe that we invited her to our COB events, because she was obviously too good for us. :rolleyes: The alum told her, "By the way, I'm an AGD, and you're at an AGD event, so you might want to watch what you're saying." Needless to say, we cut her after the first round of recruitment...too good for us, my a$$.

MTSUGURL 09-08-2003 12:00 AM

There's GOT to be some new stories now that so many schools have already had rush!

AngieWashU 09-08-2003 03:58 AM

Lei ceremony
There are a lot of DG chapters out there now that order leis from Hawaii for their PNMs to wear during the pref party and use in the pref ceremony. I am the ATC (Advisory Team Chair) for a DG chapter who just started using the lei ceremony last year. So the leis are ordered and delivered to the pref day party chair's house. She brings them to the DG house on the day of the party after storing them in her fridge, like she was supposed to.

We open the box and there are ice crystals on the leis b/c they were so cold. So we spread them out and try to let them warm up. They weren't completely warm or dry when the PNMs for the first party arrived. Our members, great troopers, wore the leis outside to greet the PNMs and then put the leis on the PNMs. At the end of the party, we took the leis back from the PNMs, and notices PURPLE OVAL STAINS from where the leis had rested on their clothes. To make it worse, Panhel at this school recommends that all PNMs wear light colors for prefs so they stand out from the members. So we marked the clothes, and the back of the necks, of our PNMs at our first pref party last year. Strangely enough, the majority of our pledge class (quota plus 1) came from that party.

This year we'll dry the leis a little earlier... :)

hannahgirl 09-08-2003 10:52 AM

Thanks for the tip! We'll be getting our leis Friday afternoon so we should have plenty of time to let them dry if they come like that. Prefs are on Saturday morning so we'll refrigerate them afterwards.

AOTTAdvisor 09-08-2003 11:35 AM

This was just kind of embarrassing because we looked dumb......
AOTT's philanthopy is Juvenile Arthritis Research and last year, we got this GREAT video about a camp(called Camp Esperanza) for kids with arthritis and all the things they get to do at this camp, etc etc. We played the video on our philanthropy day and because arthritis research is sometimes a hard topic to get excited about, we REALLY talked it up--how awesome the camp was, how much the kids got out of it, how we couldn't wait to go volunteer there, etc. Sadly, we found out at party#2, from a PNM that Camp Esperanza NO LONGER EXSISTED(the video was a few years old) and that even when it did, it was a rotating disease camp(ie, one year heart disease, the next year cancer), so even if we had been able to volunteer, it would not have been arthritis research only about one year every 6 or 7. Needless to say, we stopped talking about the volunteer trips we were taking there for the next 2 parties. We felt REALLY dumb!!

sugar and spice 02-02-2004 03:09 PM

I'm bumping this thread because I realized I didn't get to tell my "weird rushee" story from this year.

So I was talking to this girl during formal rush. She seemed pretty cool, she was friends with a girl in our house who she had done poms with in high school, we were from the same city so we had a decent amount to talk about. Just as I was about to get bumped, she asked me, "So after we leave, what happens? Do you guys all vote on us?"

She must have noticed the look on my face because she immediately said, "Oh, are you not allowed to tell us?" And I blathered something about it being confidential stuff and then handed her off to my sister L. who had just come over to bump me. I assumed that the girl was maybe just a little more straightforward than the other rushees I had talked to and thought nothing of it -- until a few minutes later when L. came over to me and said, "Okay, guess what that girl just said to me."

Apparently L. had asked her if she had any plans for the night after rush parties were over, and the girl told her, "Well, my boyfriend said he has a surprise for me, and I don't know what it is, but I shaved my legs!" in that winkwink-nudgenudge "I'm going to have sex tonight!" way. L. and I referred to her as TMI Girl for the rest of rush . . . Unfortunately we felt bad saying anything too negative about her because she was friends with one of the girls in the house! so she didn't get cut after that round . . . but lucky for us she ended up preffing elsewhere and is now an XYZ.

Xylochick216 02-03-2004 12:33 AM

OK, I've got twp funny ones for this year, but they didn't happen to me. The first was that one of our members was talking to a PNM and having a great conversation when she had the sudden urge to throw up. She threw her hand over her mouth and luckily made it out into the hall and into the bathroom!

The second was this PNM who was completely horrible. No one could get her to talk, and we kept sending floaters out to rescue our sister who was stuck with her for 40 minutes. This PNM had some fluffy pom-pom-like things on her nametag (at Elon all the PNMs make their own nametags to tell about themselves), and one floater went up to her and touched the pom-poms, saying "So do you like bunnies?" because she thought they were bunnies. She didn't realize the whole time that the "bunnies" were right on the PNM's breast and she had been grabbing her breast. Needless to say, the PNM didn't come back!

deadbear80 02-03-2004 12:58 AM

This happened back when I was a sophomore and doing rush on the 'other side' for the first time. I guess this isn't weird so much as it's funny....

During our pref ceremony we were using candles, each one of us holding one, which were supposed to stay lit until the PNMs had left the room. One of my sisters, as she was holding her candle and walking her PNM out of the door leaned over to say a parting word, and lit her hair on fire! One of our sisters came over to pat it out, but this sister was a little mortified, to say the least. The rest of us couldn't help but snicker a little (as the situation was something none of us was expecting).
If you've ever smelled burned hair it's worse than burnt rubber! But my sister took it in stride and during the next parties kind of laughed it off with the girls she was rushing.
This story has a happy ending though: the PNM who was walking out of the room with the sister when her hair caught on fire ended up becoming a sister herself!
And we used the story as a great 'funny sisterhood' moment during rush for the next couple of years.

ZTAngel 02-03-2004 09:20 AM

There was a similar situation in my chapter except it was a sister who had her hair caught on fire.
We were standing around with candles during prefs and we're supposed to be quiet since it's a solemn moment. One of my sisters starts screaming in the middle of the preference ceremony, "OH MY GOD! MY HAIR! MY HAIR!" I look over to see a few of hair strands on fire. Luckily, we were able to put it out before it did any real damage.
The whole house smelled like burnt hair....gross.

deadbear80 02-03-2004 09:52 AM

Re-reading my story, I found it wasn't clear.
It wasn't the PNM who caught her hair on the fire, but the sister! If the PNM had caught her hair on fire, she probably would not have come back, and I don't think our chapter EVER would have lived that one down!:)

ADqtPiMel 02-03-2004 10:04 AM

we had a really strange girl this year...she kept asking about things I couldn't answer, such as return rates, which "frats we party with", and how we do voting...but the kicker of our conversation was this:

Girl: So you guys are the sorority that's going to be shut down if you don't get more members, right?

Me: Whaaat? :eek: (Keep in mind that of 18 chapters at Miami, we are the second largest with 183 members.)

Girl: My Greek Life Guide told me that if you guys didn't get new members they were going to kick you off campus.

Me: Well, we are actually the second largest chapter on campus, and we are definitely not in danger of being kicked off...

Girl: Oh, I thought you guys were way too cute to be the bad sorority!

Me: :rolleyes:

It turns out she had our letters confused with the letters of a sorority that is "reorganizing" on our campus. What would possess someone to even think that was a good conversation topic?? Needless to say, we cut her.

zuzu575 02-03-2004 11:12 AM

we once had a girl take her shoes off and pick at a scab on her foot during a party. she was not invited back.

DWAlphaGam 02-03-2004 12:57 PM

My hair caught on fire right before pref started one year...I think I may have already posted about that, though.

ilovetheviolets 02-03-2004 03:03 PM

so i love formal rush and consider myself a pretty good rusher, all my rush crushes always end up being new members in my sorority, etc... so last week was formal rush, and i was on a roll. it was skit night, and these girls were both with out sisters. so i quickly went over to them to talk. this was my conversation with one of the girls.
me-"Hi! what did u think of the skit?"
PNM-"it was o.k.".
me-"Do you watch sex and the city" (our skit was that theme)
me"oh, it's great! you'll have to rent the tapes sometime. it takes place in nyc which is close to home for me, so i enjoy it. where do u call home?"
me-"very cool, my little is from there. do u like it?"
the conversation continued w/ one word replies and also mocking along the way. i felt horrible for the other girl who was there (who i tried to bring into the conversation). i finally saw one of my sisters walk by and grabbed her to bump me out of this. the party ended and i felt drained. i could not believe it...possibly the LONGEST 8 minutes of my life!! i was literally in shock. needless to say she was not invited back, but get this...she was not invited back to any other sorority on campus. that fact made me feel a whole lot better...nice to know it wasn't me.

exlurker 02-03-2004 07:54 PM

With the economy the way it is, many of us need to be on the lookout for marketable ideas. From reading some of the recent posts on this thread I feel there's a sizeable demand for flame-retardant shampoo and conditioner -- a need that isn't being met. Does anyone have phone, fax or e-mail info for a research and development VP or senior manager at Lancome, Clinique/Estee Lauder, Dior, etc.? Heck, even Revlon. I'd like to pitch an idea.

rainbowbrightCS 02-03-2004 10:30 PM


Originally posted by exlurker
With the economy the way it is, many of us need to be on the lookout for marketable ideas. From reading some of the recent posts on this thread I feel there's a sizeable demand for flame-retardant shampoo and conditioner -- a need that isn't being met. Does anyone have phone, fax or e-mail info for a research and development VP or senior manager at Lancome, Clinique/Estee Lauder, Dior, etc.? Heck, even Revlon. I'd like to pitch an idea.

Not at rush (since I never been through rush) but at my old High school there is a "ceromony" when the out going student gov welcome the incoming study body. There was a girl (which I did not vote for) who had really fried hairsprayed hair and there was candles involved. Put two and two together and you get Miss Frizzy and some one empting out a water bottle on her head!!! The thing was infront of the whole school and many alum. Plus it was video taped!!!

Very funny to picture her standing there why some on is squirting a bottle of Dasani on her!!!

AshleyPi 02-03-2004 11:32 PM

This is what legends are made of...
This is one of those stories that will never die...

Rhonda Rushee enters our house looking lovely and ready to meet new people. She is engaged in a fantastic conversation when... she reaches her right hand down her pants to scratch her bum. Her bare bum. Someone introduces her to me and she sticks out her hand for me to shake it. (long pause as a consider the ramifications of shaking her hand) And I go with the cool... hey and a friendly wave hello.

Currently Rhonda Rushee is Gerty Greek and is also the head Rho Gamma (Rush Guide.) I can't wait to see what the women who are rushing will do!! (P.S.- It starts this week!)

DolphinChicaDDD 02-04-2004 11:58 AM


Originally posted by exlurker
With the economy the way it is, many of us need to be on the lookout for marketable ideas. From reading some of the recent posts on this thread I feel there's a sizeable demand for flame-retardant shampoo and conditioner -- a need that isn't being met. Does anyone have phone, fax or e-mail info for a research and development VP or senior manager at Lancome, Clinique/Estee Lauder, Dior, etc.? Heck, even Revlon. I'd like to pitch an idea.
haha, i have a friend who works in the chem lab at revlon. I'll have to pitch the idea to her, lol.

We had a girl who first came to us last spring, when we first came on campus. She got cut for whatever reason. So she came back in the fall, no biggie, and buncha girls did that. She tells us how much she loves Tri Delta, how she can't wait to be on, goes on and on about how we did in Greek Week and our fundraising efforts and all (I swear, she must have been a stalker or groupie or something) and to top it all of she announces...

"I even got a Delta Delta Delta tattoo". And pulls up her pant leg to revel a stars and creseant tattoo.

I look at her and with my best smile, said, 'whoa, that a nice tattoo' cause i really didn't know what else to say.

she got cut. again. i hear shes back for spring formal recruitment.

my only thought on the tattoo- at least she had 4 stars instead of 3

GtownGirl98 02-04-2004 12:07 PM

Maybe she really likes stars and cresent moons? It could have just been a big coinsidence?

DolphinChicaDDD 02-04-2004 12:11 PM

I would have thought that, but she specifically said,
"I even got a Delta Delta Delta tattoo" like she specfically set out to get a tattoo of one of Tri Delta's symbols

rainbowbrightCS 02-04-2004 01:13 PM


Originally posted by GtownGirl98
Maybe she really likes stars and cresent moons? It could have just been a big coinsidence?
Yeah I love stars and moons, my room is done that way and I even considered get them as a tattoo, and if I did and when I go through rush it may seem I am trying to say "I am already for Tri-Delta" when in reality I just like stars and moons (alot)

rainbowbrightCS 02-04-2004 01:46 PM


Originally posted by DZGirl
Yeah, but this PNM came out and said "I even got a Delta Delta Delta tattoo".. that is a little different. True, she just may like stars and moons, but she shouldn't be saying that in a rush party. If a girl was like, "look I should be a Delta Zeta because I have a rose tattoo, or a turtle tattoo," I would think that it was a bit odd for her to be saying that, even though she just may simply like turtles or whatever

Oh yeah, I agree saying I got this tattoo for Tri-Delta or I have to be a Tri-D becuase of my tatt and my love for moons is scary. I would be afraid of her. She would be a stalker or something just as weird.

FSUZeta 02-05-2004 04:35 PM

when i was a rushee
i was at the short skit day party of the sorority i ultimately joined. the zetas had a musical group within the sorority that was performing in place of a skit and as they got ready to play the last song the leader of the music group started to introduce it, saying that this song had a lot of meaning for the chapter because a sister had written the song after she had decided to go to medical school instead of accepting a marriage proposal. then they started singing the song and playing their instruments-this rushee starts looking around and says to me and my rush hostess, "no one in this sorority wrote that song...i have heard it somewhere before." her hostess and mine said something vague like"oh really",but the girl kept on insisting that that was a lie and that she had heard the song before and she was getting louder and louder. finally the song ended and we all were escorted out of the house, the girl still ranting and raving. it turns she HAD heard the words before-they were taken from a walt whitman poem, but the sister HAD written the music. well, we all learned our lesson from that rushee. from that party forward they went into indepth explainations about the origin of the words and the music. good grief!!!

KSUViolet06 03-01-2004 12:53 AM


Xylochick216 03-01-2004 01:10 AM

I was having a great time at XYZ because their girls were down-to-earth and seemed very normal. Then I got to the third round, and the girl I had taking me around kept talking about the keggers they have for the new girls and the male strippers who come to new member sleepovers. Well, I didn't drink my freshman year and the stripper thing was.... well, a bit weird to me, especially to be advertising during recruitment. I ended up with a bid from them but denied it... which makes me happy, because I have found my home:)

AlethiaSi 03-01-2004 10:36 AM

this past fall i was rush chair- and we had this really crazy girl rushing- she was like all about one sorority's house- and then she'd go to the next and say how much she looovveeedddd that one- even though she didn't really fit in there.... so usually all sororities invite everyone back- and so we did her- and she came back- but eventually took a bid to another sorority b/c she liked the house better- um ok wahtever... so then one of my friends who was pledging was working with one of my sisters and this girl runs up to them and is like- omg i want to pledge you guys so badly and i want you to haze me and i can't wait- and she was going on and on about it in the dining hall in front of the lunch crowd... the sisters were so shocked and embarrassed lol- i was like who says that???

Lunarwolf 03-10-2004 11:23 AM

Not so much weird as nightmarish, but here goes.

We had structured informal rush with all the sororities, to give the PNM's a chance to look everyone over. This girl, who I shall name "Chili Con Carne," was a freshman who looked like a forty year old woman. Now, we make it a rule not to discriminate on looks (duh) and we just had a 30 year old sister graduate. So we figure, hey, give her a chance. We talked to her during our philanthropy/game night, and when it came time to discuss girls, the general consensus was that she was nice, but talking to her was like talking to our moms! She even brought cookies and brownies one night --we had no idea what to do with that.

But we figure, hey, she could just be nervous. So we saw her again at our karaoke night, during which everyone sang except for her. At this point, between the way she didn't look at you when she was talking to you, her loud, sometimes inappropriate outbursts, and her apparent insistence on only meeting the sisters and not those who could potentially be her sisters, gave me warning bells all over the place.

Our invite only rounds were coming up, and this girl became a huge point of contention. A majority of the sisters loved Chili and wanted her in; a few of us were wary and wanted to COB her to get to know her in a more relaxed environment.

We decided, to many members' disgusts, to not invite her back but to COB her. And that was when the isht really hit. We called her and informed her she was not invited back. Acknowledging that, she called back a few minutes later saying,"I just want to know why I didn't get in. Y'know, all my life I've had to work so hard for everything I wanted." Yes, warning bells.

We invite her to a COB event and the pro-Chili sisters glared at everyone and demanded that we get to know her. Well, she wound up being there an hour early and just waited for the event to begin. Later, Chili's sitting with two sisters and another PNM, when she interjects the conversation with,"Why didn't you give me a bid?" staring at one of the two sisters. Obviously, the conversation stumbled to a stop.

But we invited her yet AGAIN to a COB event (I must say at this point, I was NOT one of the pro-Chili girls right from the start.), and while waiting downstairs to be collected, she bumped into a sister and made a comment about how difficult it was to please "the bitches."

Last straw. We had a meeting to discuss our COB's, and when the truths began to surface, there were a lot of indignant and sheepish sisters in the room.

Moral of story: Trust your sisters, and that entails the naysayer minority as well as the yay-sayer majority.

tunatartare 03-17-2004 02:35 AM

This past rush, we had a girl who was a second semester junior. She rushed before, second semester of her freshman year and got a bid to ABC, her first choice. She started pledging them, but was forced to drop because her GPA wasn't high enough for that sorority. Her bid was supposed to carry over for one semester provided she could get her GPA up, only she didn't. This girl was still good friends with the ABC's and would always tell them "I think this semester I finally have the grades to pledge" when she knew that she didn't and eventually people stopped believing her. Well on top of that, she had problems with one of the girls in XYZ, and apparently tried to run this girl over with her car, intentionally. Now tell me, what sorority in their right mind is going to want to give a bid to a girl who thinks a way of dealing with her problems with someone else is by running them over? :rolleyes: One of my sisters was VP of Recruitment and she knows this rushee in person, so the girl ran up to her practically in tears saying how she couldn't go into XYZ's rush room because they all hated her.

lyrica9 03-29-2004 03:00 AM

on the first day of fall recruitment, right before my third party I was freaking out a little bit because I thought I had started my period. we were lined up outside the Chi-O chapter room (five of the sororities have chapter rooms in a dorm at my school) and there wasn't enough time to go run find a bathroom or anything, because the building is set up like a motel, and you have to be in the chapter/dorm rooms to have access to any bathroom.

so we go in, they're singing, and the fact that everything they say is "red hot" isn't helping me to not think about my dilema. The girl who was rushing me sits down, says hi, and I immediately say "Hi, I think I just started my period, do you have a tampon and can I go to the bathroom?"

it was embarassing to ask, but I had three more parties after that(including the one for my sorority) and I was wearing light tan shorts. after I got back from the bathroom she was nice, but really quiet. I think I weirded her out, and I felt really silly/bad about it.

angelove 04-22-2004 03:35 PM

For pref day, we would build a "pond" in the middle of the living room and surround the "pond" with chairs, where each rushee would sit. We would give each rushee a little "boat" made of styrofoam with a candle in the middle and each rushee's name written on the sail. At the end of the pref ceremony, we would light the candle and tell the rushee to float her little boat on the pond. It was really beautiful - all these floating candles gently illuminating the room and each rushee's name ...

Except for one girl, who we were really rushing hard - she was everything you looked for in a PNM, and the rumor was that she was torn between us and another chapter, but was leaning toward picking us first. Wouldn't you know it - as soon as she sets her boat in the pond, it drifts to the middle and her name goes up in flames.

We didn't know what to do - we couldn't exactly walk through the pond to put it out, because we would have gotten lit by the other candles. I think we handled it the best we could - we just kept singing until her boat burned to the water line, where it extinguished itself.

Needless to say, she pledged the other house. Can't imagine why - I mean, it's not like we set her hair or dress on fire ...

angelove 04-22-2004 04:03 PM

Fortunately, we pledged a lot of the other girls from that pref party, so the burning boat didn't turn off too many other PNMs. And FlameGirl ended up going inactive after she was initiated in the other house, so in the end it all worked out.

Looking back, I wonder how it must have looked as we kept on singing - sort of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned?? I guess we were trying to act cool like it was no big deal, but we probably could have done something else ...

KSUViolet06 04-23-2004 12:09 PM

Hi all:

This was kinda embarrassing, but funny @ the same time. I was COB-ing Tri-sigma, and one of the events was cookie baking @ the house.

I get there, and we're making cookies. The sororities' president sits down next to me to "rush" me if you will. As we're talking, I'm mixing the butter and cookie dough. It wasn't cooperating w/me so a sister offered me an electric hand mixer. So as the president is engrossed in our conversation, I start the mixer, and the dough/butter mix FLIES UP AND SPLATTERS IN HER FACE!!!!I WAS MORTIFIED!!! She laughed it off though. I guess it was on too high, lol.

Same night:
I walk into the house. I'm impressed. There's a weird spot in the carpet w/ no floorboard underneath it that dips down a bit. Well, I walk in and I'm all "ooohs and ahhhs" at all the old paddles and composites they have. I stepped right into that patch of carpet, tripped (in the middle of talking to someone) and said " Hey, um, your floor is sinking."

I was 100% certain I wouldn't be invited back after all my klutz moments!!
Well, I was a dork, but I guess they saw through it , cuz I was invited back twice more and here I am a new baby violet:)

LionTamer 04-23-2004 01:57 PM

I think sometimes a "disaster" makes you memorable/endearing, especially if you handle it with humor and good grace.

Turning a PNM's boat into a pyre may be in a category beyond "disaster", however....

ADPi1201 04-23-2004 06:11 PM

While we are discussing fire...
So for our pref. night we all get invited to go to our founder's home to hold the ceremony. We are really excited because her entire home is decorated with an ADPI theme. So we decided to float our letters in her indoor pool; on these huge styrophome letters we place lit candles. After our first party, we are waving goodbye and singing and all of a sudden we hear screams. Our Alpha had floated into the side of the pool and one of the candles had been sucked into the filter causing a huge fire. We were all mortified, because we had one more party on their way and we had caught our founder's home on fire. The man of the house put out the fire and we were able to open the glass atrium around the pool. However, the black smoke stains on the walls and the huge smoldering hole in the floor made for an interesting topic starter with out pnm's. Needless to say, our gracious founder is allowing us back this year, no hard feelings. :eek:

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