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ZetaLuvBunny 11-05-2001 02:21 PM

so I heard :) I'm just glad I don't have to be a rushee again, though. I'm sure there were people who said nasty things about everyone, including me.

dzsaigirl 12-07-2001 11:25 PM's been awhile so I feel like I can say this. Summer of 2000 I was a Rho Chi and there was this girl in my group. Smart, lots of activities, normal looking. Seemed pretty nice. She was deathly afraid of getting cut. Her mom called me at home the day before rush started to ask me who how when why of getting cut. Anyway, she got invitations and stuff and she had really started to fall in love with this one sorority. She didn't like the others. So I am waiting outside of the ABC sorority room with my Rho Chi partner and one of the advisors comes out and looks mortified. Apparently the rushee had decided to lie down on the floor, take her shoes off and make the girls rush her while she was on the floor just laying on her back. HELLO!!!!! What the hell was she thinking!?! This girl received only one invitation the next day and one to pref and was consequently not offered a bid. So anyway, we call her and tell her that she has no bid so that she won't come to bid revealing and be humiliated. She shows up anyway and confronts me and the panhel pres bawling, freaking out! Asking why? I wanted to say..."Uh, why do you think Rude McStupid!?" Anyway, she then went up the stairs where the sororities were awaiting their new members and proceeded to confront the sorority that she wanted and ask for answers. The sad thing...this girl went though rush again this year. No bid.

MoxieGrrl 12-08-2001 11:15 AM


Rude McStupid?!! That's hilarious! Thanks for making my morning, dzsagirl! :D

Pike4Life 12-14-2001 10:41 AM

Ok, Ok, how's about I inject a bit of testosterone into this sea of sorority rush stories (other than that experience by our friend in San Francisco, that is)!

My chapter had a guy that was all about becoming a Pike, and was always coming around the house and trying to hang out with the Brothers at the bars.
The chapter did not want to rush or bid this guy because he had a questionable reputation as someone who mistreated women (was a bit too agressive sexually), and could become a bit of a violent drunk when drinking.

Apparently, his father or someone knew someone that either worked at our international headquarters or knew someone who knew someone (you get the picture). But somehow, he comes up with a BID signed by this person at Headquarters!!!! For about a week he went around campus saying, "Hi, I'm Mike the Pike!"...I couldn't believe it! He even tried to show up for a Chapter meeting (not a pledge meeting, mind you, a regular Inititate-only Chapter meeting!)

Finally, we cornered this guy and abruptly told him that HE WAS NOT IN THE FRATERNITY! The bid he "received" was not valid, and did not make him a part of the chapter. Boy it was a nightmare!

I think he eventually went through formal rush and ended up pledging another chapter.

ADPiPitt 12-14-2001 01:08 PM

"Hi, I'm Mike the Pike!"...I couldn't believe it

That is too much, isn't it funny how some people will go to any extremes to try and get in ...

I really don't have any bad rush stories ( knock on wood) but ya never know.. happy holidays to everyone

carnation 12-14-2001 02:22 PM

Okay, the DZs (dzrose93 and dzsai) are definitely winning the weird rush story contest! Can anyone top them?

Parsifal 12-14-2001 02:27 PM

Worst. Rushee. Ever.

It was the last party on the first day and the girl would NOT STOP COMPLAINING. "I'm so tired, I just want to go to bed, all my high school friends are in XYZ and I can't imagine myself anywhere else, I've been having the same stupid conversation all day, why don't they break up the first round into two days, I can't do this all week long, I just want to be in a house already..."


And it was my birthday.

CA theta 12-14-2001 07:24 PM

Oh, God. Thanks everyone for keeping my laughing when I was feeling aboslutely terrible from the flu! :)

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity ( :rolleyes: ) to rush absolute pain-in the butts.

One girl was totally intent on becoming a Theta. At Rush, she was like, "OK, so, when I become a Theta, right, I will, like, have tons of chances to, like, *she giggles* rendezvous - as in sexual relations - with the SAEs and Pike, right? Those are total hotties. Yumm! I know that you guys do lots of stuff with them *she pushes me backwards b/c she's giggling so hilariously*." I am shocked. I tell her that we are good friends with the SAEs and Pikes, BUT that it is not an appropriate time or place to talk about our relations with them, ESPECIALLY because they are nothing but rumors. We are not sluts. Then she goes, "So...I am blonde, blue-eyed, gorgeous (UGHHH!! The nerve of her!), and rich. I'm perfect Theta material, right? I can't wait till initiation!" :rolleyes: Then she goes on and on about how being a Theta will totally make her life perfect, blah blah blah blah. I tell her, "Honey, if I have anything to do with it, you will not be going Theta!" She turns beet-red and angrily yells, "DAMMIT! If my father has anything to do with it, he'll make sure I get into Theta!" Her outburst is so loud that everyone turns and points.

Turns out every sorority turned her down, b/c supposedly she kept on talking about Theta this, Theta that at every sorority's party. Plus, the others could tell she was a total psycho.

The next horrible rushee. Ugh. She was also adamant about becoming a Kappa Alpha Theta. At first, she seemed great, because I could tell that she was enthusiastic about all of Theta's ideals and philanthropy and sisterhood. But then, her enthusiasm turned into obsession. She wore to every rush party our colors (black and gold) and bought a kite pin and actually brought our flower (!!!!) with her every single day. She was like, "See, you guys should let me in, I already have all your stuff already!" We were a bit scared, if you know what I mean. And that's not the worst part. Next, she had the nerve to say, "You know what, I'm not scared if I get hazed by you guys. I hear that you guys circle your pledges' fat and make your pledges have sex with the frat guys. And that you make your pledges do everything for you, everything from homework to your chores. But you know what, I'm ready for it because I want to be a Kappa Alpha Theta!!!! I want to wear the letters! When do I get your sweatshirt? I wanna wear it! And, on Bid Day, I'll get Theta paraphernalia right? Pens and notepads to show everyone that I'm a Theta?" My blood was boiling by that point. My mouth was literally wide-open for like 20 seconds. My response was, "Firstly, WE DO NOT HAZE. Kappa Alpha Theta is too classy and too womanly to haze any of our members. Secondly, Kappa Alpha Theta would never, ever want a person like you to be a sister of our wonderful organization! Our organization is based on sisterly love, unlike what you think. Please do not dress in our colors anymore and bring our flower everywhere you go. You are not a Theta." I had to compose myself and ended up having a sister taking over, who also proceeded to have her blood boil by the rushee's comments!

Needless to say, she was cut immediately :rolleyes: and every other sorority cut her because again, all she would talk about was Theta's colors/symbols/her intent on becoming a Theta, etc.


Luckily, our new sisters from this year's Rush are all AWESOME and represent Kappa Alpha Theta beautifully! I guess we have to deal with wackos to get quality girls!

mmcat 12-14-2001 08:25 PM

rush horror stories are terrific readers...
you guys have shown remarkable restraint in the face of hello kitties and their friends

:D :rolleyes: :eek:

dzsaigirl 12-14-2001 08:26 PM

I can't remember if I told you all this, but the first year that I was a rusher, we had a ton of people at pref, so I had to pref this girl that I had not met before. We are talking and eating and all of a sudden she runs out (falling on the way) and I follow her and she tells me not to. Turns out she spent the next half hour puking in the bathroom...the DZs who were in the kitchen (right next to the bathroom) DID follow her. Anyway, she returned in time enough to join our ceremony/song circle and after about 5 minutes, she covered her mouth and ran away again. It was soooo horrible. Of course, we didn't get enough info out of her to know if we should bid her, so she was not given a bid. She did however get a bid from her other pref sorority. I felt really sorry for her. I talked to the Rho Chis after bid day and they said that she was fine at her other party and that they thought she was just super nervous! I think she was too, 'cause she apparently really liked us.

dzsaigirl 12-14-2001 08:28 PM

Oh, and on our campus a couple of years ago, this like 35 year old woman went through rush...felt sorry for her too. And every year it seems, someone goes through rush and it turns out that they have a 4 year old or something. I don't know about anyone else, but hopefully if I had a kid, I would put my priorities at home...

AngelPhiSig 12-15-2001 12:41 AM

Brooklineu I feel the same way, our newest Phi Sig chapter has many grad students in it, and Phi Sig welcomes women in grad school or who are married or have kids. They can be awesome sisters too and add alot to the chapter!

The only fun story I can remember is there was this one girl at our meet the greeks who just stood there. I went up and talked to her, and she had pamphlets in her hands from other orgs, who also went up and talked to her. Mind you that we only have 10 sisters at our meet the greeks since its in a gym and it gets crowded. She just seemed totally uninterested, and Im guessing someone dragged her there.

KappaStargirl 12-15-2001 02:02 PM

These stories are definitely not as good as the ones I've read here, but I wanted to share.

There are only three sororities at the university I attended, and Rush isn't until the middle of January. By the time Rush starts, many of the freshman have lives, boyfriends, etc. which is why I sometimes think the Greek system is not as popular as it could be, but anyway.

I met my boyfriend (at the time) on the first day of freshman year. He had attended some pre-rush events at Phi Kappa Tau, and through him I had gotten to know some of the guys in the fraternity and their girlfriends. I didn't hang out there much, however. I decided to go through Rush at the last minute, and went to the Kappa party first, followed by DG. I had a great time at the KKG party, they totally stuffed me full of food and I had great conversation, and then I went on to the DG party. My hostess was very nice and we had a good laugh when she offered me food and I realized I just couldn't eat any more, and then she took me around to meet the other members. She introduced me to a member that I hadn't met, who must have been the girlfriend of a Phi Tau. Instead of greeting me with "Hi, I'm Amber, it's nice to meet you, I've seen you around the Phi Tau house, etc." she said "Hi! I know you! You're John Doe's girlfriend!" Gee, good thing we hadn't broken up! At that same party, I met a girl who was a lifeguard at the Rec Center, and she greeted me with "Oh, I've seen you, you're at the pool a lot with all those guys!" I was good friends with some of the guys who lived on the floor below me (small school, dorms are all coed layered), and we DID hang out at the pool because we liked to swim. Um, thanks for using that as your great conversation starter instead of perhaps asking me if I planned to join the swim team! I left the party unimpressed and eventually cut DG.

A giggle for you: Two years later I was elected Membership Chair, which I thought I would totally hate but I ended up loving it!! We decided to serve sherbet punch at the first round, but as it turned out we couldn't get into the freezer in the room where we had the party (no houses, sororities use large meeting rooms or the nicer dorm lounges for rush parties). Not good! until the person in charge of first round parties came up to me and said "I wrapped the sherbet in the grocery bag and stuck it in that bush outside (pointing out the window to said shrubbery)." Finally, I discovered the advantages to rush in the middle of January in Wisconsin. And thankfully no one stole the ice cream.

XO_Princess 12-15-2001 02:13 PM


Originally posted by KappaStargirl
A giggle for you: Two years later I was elected Membership Chair, which I thought I would totally hate but I ended up loving it!! We decided to serve sherbet punch at the first round, but as it turned out we couldn't get into the freezer in the room where we had the party (no houses, sororities use large meeting rooms or the nicer dorm lounges for rush parties). Not good! until the person in charge of first round parties came up to me and said "I wrapped the sherbet in the grocery bag and stuck it in that bush outside (pointing out the window to said shrubbery)." Finally, I discovered the advantages to rush in the middle of January in Wisconsin. And thankfully no one stole the ice cream.
OMG!! This just made my day. Too funny.

aephi alum 12-16-2001 09:02 AM

Here's one that's a little better than my rho chi story - CA theta's post (among others) reminded me of this one.

We had a girl come through rush one year, who was all about joining a sorority. She didn't have a particular one in mind, she just wanted to be in one. Desperately. Think obsession.

At the time, we were a relatively new, small local sorority that wanted to grow our numbers. So we invited back almost everyone after round 1, including this girl. She was also invited back by one other sorority. I'd talked to her briefly during round 1, and was unimpressed, but figured, ok, we'll give her another chance.

Well, I had to rush her during theme party, and all I could think of was "OMG, we are going to give this girl a bid." I was actually trying to decide if I should deaffiliate rather than have this girl be my sister!

All she could talk about was how excited she would be on bid day when she got her bid. How she loved rush and would LOOOOVE to be in a sorority. Nothing about what she could contribute to our sisterhood, nothing about being interested in our ideals, or wanting to help out with our philanthropy work, or anything. Basically, she wanted the letters and the "instant popularity" that she thought being in a sorority would bring her. And, she'd seen our relatively low numbers compared to the other sororities, so she just assumed that we'd bid her.

A big thing we do beyond round 1 is to make personalized name tags for all the rushees. All the sororities put a lot of time into these, and they can be quite cute. Anyway, this girl had gone to the other sorority's theme party first, and she wore her name tag from that sorority, next to the one we gave her, throughout our *entire* theme party. (This is beyond gauche. You are allowed to keep your name tags, but you're supposed to remove them after each sorority's party. She just wanted to impress us that XYZ had invited her back too, so we better rush her hard if we want her. :rolleyes: )

We had an extremely long discussion about whether to invite her to pref. Turns out, though, that I wasn't the only negatively-impressed sister, so we cut her (and thank goodness: she would have matched with us). The other sorority cut her too.

After rush, when rho chi's reaffiliated, she went up to the rho chi who was in my sorority, and bawled her out. "How could your sorority not want me, etc." Hello?? Rho chi's are deaffiliated - they don't have any contact with their chapters, let alone a vote!!

Total psycho.

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